The Best 65 Inch 4k HDR TV For Under $1,000!

Check out this 65 inch 4k HDR TV for Under $1,000 ▶

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kk T says:

stopped watching at “collaboration”

Saladin Gucman says:

What good is it that the TV is HDR? Anyone

WhooFlungPoo says:

Bet this tv has horrendous input latency

Michael L says:

I came up on a 55in 4k hisense for $375 at Wal-Mart. It’s great!

ll WUBZY Xx says:

I got a 4K hdr qled 65inch for $1000 Samsung q7f

rafael duarte says:

Input lags how much

Ricky Spanish says:

Hisense sucks. They don’t even have a Hulu app.

Get the TCL 6 Series or wait for the 2018 Vizio sets

xl-CalixLove-lx says:

My 75 inch QLED cost 4.5k, But god damn does it look Amazing best Tv I’ve ever got, coming from a LG B6 And Sony XBR850B

John Jones says:

You are better of getting the Samsung MU7000 its the same price but has a higher peak brightness of 580 nits comapared to the 450 nits this TV produces… Not to mention the operating system used on the samsung is far superior to Hisense which is sluggish.

Hokage Espada says:

4k at 30hz on those ports tho

animaleyezz says:

So you got paid by HiSense to promote their TV.

Daniel Jeon says:

You get what you pay for

ParanoiaGentlman says:

900 series from sony..!

Rohn Bosley says:

Does this tv have judder option “I like the soap opera effect” can i get that effect with this display

tutti says:

Hisense sucks. Under $1000, on ebay, find Sony x930e65inch…it’s the closest you will get to OLED/QLED.

Porcelain Army says:

I’ve got an LG Oled and a Hisense 65 inch and I love them both but, I think the hisense is the best bargain I’ve ever got hold of …… Amazing TV!
Mine is 65M5500 and I paid €800 delivered.

Brett says:

People who want great HDR are not going to be frugal.

JayzBeerz says:

The 65 inch x850e is now 1K.

Allan Lozada says:

So you’re getting paid to sit here and hype it up. Make it sound better than it really is only speaking on what it does good. Not the bad. Untrustworthy.

Frank Rizzo says:

Overwatch, lol extremely fast? Not on consoles

Sal Del Toro says:

This tv made me vomit


sure and then it breaks in a year

RoboRope says:

You sure this TV has Dolby Vision? I’m not seeing it…just HDR10.

Mr. Ihab Issa says:

HDR 10 is screen dependable and all of the above tvs have mediocre HDR experience due not meeting HDR10 requirements:

Native 10 Bit Panel ( Not 8bit + Dithering)

1000nits + in HDR Real Sence Beightess

0.05 nits of Black and lower – VA Panels + Efficient Local Dimmig)

Good Coverage of DCI P3 and Rec 2020 Color Spaces. More than 80%

HaSTe_CM says:

I’m considering buying one of these, i had one hisense smartv only 32″ tho i loved it but it got stolen in a burglary 🙁

H.Bannai says:

is the picture quality good ?

MR. T says:

Stick to reviewing what you know,, cell phones or whatever..

adidas1984x says:

I’ll stick with my vizio

Rr Vidal says:

Not concerned of the quality, However the Longevity. That is where or maybe the difference if you get a branded one. Am I right? If not then educate me.Lol

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