VIZIO 4K LED TV! Ultimate Gaming & Budget TV? REVIEW

VIZIO M-Series 55″ 4K TV:
— Quick specs —
-5 HDMI ports
-Bezels 12 mm, and depth is 6.5 cm
-Wifi 802.11 ac built-in with all the Vizio apps supporting Youtube, Netflix, Amazon video, and more
-32 Active LED zones

4K Blu-ray Player:
Sony 4K Video Camera I use:
Xbox One:

*Linus Tech Tips, “Is 4K worth it?”:

*18.5 ms Input Lag Response Time:

*TV SIZE to DISTANCE science:

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Ivan Tabares says:

Can anybody recommend a good 4K HDR TV? Planning on buying future gaming consoles. If anyone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

Cam Par says:

what do they mean by effective refresh rate?

mike smith says:

The p series have more active zones and a few more things

Hugh Mungus says:

No point in getting a 4k tv btw you can barely tell the difference between a 1080 and a 4k

Tonixz Mac says:

wow 18ms that’s so slow i had seen a 4k tv with Response Time of 8ms

Clinton W Salvato says:

Hey Ben, I just picked up a 40″ Vizio D series today from Walmart on clearance. It’s a newer model. I have to say even though it’s not a Plasma set, I am satisfied with the picture. This replaced a 42″ Panasonic Plasma which at this time still works after 6 years without problems. I Just know as plasma sets age they can pop at any moment. So i felt it was time to start fresh.

I’m glad I only got the 40″ because the new kind of stands used made this almost oo big for my setup I had the Plasma on a wheeled CRT TV type cart as it had the center base.

Anyway I had two small carts I put together and while it’s not perfect, it works, until I want to spend money for a new stand.

Juan Espindola says:

good job m8 for tripling your subs this year 😀

autobotguy says:

Is it just me, or does this TV look like all the edges are dimmer? A few months ago bought a 32″ 1080p full-panel LED Vizio TV and it had an issue with all the edges and corners being darker than the rest of the screen. Is this just a common thing with Vizio full-panel LED TVs?

KqmaX says:

do you still recommend this TV…it’s down to $599

Vahit says:

Sad not Avaible In Germany
Awesome Price
Im Asking me Which Company is behind the panels From This TVs

Rrna says:

Can it play PC games on 144p?

Zen Russell says:


Ben Curtis says:

What is wrong with the audio its like there are 2 channels.

Fa Vang says:

how is this for downscaled to 1080p?

Always VIRAL says:

Great review but you should upgrade to 2017 p series tcl or vizio

Alexis Javier says:

its a 600 now, the 50 inch, wich is not bad

GeorgioDavid says:

they are not to sale in Europe :/

Dom says:

whats the best setting for gaming? I have it in port 4 I believe. Can look somewhat pixelated. Do I need a hdmi cable upgrade? Any advice? Thanks

DiepSpartan119X says:

i got mine since June 12th,2016 it costs me $800 on Amazon Canadian Dollar so yeah fasts shipping 3 days

Dj akademiks daddy says:

Great review. I think I want to get this TV next month

Kyle HORIzON says:

I have 4k and HDR for my Xbox one s and it blacks out for like 5/10 seconds it happens every like 4/8 minutes it’s the M-50 D1 series any solutions ?

Balken Kreuz says:

Great review, man. I currently on the market looking for my very first 4K tv and I’ve seen several that seem pretty sweet like the LG 8500 series. I was wondering how that model you reviewed is holding up so far and what other TV would you recommend for the price. Cheers man!

KMurdock1974 says:

I’m looking at the 43 inch one… my only question is how do I hook up my desktop pc to it?? ..With no vga(or rgb port) on the back of these TV’s, how will that work?? thx~

Mike Big T says:

doesn’t the vizio tv seem too dark? seems like during the day mine is too dim even with the windows blacked out

Radon - House Music says:

This is awesome, thank you 😀

MidnightChild says:

what refreshrate will be good for halo5 to move smooth ?

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