Top 5 things you should know about 4K TVs (CNET Top 5)

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Scott Dabson says:

Please fix video playback on Thanks

FastLikeUNO says:

4K is much better than 1080p since text on screen can be read. For example, if some character in a movie is reading a letter silently and you want to be able to read each word on said letter, 4K can help you. Ill let you list the other 1,000 possibilities with this.

Tech It Out says:

Wooah the shadows in this vid. Why no uplighting ?? Washed out on top dark below.

A Lee says:

tv networks need to step up theor game they basically have 720p and a little higher still

Richard Servello says:

The last one is super honest

Arthur Byers says:

Oled 4K is all you need. I have the LG E6P and I’m satisfied. Handles both HDR formats (thought there are more HDR formats coming out -_-)

Number Digit says:

YouTube has a lot of 4K Videos.

war3scecfang says:

watching this on my S7 edge, 5.5inch 2k.

hababacon says:

I had Sony XBR 65 930D for about three weeks and noticed a difference in resolution. HDR added a bit more punch to the image, but not as good as I expected. The best content for 4K is video games in my opinion. I played MK10 using my PC to my 4K set and was blown away. Doom was fantastic at about 40 FPS in 4K. The best visual bump was Batman AK in 4K at about 30 is FPS. Shadows Warriors 2 was probably the most disappointing 4K HDR experience I’ve had so far.

Sam El-Sabagh says:

buying a small TV for me is like watching on a laptop screen if I buy a TV it has to be not less than 52 inch so I can enjoy whatever I am watching the problem is that you have too many competition from different companies and you have too many options that you probably cannot enjoy because most companies are not yet supporting it I totally agree with you small TV’s won’t give the same experience as big screen

Dustin Hansford says:

just get an oled

525Lines says:

I’m watching an old CRT television someone threw out four years ago. If I want high def, I watch it on my computer.

Damion Lawson says:

hurry run out and get your 4k tvs, they will improve your life and make you happy. there isnt even any real 4k content yet, whats the point? this is even more useless then those smart washers and fridges cnet goes on about.

Temi Topson says:

am getting LG g7 its the only 4k I dream of .

Gururaj Wankhade says:

It’s great that is cheap, but I am broke!

Piyush Parmar says:

How about 8K TV with 5G connection built-in?

Dustin Hansford says:

out of curiosity anyone hear of any of the upcoming TVs with USB C ports? I keep seeing 3.0 but nothing on the USB C front yet. That’s the only thing holding me back at the moment.

Renzozuken96 says:


Richard Servello says:

I’ve been staring at my HD and saying….why would anyone need 4k.

Gambit says:

4k is sooooo overrated. I cant tell the difference

Larry J says:

I’ve had a 4K TV for about 6 months now and aside from when I first got it I don’t really watch 4K content on it.
I pretty much have to go out of my way to find 4K content and once I had my fill of “oh yeah it does look better” I stopped caring. HD content is cheaper, still looks great and is readily available. Comparatively, there was tons more HD content into HD TVs life cycle than there is 4K content in the 4K TVs life cycle. By the time 4K content is readily available we will have moved on to 8K TVs.
So unless you just need a new TV, I’d say save your tax refund, rather than blowing it on something that will end up costing you more in entertainment fees just to justify the difference.

khreve pakdak says:

Please create a video for 1080P LED TV(budget) for pc gamings. Heard its lag as compared to pc monitor. Will these 1080P works? at least for a 50FPS game… possible?

Iberville Music says:

thanks to 4k TVs I got a second hand 1080p 55″ Sharp Aquos for 180$.

Krippy Krippy Krippy Krippy Kush Kush Kush Kush says:

I’m caving in and getting amazon prime

secret says:

people are getting pay less and many are jobless so no more buying bye

Nikhil Chakka says:

who graded this video it looks like shit

fanjapanischermusik says:

i´ll rather get a good book and a cup of tea.

A Lee says:

2 4k oleds im good

Chaosflower says:

bollox. still more than happy with my 1080p plasma.

Moneymyke357 says:

I’ve had a UHD tv for more than 2 years now and I’ve probably only watched less than a days worth of 4k content. Looks good tho.

Bogdan Capanu says:

You know nothing… Thei are 4K tv that make “upscaling”, so HD or full HD image go up to 4K. Inform yourself first, not to say stupid…

RD 2 says:

I just got my sony hdr 4k tv and it was beautiful but my family enjoys 3D movies and 3D gaming so is there a tv that is 3D and 4k in one or nah? If you are wondering we still have our playstation 3 for 3D gaming 🙂

thebigscoop says:

The editing on this video is terrible. I could probably make something in iMovie that’s better lol.

watcherob says:

You forgot a very important one. Make sure it has the UHD premium certificate. Yes, you could buy a 600 dollar 4k HDR tv but is it really then. Wait a bit longer and buy a decent one.

Hiluxtaco says:

Watching this on my 7″ tablet in 720P..

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