The Best Selling 4K TV On Amazon…

This 4K TV is a serious deal.
Toshiba Fire TV 4K (USA Link) –
Toshiba Fire TV 4K (International) –


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Phantom ghoul 113 says:


Rjan 23 says:

It sucks to be in landlocked country.. recently i bought 40’sony led 1080p tv for 620usd and here is 4k for 250$

Ben Wig says:

lovely nice

Leon FPV says:

Wish I could get a 4k tv for that price in Europe! 🙁

Helder De Almeida says:

Fuck… fuck… my Samsung cost 1.500 dollars 3 years ago and now we can get for 300 dollars… what the fuck

zuti071 says:

It’s 230 now !!!

salferaih1984 says:


Alyssa F says:

55″ TCL 615 is a FAR better 4K HDR display at only 600$ and you can get it cheaper on sales.

P. Bhagya Lakshmi says:

Wonder what data they are collecting… Microphone Turned On?

mightbeazombie says:

This might be a dumb question, but would a smart tv work with my phone’s hotspot if my data plan its unlimited?

Barrettfloyd82 says:

I have no need for 4K. I’ve seen it in person at a friend’s house and it’s not impressive to me. Besides I don’t have any devices that output in 4K anyway. It’ll be a hard pass for me.

Gabriele Di Bernardo says:

Why is there such a difference in price between the one selling on Amazon US and Canada? US Amazon selling it for $ 229.99 right now vs Canada selling it for $ 549.99. Almost 140% more than the cost just over the border…

Najstirk Hdez says:

Almost 14M os subs and just 1M views??, whoops, this channel is going down

Kevin Roylance Photography says:

Outro music is “Juicy” by ALBIS

Snake Boy290 says:

I really like my TCL with Roku built in

Fatima Gartil says:


Rob M says:

Nod bad I quess

Eugeniu Papanaga says:

Nice review ! I Purchased from Amazon an Samsung UE49NU7100 49-Inch 4K, for 399 £ decent quality ! RECOMMEND  !

Aby Noura says:

Doesnt ship to singapore!!!! 🙁 BS

ritik salvi says:

Plz make video on mi 4c pro this one is also Amazon’s best selling tv.

Michael Lopez says:

like for jeremy clarkson, james may and richard hammond

N L Sagar says:


Ben Wig says:

lovely nice

bozzwick says:

Uncover the best selling items? Bruh, if they’re best selling they ain’t a secret that needs to “uncovered” people already know.

Juan Perez says:

When he said Alexa my echo responded.

the king says:

When u don’t have content

Charlito CR says:

Truth is, you never have to give a lot of $$$ for something good

Unbox Therapy says:

Toshiba Fire TV 4K (USA Link) –
Toshiba Fire TV 4K (International) –

Toure Evelyn says:

Lew drives like that in real life.

Shivam Tiwari says:

Great video.

Md. Ziaur Rahman says:

12th Generation Product..Oooaaw

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