Top 3 Budget 4k TVs For 2018: Sony vs Samsung vs LG

In this video we talk about three budget friendly, 4k, LED TVs from Sony, Samsung, and LG: Sony XBR49X800E, LG 49SK8000, and Samsung UN49NU8000. See how they compare to one another and decide which is best for you. For more details or current pricing email us at or click the links below.

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Jamie Robert says:

You call these budget?

Raja Mukhtar says:

Sony is winner

Marcos Eduardo Nascimento says:

the three models are stunning, but you Carl its so charming!!! I love your videos. In my home, I have LG B7 65″. Perfect image and the sound its very good. Hugs and peace, man.

Muhammad Rusydi Abdul Kudus says:

but X800E is not 2018 tv right. it’s 2017.

gawwa5 says:

samung the one in the middle is standing crooked

Shaju Palappuram says:

How do I learn about tvs more ?

Arijit Bhattacharjee says:

very true… I also think LG is the best…man just look at those bright portions of the image it is bringing those details out of light while sony and samsung are over exposing the image…
ang LG C8 oled is the best tv of 2018

Ibra Rutta says:

*The picture quality matters most for me*

SONY IS WINNING hands down

Haris Khalid says:

@abtelectronic I need a 4k 43 inch smart tv but with a good screen refresh rate plus I also watch tv sometimes plz recommend a good tv because im totally confused right now ive seen some good tcl tvs as well but ppl say they ve a lot of faulty tvs and one needs to be lucky to get a perfectly working one.

Amruta Mankame says:

Sony was ,is and will be best

Neil O'Boidicìn says:

Stay clear of Sony. Slow interface. You need a USB HDD for recording and reformats for sony use only. Also bluetooth only for soundbar, cant use earphones. Also digital and satellite channels not on same EPG – you have to switch. Mine broke twice after 9 months. Switching back to LG.

AK Universe says:


JoeMilano9 says:

Lg speakers are great

lovish says:

Which one would you recommend for ps4 pro 4k gaming and movies , lg uk6360pte or samsung nu 7100? Only for straight view, no wide view required.

Arth Armani says:

i think sony wins:)

oscar vasquez says:

How do you not mention tcl or Hisense!!!

Lineage2Ertheia says:

Lg shill

Joe Vasconcelos says:

What about latency? how many mil seconds thats what really matters for gaming. Lg always had lots of latency

Zsavage1 says:

LG has Harman Kardon speakers built in. Harman Kardon now owns JBL… for me and out of the 3 it was easy LG won in MHO… I got the Super UHD 4k 65″ from ABC warehouse for a great price and he through in a 2 year extended warranty … I am going now to get another 55 but not the Super ultra.. just the 4k.. and it will be a LG.. this is all just my opinion but the sound and picture was better enough that I could see the difference.. and i’m in my 50’s don’t ware glasses ……..yet.. 🙂 but if I can see the difference then it has to be a good one… XD

Fabio Lima says:

Samsung connection invisible

Dharshan Rajaratnam says:

Make video comparison of Samsung nu7100 and lg uk6320pte

Bhaskar Behera says:

LG picture in display look so dull,how u can recommended it..sound is not the best part but comprising i would choose samsung or sony..

REASON℠ says:

Didn’t TCL overtake Sony recently as the 3. largest? Either way, I’ve yet to see any budget 4K/HDR TV’s better than TCL, especially those with Android are really nice. Its almost giveaway prices, even for the 55 inches.

Jerry Jones says:

LG had the best pedestal? But earlier you said it would wobble when you bump the TV. Looks over functionality and safety.

miragexl007 says:

thanks. I’ve been a Samsung guy. just got a 50 inch Samsung…but need a 43 inch for the bedroom and the sale on Samsung/Lg are about the same….but was starting to favor the LG because I heard the sound was better. I’ll go look today and decide. thanks

Eugenio Rovira says:

TL;DW: LG wins 4:18

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