The Best 4K TVs you can buy in early 2017

Buying a new TV in the first few months of the year can be a challenge. A barrage of end of year sales offer deep discounts on some models, but which ones should you really be looking at? Keep in mind, the new TV’s coming in 2017 have been announced but won’t be available for another few months.

Our list of the best TVs available now only includes models we’ve completed full reviews on,and are available to buy right now. This includes Sony 4K UHD, Samsung SUHD and LG OLED models from 2016 and one groundbreaking LG OLED from 2017. We will be posting a new video later in the year after reviewing all the contenders from 2017.

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Francisco Aguayo says:

Link the tvs!

aquariex24 says:

So LG OLED B6 or Sony?

spevi1234 says:

I don’t know why anyone would settle for a TV that has any kind of halo issues.

hababacon says:

I purchased LG’S 65C6P for $2300 shipped! I wanted 3D and my Sony 65 930D didn’t make it a month.

Picard FTW says:

what about the juttering/horrible motion processing? watched a review video on the e6 and it couldn’t even scroll the credits at thr end of a movie smoothly.. :'(

Malik Shahid Farooq aWaN says:

Sony is the best


Sony is KING….. And there arent even mentioning the A1 OLED model either

Cassidy Carroll says:

I have OLED B6 and Vizio P55. I honestly think the Vizio is better than any Samsung. Extremely underrated tv.

Gina Casieri says:

I am thinking about getting the new Sony Oled A1E 65″ TV. Anyone have one? Not much out there on it as its just been released. Or should I get the LG OLED 65″ TV? They say Sony is getting their Oled screens from LG but Sony has a better processor. Was also looking at the Sony 940E 75″. Very confusing buying a TV these days. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

michael barkley says:

I’ll be upgrading my television in 2018 to a samsung qled television…

ventende says:

Thing is the broadcasting formats and resolution will never catch up with the hardware spec from the TV manufacturers. It’s like a ten year lag for crying out loud. So I think we need to separate these products and actually remove it from the TV category. There’s TV signal quality and there’s the hard copy 4K content, something you normally can only play from an item such as a 4K disc player. Streaming services are way over compressed and not lossless. Watching TV on a 4K OLED display is crap and will continuous to look bad in the years to come as there are not enough bandwidth to support the massive amount of data that needs to be transported in order to watch true 4K content – and then there’s the horrible pixel artifacts and motion horror, but thats another post.

Aashish Ramchand says:

Hey, I need help deciding between Sony x930d and Samsung ks8000. Which one do you recommend? Thanks

tigerbalm says:

Wood an OLED make me crave wathching pron?

Denis Sulovic says:

Sony A1 OLED?

Indrajeet Mishra says:

Samsung tv is the best

afr126 says:

This is the only channel where I thumps up before watching the video. Thank you for the continuous great content!

Oliver Crisson says:

why is the x900e not on this list?

D-Nasty's Noise says:

The 930d has a plethora of issues! Especially the 65″.


thumbs way down for the shit soundtrack

Essence Lost says:

What are those white speakers?

Cmdaddy88 says:

Panasonic OLED or bust…


why do most you tube videos use all this shit background noise music

Chehboub Imed Eddine says:

next time try to look straight to the camera ,your making it obvious that you are reading from under it.

MrTheorsa says:

Sony XD9305 is good ONLY with 4K sources!! SD and even BD playback is disappointing!

channel no5 says:

Just bought the Samsung 2015 js9000, great tv, great pic, at $1800.00 not bad at all for the price, very pleased.

Spawn and Batman says:

why the fuck would I go spend $5000+ on a tv? I can get a decent car for that price. even if I had alot of money idk. that’s just stupid.

huss1205 says:

OLED B6 65″ is selling here in Sweden for around $2600 and the OLEDG6 65″ for around $3400, good prices for the quality but still a lot for a TV in general when you can get the 8 series SUHD 65″ for less than $2000.

Its Me says:

Sony is still the best.

Norberto Castro says:

i just want the sony A1. thats it.

xxnike629xx says:

All of these TVs are too expensive for my price range.
Right now, I’m looking to get a PS4 Pro and a Samsung UN40KU7000FXZASKU. I know it’s not the best TV, but it’ll be a good update to my old 32″ Samsung LCD TV.


Guys….what is the best tv For anyone that want THE BEST?

roof pizza says:

…and my cable company mostly is stuck at 720p/1080i.

Iz E says:

What about the latest UHD models of LG? It hard to find any reviews on them yet. Someone please Tell me about the latest Nano tech.

2ndAmendmentedYoAss says:

vizio dropped out of the top tv’s?

Terence Johnson says:

These tvs are a little bit out of my price range. I’m looking to get a 65 inch 4K UHD TV with HDR between $700 and $900 at either Wal-Mart, Sears or Best Buy.

Don Stromberg says:

I have no interest in a curved screen.

sweetbrandigirl says:

I’ve watched hunderds of Digital Trends vids and everytime I do that TV stand drawns my attention could you PLEASE tell me what brand iand model it is so I can try to find one ? It’s driving me crazy I’ve looked all over the web but without detailed information I can’t find it.

spooky electric says:

There’s no point in getting a Z9D when LG’s OLEDs are available and cheaper to boot. Or any of the other options, really. They still provide the best picture on a television. If you absolutely have to have a Sony, the 930D has an image comparable to the Z9D at a fraction of the price.

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