Top 5 Best 4K TVs – Gear UP

Top 5 Best 4K TVs on the market – Gear UP

If you’re interested in the latest tech news, you’re probably asking yourself: What 4K Ultra HD TV should I buy? If you’re not, you may be asking: what is a 4K TV? Either way, we’re here to list five of the best UHD TVs you can buy. WatchMojo teams up with tech-spert Marc Saltzman to count down five ultra-high-definition televisions you should consider if looking to buy.
00:41 #1: Samsung’s 88-inch S-UHD 4K Curved Smart TV. Model # is KS9810 Series 9
01:55 #2: LG’s OLED65G6P
03:04 #3: Sony Z 9D Series
03:51 #4: Panasonic’s Viera DX902
04:50 #5: The Vizio P-Series Ultra HD HDR TVs

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Takicoco says:

top 4 gaming laptop of 2016 please

Logan Boice says:

what if I don’t have $20,000

Prosercunus says:

Top 5 ads

donnie collins says:

I’ve got 65 LG 7700 series , alright but I’ve had month and I’m gonna take back and get OLED tomorrow

Kenneth Jose says:

how bout 4k monitors?

Michou6220 says:

not 4 times 1080p 4 times 720p

FrenchToastMan585 says:

It’s between LG and SAMSUNG. I’m not sure which of their tv’s look better.

Joshua Lee says:

What is the cheapest 4K HDR tv? Are any of them below 1000$

Junes Surman says:

13 million subscribers and 85k+ views?

Anthony Johnson says:

I just got that vizio and it’s way better than my first 4K TV. and is much better than most that cost 1500 dollars

Sadekur Rahman Saad says:

I’ve got $2000. Which one should I choose for 4K gaming ? I’m interested in that LG TV.

Tommaso Sirigu says:

I’m all the way for LG. I always had good Experiences with that Brand. My next TV will be a 4k LG with 3D, a must-have in my opinion, with a Size of approximately 50-55″.
Comes great with a PS4 Pro 🙂

francisco solorzano says:

Pffft I didn’t want that first tv anyways!!

Mafia Poro says:

And here i am watching in 480….fml

Granpa Brown says:

I already bought 4 of those TVs


Why am I here? I’m broke af

mikecapasso says:

any thoughts on the VA vs. IPS between the 55 and 65 inch Vizio?  I am tossed between the 55 inch Vizio P and the Samsung  KS8000 but Vizio has FALD while Samsung isn’t IPS…  Every review of the P Series is the 65 and not the 55 IPS

ventende says:

The word “best picture quality” is thrown around alot, but what does that mean actually. Higher resolution? Darker black pixels? All I see is over saturated pictures with very high resolution, meaning its easier to see all the annoying artifacts. Cause God knows they all have’em. Wish someone could start focusing on good picture quality as in balanced colors, STABLE motion treatment etc. For now I stick to my high-end computer monitor that is actually made to be color proof and free from banding, pixel swarming and motion issues. Oh, and one more thing: I don’t care if it’s super thin! That has nothing to do with anything. I have old books with papers in them that are super thin displaying great images in 300dpi. What’s the freaking fuzz!

Reyalist Corneja says:

Sony TVs still the best. What I meant was, let’s put them together in one place and decide what’s the best when it comes to audio and picture quality.

Prajwal Padaki says:

First should be sony bravia 4k. Donno anything

ForestLogic says:

“We won’t mention any prices, but these are not cheap TVs.”

>>Youtube home

Granpa Brown says:

for me and friends 4

Ange Alexiel says:

funny to notice that u can’t find a vizio TV in most EU countries… i dunno why

frits duwel says:

onley for the yuppies

SultanPlayz YT says:

i cant even watch this at 1080p , my phone is so pathetic

jetgeo4 says:

I have a 65OLEDE6P but I really wanted a Panasonic DX902 but it’s not available in the states.

Quian Graves says:

Imma need a redux of this list next year when that new Xbox drop

MrBrickhouse says:

Only Affordable Brand In This Video Was Vizio.

Engei says:

Yeah I definitely trust a faceless nameless corporate property that makes videos about robot movies and milfs with my thousands of dollars.

EagleDoubleTT says:

do top 5 headphones

Tinashe Gumbe says:

Like the Vizio for its remote the Sony for its OS and the Samsung for its “panel”

Darren Garcia says:

f*ckkkkk these prices.. When ya is worried about the 1st tv being 20 grand?!! Ahaaa.. That Sony XBR65Z9D going for $5 rAcks but if u broke jAbR0Ni’s interested in the HUNNNNNNIT inch? $1700 an inch for 35 more inches runs u ONLY $60 racks!!? Awwww sh*t; think I neeeeed to hit up BIGG SOULJA along with his future EBT CARD to cash that b*tch out. WHEN SONY CAN S*CK SOMETHING NEW FOR THAAAAT PRICE!!!!

Musty Bullet says:

lol I have a 60″ 4k HDR smart 3d tv so yeh

bashar_ahmed 1 says:

aw my god!!!!! the TV very very very awesome

Ricardo Domingues says:

The ads… They are evolving…

David Castleberry says:

with the price of these tv’s im surprised you didnt mention any jumbo trons

Always VIRAL says:

panasonics tv is definitely second best

Michael Dust says:

some bs.if you dont mention price then its exspensive.

Chris In Minneapolis says:

wait a year until oled tvs are the rage and grab a 4k led for half the price they are now. ips tvs are another smaller rage but dont be fooled picture is no better for video, only actual pictures. who the fuck uses a big screen to look at pictures?

Dave Dick says:

This just reminds me that I want a new.. bigger tv and that my current 55inch smart tv is outdated.. sad.

Soumyajit Chakraborty says:

Sony is the best

Shibbir Choudhury says:

lg best

Dusan Starcevic says:

I have Quantum Dot 2k Display on LG G4

Brady Otten says:

Sonys Z9D 100 inch is $60,000

mrlbx2017 lbxguy2017 says:

I have 789k TV in my head

Resourceful Bum says:

I’ve got the Vizio 50′ its beautiful. My friend who’s color blind can actually tell some reds apart when watching it

Jon Tam says:

it’s not 4x 1080p… you have no idea what your talking about.

Riviere Marc says:

Tvs are so cheap it s ridiculous

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