The Ultimate 4K TV Showdown Samsung vs LG vs Sony

So this time I went to my local Frys electronics store here in San Diego, and they had these awesome tvs on display, the Samsung Q8, the LG Oled Signature Wallpaper and the Sony A1E Bravia which is also Oled. They are the top tier from their perspective brands. Enjoy the video.

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Andre N says:

QLED should not even be there.

Jason Ordonez says:

This dude needs to get laid! He would probably do an enthusiastic review on the experience as well! lol

Tachibana Hasegawa says:


ATH3X G says:

The LG costs £19000 the other two are £2000 for the Sammy and £3000 for the Sony what a stupid comparison.

Jeffrey Arroyo says:


Mateo V. says:

What TV manufacturer would you recommend the best all around? I heard that the Samsung QLED doesn’t have true blacks and that the Sony TV’s kickstand sucks.

Johan Bloom says:

I choose another time for Samsung

Chris Rees says:

THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Did anyone notice the crappy music playing in the background? Don’t get me wrong I like music just not NOISE POLLUTION.
CUT THE CRAP! Its highly anoying and an INSULT to my intellegence. NOBODY’S LISTENING TO IT ANYHOW.

Arnold Nicholaus says:

This guy was basically hired by the LG.

Cat gamer says:

Lg is best I think because lg C7and B7 models are less affordable than Sony and gives you the same picture quality.
Lg signature tv is 8k because of its design it’s thinner than the I phone

Rakesh JR says:

Please help me decide between LG 65SJ850T or Sony 65X9300E ??

Katie Thomas says:

At 2 minutes in you appeared to try and turn one of the bolts holding the LG TV up… I had this sudden vision of the $8000 TV you were praising coming crashing down and the rest of the video spent running away from security.

Paige Salas says:

hmm depends on the model. idk ive seen equal models of sony and samsung and to me they look exactly the same unless im trippen but i couldnt see a difference. of course it depends on the settings. i set my sony sony to vivid and color on cool with default settings. samsung i go dynamic with cool. samsung has more customization. but i think as far as picture its neck and neck. but i think samsung can last way longer. but as far as life it soley depends on how much its watched. id say 2-10 years maybe 15 if you never ever watch tv. not impossible but it really depends

Jeffrey Arroyo says:

LG the best

b j says:

Tv? Lg…. smartphone? Samsung….camera? Sony…

Jongwon Lee says:

Sony oled panels are from LG, Sony can’t even make oled panels, so if you have to consider the price, LG is cheaper than Sony with similar or higher quality. LG all the way

Alejandro Hernandez says:

Samsung = Dead

Justin Herrick says:

Samsung’s qled hands down

Don Stromberg says:

I do not want a curved screen.

Jonathan Mendez says:

Wasted my time

Tachibana Hasegawa says:

4K TV was invented by Sony Corporation. The concept of quantum dot is the concept and propaganda mentioned by Sony in the screen of cellphone 3-4 years ago. QLED is LCD TV. Samsung makes QLED liquid crystal panel using NIPPON Sharp’s four-color ASV high-grade panel TV, Samsung’s AMOLED is Sanyo / Kodak products, color and life of a serious flaw, eventually sold to Samsung, this AMOLED can only do the phone screen, life and color issues can not be solved, so Samsung can only steal the concept QLED backlit technology using Sony’s QDED QDED screen technology as OLED TV, and the purchase of 450-500 million panel Sharp ASV panel, manufacturing high-end LCD TV QLED, you can quickly buy Sharp’s IGZO panel TV, IGZO Panel Technology Advanced and Bright / Energy-Efficient than ASV, IGZO is the closest OLED TV to LCD TVs, and QLED is clear evidence that Samsung cheated users

Bodhi Safa says:

$8000?? Yea no thanks LG. I’ll go with the second tier Sony 4K TVs for $1k. Great video but please someone tell this guy how to say bAss (A). We are not Bass fishing here

Felipe Lagos says:

That is not the original samsung control,is so much better

Ice Icemann says:

LG oled by a long shot King of TVs

Patrick Crawford says:

Panasonic ex1002 is probably the best of all oleds right now

Armz316 says:

Do watch Sony & Samsung picture quality shootout by Sony listens & please use your usb to download the program and test it on all 3 tv’s. I plan to do the test myself. Cause i know the picture quality of Sony is awesome!

ilyn Payne says:

damn the LG SIGNATURE is waaay cooler that display is sick OLED might be the future of displays hands down

TheXboxSux says:

Gotta love the comments section in these comparison/shootout tv vids. Here’s some fun numbers. 85% of people commenting don’t own either TV set. Only 10% of them have seen both sets side by side in a store, and a whopping 5% own one set or the other. Have fun reading a bunch of moronic opinions from people that have no personal/professional ownership experience.

PH Promoters says:

Coz Samsung is not a OLEDTV its like an ordianary LED TV thats why its brIghter that OLED..

Vinod Thakur says:

Sony rules

Eureka Beet says:

Go for LG..!!! LG has a well balance of color than sony and samsung. Sony get me eye strain(rolled eyes)

Jeffrey Arroyo says:

LG the best stop listening to people

Cosmin Ionescu says:

The lg wallpaper is held up by magnets actually, those aren’t screws

C Groot says:

I feel like this guy climaxed at least 10 times in this video

Google Google says:

After long investigations my conclusion is in all sizes & all 2017 models IN NON OLED 4K it’s a LG vs Panasonic showdown. Personal choice depends on features (Sony is king here) and specs or G.U.I. (Samsung rivals sony here).

Bklynblaze1 says:

Which picture did you prefer out of the 3?

Hanya Doy says:

Damn, LG owns em all.

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