Vizio P-Series 4K TV review

Vizio’s Smartcast P-Series 4K TV offers amazing HDR picture quality and lets you stream apps from your phone just like a Chromecast. But will you actually use the tablet remote?


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souljah11b says:

Will a PS4 pro work with this? I know it needs HDR 10 and HDMI 2.2.

buddyroach says:

but does the chromecast thats built in support 4k? cuz chromecast doesnt support 4k except the new one which isnt out yet.

Anthony Bean says:

I bought this tv yesterday after returning a Sony 900c due to excessive light bleed. I have been blown away by the picture quality. The remote takes a little getting used to, but the tv is amazing. Enjoy.

Jake Taylor says:

Destroy it

Adam3817 says:

I was thinking of getting a 4k tv mainly for gaming.. I did my research and the best 4k tv for gaming came down between this and Samsung ks8000.. Thoughts/recommendations?

Send A Raven says:

How does DirecTV and sports look on this tv?

Im a pug says:

i dont like the android remote idea just give me the simple remote man wtf

Bruce Pinkman says:

gorgeous TV

Edgar Aguilar says:

how do you switch it to 4K?

John Knapp says:

so if you buy this TV… if I have Dish Network with a HDMI port it will not work? because it has no TV tuner.

argelis22 says:

this tv is unbelievable for the price I returned an lg oled for this 65′ vizio pc1 and I’m extremely happy with the picture quality. very good tv

Okley701 says:

I wish I would have done more research before I bought my 70”. This tv is crap.

1)No tuner! So when you go buy one, you will have remote #1 to go with it. Who doesn’t want 25-30 free HD channels?

2)Have to have 25mbps download speed or the tv will buffer all day.

3)You have to have a good smart phone, that phone will be remote #2.

4)Then you have the remote that comes in the box. Remote #3.

5) Even if you do download at 25, netflix will constantly go from 1080 to 2160 to 720. Grainy as fuck.

6) Bought 3 different digital tuners and none worked for this TV. I actually found a RCA brand at walmart that works really well and has a HDMI out put. Very clean HD

7) NO COAX CABLE INLET. So you have to have a new cable box with an HDMI port for this tv to work.

I can literally go on all day with Cons about this TV. Don’t buy this tv.

Mathew Lehr says:

Will 2014 P series get HDR firmware updates? or am I stuck where I’m at uggh

pwkim21 says:

Compared to Samsungs new line of SUHD with their crazy colors, is it a hard choice between the two? Say for instance, the UN55JS8500 vs. P65. I know the Samsung has better color, but the Vizio has FALD and better refresh/response for gaming. And i’m sure it’s like Coke vs. Pepsi, but just thoughts on which to go with.

Wesley white says:

Everything I try to watch only says 1080p, won’t let me watch 4k, plus it won’t let me watch Netflix

Gusneto_55 says:

How many HDMI ports in 4K at 60Hz? Only one?

Andrew Higginbottom says:

Ive really liked this TV. have had it for a couple of months now, and really like the tablet now. I Also have Hue lights and was excited to have the ability to control everything via one device. BUT the new Hue app is not able to install. Why? why does this tablet restrict access to apps like this? it doesnt require anything special. Just wondering if there are ways around it, or updates that should fix this.

Lit Boy 18 says:


Stephen Bennett says:

Ok let me start off with saying this TV has great picture quality! My positivity stops there…I have never been so frustrated with a TV in my life. I’m a tech junkie and I started out loving the concept of a tablet remote and casting everything. It does that for the most part…when the tv isn’t gliching out or disconnecting from the from the tablet! In the week I’ve had this tv it his: lost volume (randomly), turned on the TV only to see green screen, and opened up netflix to have everything all fuzzy(why?!). The is fix for all three of those proplems you ask?? Turn the TV off and on again…I thought I was on tv show “The IT Crowd”. The other HUGE problem I have with this TV is that it wont read a USB hard drive over 32GB! None of the online reviews told me that, who uses 32GB usb drives in 2016?!? I will be taking this TV back for sure!

Its13reezy says:

is this better than Samsung UN49KS8000FXZA?

Gabe Ulrickson says:

that’s bullshit that it doesn’t have a tuner! also, a good idea is to change around the video settings, IT MAKES IT LOOK AWESOME, I was going to go with tcl but Walmart ran out of stock so I got the vizio and after messing with the settings it looks real life

J Nix says:

I just bought this tv 2 days ago and let me tell you this thing is the best tv out there. Let me say I started out buying the Sony xbr850d and it had a good picture but had a bad light blooming issue that drove me nuts!! So I bought the Samsung ks8500, and to me the motion and judder was off no matter what adjustment I did, plus the back panel started separating on this overrated tv. At this point I thought I was being picky or these tv,s are not good at all and poorly put together. When I bought the P65-C1 all the things I was complaining about went away. This tv is far superior in every way to the competitors. This picture is as close as you are going to get to oled and i’m telling you its right there. People can say what they want about Samjunk and Sony but iv’e had all three in the past month and The Vizio is far superior. One other thing people were saying about this tv was the up-conversion was bad on cable, I don’t see that at all. I’m on Direct Tv and these channels look close to 4K quality. The tablet that came with it is also pretty cool. I can see how some people don’t like it but I think it is better than a regular controller, and you don’t use it all the time you will be using your cable controller 90% of the time. don’t listen to other people and go out and get this bad ass Tv.

sayerman says:

What’s the song

FACTOR 45 says:

Can someone tell me how to put on 2160p. I have one 55 inches 4k?please

Travis Onkst says:

Great tv but boring ass review. You need WAY more energy.

apotheos1s says:

The tablet is cool, but what happens if it dies? Does the TV just lose all app and streaming functionality without the tablet to drive it? Or do you have to download the app on another smart device?

THUNDERxX45 says:

Too bad mine has huge dark banding across the screen 🙁

Ryan Dailey says:

So would you recommend the M-series at a cheaper price point or does it lose significant screen quality attributes?

tigerbalm says:

He he that dog is funny looking.

MaraudingMaster says:

Is your apartment crooked?

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