TV Comparison: Sony XBR55X850D, Samsung UN55KS8000, LG 55UH8500

Here we take a look at three more reasonably priced 55″ TV side by side. Check them all out at

Sony XBR55X850D:

Samsung UN55KS8000:

LG 55UH8500:


shock WAVE says:

I like the LG

BatKoop GameZ says:

On My Sony Tv It Said Ultra 4k Resolution But The Screen Is Not That Big It’s One Of like These But With The Screen Kinda Small

Tj Pither says:

Very informative so thanks

restfulsole says:

LG breaks down poor quality. Samsung last for years . good quality. that’s what matters. don’t waste your money on LG unless you want to buy another TV later . all my friends who bought LG Tv’s broke down . if you buy LG make sure you buy a good warranty.

Dion Desamours says:

I loved the Samsung because I really love the Samsung company and it seams as if Samsung is always at the top of all the companies

Joshua Graham says:

the smaller the 4k display the higher pixles per inch you get. i have the 43″ samsung curved tv and you can litterally have your face to the screen and it will be very clear

Salieri Amadeus says:

Sony is back on top…! Superb picture quality.

John Rutledge says:

is the glare bad on any of them?

joshua setiawan says:

Sony is the best for the natural color, but samsung has more supported video format. If Sony add more supported fideo format, definitely a buy.

Mishchievious Badger says:

I looked at all three of these side by side, sony had the best picture. Android os is maybe a little slacking right now, but i feel its the future proof option

Romario Hernandez says:

As a system Designer for Magnolia audio video I would say the Samsung is all around better build quality OS it would be best from the three. All mid level TV’s and I’ve sold each one many times but Samsung has the win for these. All discontinued though.

Andy Henrique Pemper Baldin Souza says:

lg off course

Artifex One says:

Gave the video a thumbs up just because of the dumb canned laughter, haha.

Shoriotullah Islahi says:

Samsung is always the king of all electronics as well in TV so Samsung is the best and is more better than the LG or Sony

Tony Vega says:

U part of the illuminate Lol…clown

Prashant Thakur says:

Sony is the #best……it’s outlook features n moreover it’s motto (make believe) is somewhat we can have trust as I’ve used earlier.
Still confused in #Sony & #Lg pls suggest

Rinkuji99 Rawat says:

sony is no.1 always

young mong ching says:

generally led tvs are not as durable as crt tvs..

Nightlife says:

great vid, I’ve been leaning towards the LG, but the 43″ non 4k version(which is about $400 on Amazon), but I wish you would’ve touched a bit more on wall mounting. I’m a pc gamer, and I plan on buying a tv as an overhead display for movies, blurays, and light console gaming, and I plan to wall mount the tv over my pc monitor, but from what I’ve heard, the vesa mount on some tv’s actually blocks the HDMI ports while being wall mounted, which is a complete design flaw & oversight.

basically you didn’t talk about that at all which kinda sucks, as it’s going to play a factor in my final desicion for which tv to buy

Delores McEachern says:

Buying SONY

Rommel Cabrera says:

absolutely Sony won!

5teveHxC Gaming says:

I have the Sony and its an incredible TV , don’t get me wrong I’d also have the KS8000 too but the Sony is cheaper for virtually am identical product

Parmar Ronal says:

can u please give comparison for 43inch tv for all company. we have only 43 inch tv capability. plz give as soon as possible

Mr Eighty says:

The design and back design are very important to me, have you see the design of Walmarts Phillips Tvs it’s bulky and gross

Marcelino Tor File says:

da linha ks 700 pra cima a Samsung está no caminho certo, mas o painel deve ser o mais brilhante pocivel, nunca se esqueça (preto azulado brilhante com a tv desligada )

Mike Churchich says:

I am amused at the vehemence of the comments. How does one get so worked up about a subjective difference among great TVs. I prefer the Sony because of slight differences in operating systems, better picture, and (most importantly) reliability.I won an LG in a contest. Within a week about 10% of the picture blacked out. Unrepairable. I have had great success with Sony, not so much with LG and Samsung. Independent testing has shown that the LGs start out great, burt end up with the worst repair record among the top 4.

Michael Tran says:

Awesome comparison!

Rachit mahajan says:

Hey.. im frm India …I wanted to know about some details about LG:55UH650T..its specification ..da price n da shipping charges … ill be glad to hear frm u asap

Suicide Squad says:

Lol. Everybody screams LG. But LG suck in almost all tests. For gaming its not the best. In dark rooms the blacks are gray etc. The Samsung comes out the best in Real tests

Brian Barnett says:

Did your check from Samsung arrive yet?? This channel’s bias is blatantly obvious.

You forgot to mention a few things about the LG… Just minor stuff, like oh idk, how it has an IPS panel in it. How it has Dolby HDR support. That the speakers are Harmon Kardon. And that it runs the latest (v3.0) award-winning LG WebOS interface. and you didn’t really demo the nifty wii-like remote mouse that you use to navigate menus either.

It’s also worth mentioning that it comes in a 60 inch model, instead of making you choose between the 55 inch, or a massive 64 inch model, like others.

The HDR input lag isn’t too bad either, rated at about 34ms in fall 2016, but it’s been updated since then, lowering that number even more. Oh yeah, and it runs LGs latest award-winning WebOS interface.

Not to mention that LG supplies both Sony and Samsung with panels for many of their models. And if you look inside many, many LCD monitors and laptops, you’ll find LG panels in them too. In fact, LCD panels are LG’s nitch, so to speak. Don’t underestimate their offerings.

Dane DeRenzis says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who uses the Soap Opera example.

Kimberly Sandiford says:

did he say samsung lag the less it sure dont look so at all nah

harsh akbari says:

Which 4k led tv to buy sony, samsung or lg??

imageer says:

I’ve had the Samsung 8000 60′ Quantum Dot for a few months. The picture is fantastic and the sound from the TV is great also. Although I do have a home theater system. I did a lot of research into the different TVs before I bought. The Samsung had them beat out hands down. When the picture is set up well in settings you can probably not tell the difference between it and a OLED TV for almost all picture scenes. Plus, the QLED has a brighter picture capability and the color subtleties are fantastic. It is also a very fast TV for doing all operations. Definitely the winner.

Sushanta Sarkar says:

i liked samsung

Jheng Han Chen says:

I’ll go with sony

Paras R Shah says:

Superb review!!

Krishna Mali KR says:

world best pictures quality
and amazing sound… Only sony led

Kevin Ford says:

Samsung is crap. I was a huge Samsung supporter up until about a week ago when my 4 year old Samsung hdtv caught fire and started smoking. Samsung refused 2 make it right. Beware of Samsung products

Myra Regalario says:

Sony and LG

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