The Best 4K TVs to Buy on Black Friday 2018

We take a look at the best TVs to buy on Black Friday 2018, explaining the strengths and weaknesses of key TV models from Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic, namely:

– Samsung NU8000 UHD LED LCD
– Samsung Q9FN 4K QLED TV
– Samsung Q900R 8K QLED
– LG C8, E8 & B8 4K OLED TVs
– Sony AF9 & AF8 OLEDs, and ZF9 LED LCD
– Panasonic FZ802 & FZ952 OLEDs

Many thanks to UK electrical retailer Crampton & Moore for allowing us to film this video in their shop. If you’re considering buying a new TV on Black Friday, please consider buying it from them. Call David on 0113 244 6607, mention HDTVTest, and he’ll try and give you the best TV deals.

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Battosai Himura88 says:

Wish you’d review more the Chinese brands like Hisense,Skyworth nTCL. If there are any available effecient 4K UHD models out there.

Painter Dood says:

Your the best!

LogiForce86 says:

Just bought the LG OLED55B8PLA for €1268,- euro (or £1123,20 pounds) this black friday on an early bird first 2 hour deal, which was an offer I couldn’t refuse. 🙂

Brian DuBose says:

Which tv is the best with Roku os

Shawnn Kalon says:

Hi sir thanks for the great info.
What about when scenes white colours have much too much glare and hurt eyes especially q7fn any solution.
Secondly what’s this HDR mainly helpful in GAMING?
Please can you help me with how much to set blurr and judder in setting.

Free your Mind! says:

Why sell 8k when companies can barely offer the 4k?

websaint says:

£7K for the LG. I was hoping you say £2K

ge mo says:

you’re just a TV Reviewer, Professional Calibrator and F*cking Comedian!

Kirtan Sinh says:

Who tv price

Neo Anderson says:

I bought the LG C8 65 and “OH my God!” the HDR 10, Dolby Vision image quality and overall visuals have blown me away, I am completely concerned about “Burn In” as this is usually the concern with any OLED unit but after owning the LG C8 unit I could never go back to an LCD/LED/Full Array back light display. Samsung’s implementation with QLED just wasn’t for me as it was way to bright and overly saturated so it’s a risk i’m willing with the OLED and I purchased an extended warranty as a precaution just in case I run into any issues with my OLE and Burn In/Image Retention.

The300ZXGuru says:

last year i got the deal of the century with buying a 65inch 4k smart LED TV made buy Toshiba for 250.00 brand new. You will never beat that price. lol

Lurreable says:

What about stutter? Color and light barely matter when the entire screen is jerky.

vhira says:

Which 43 inch 4K HDR TV do you recommend for my PS4?

Jeffrey Carrington says:

My God I can’t believe the comments here.
Everybody attacking everybody!
As Vincent has said more than once EVERY TV is not perfect!
How true.
One day in our lifetime I’m sure there will be one!
Im very happy with my LG C7 Oled 65 inch.
YES against a Red background there is a small faint,thin Black bar,but that’s only due to the Skynews news rollout,but CAN’T be seen anywhere else.
YES some small Banding issues now and then that ONLY appears watching free to air TV.
But NEVER see them watching a 4K Blu Ray!
Now if I was to carry on like a Madman and purchase another TV I would be carrying on about OTHER issues!

Seth Clayburn says:

This guy sounds like a robot

websaint says:

I’m an Apple fan boy, is there an Apple TV that I could buy?

tCruzin4Lyfe says:

Probably a dumb question but does the LG C8 work with Xbox One X?

Joe M says:

Please review Sony 85 inches X850F.

TX Beachbum says:

Can humans even see in 4k or 8k?

EscapeVelo says:

This guy is very clued in.

GSXRNissan says:

And i look this video on my new LG Oled65c8lla. The videos on this channel are great. Keep on going with more good videos.

Hanzzl01 says:

We bought The Philips 55OLED803/12. A very good TV with ambilight. I combined this with a New Sonos beam sound bar.

Ryan Snyder says:

So don’t buy a 300 dollar crap 4k tv that is probably better than 90% of most people’s current tv, but instead spend two,three times the amount on an amazing 4k tv that is better than 99% of people’s tv’s. Nah I’ll stick with my cheap one.

cp070476 says:

Is there an oled yet that matches a Pioneer Kuro for image quality? AF9? C8? And i don’t mean black level..

Krister Nielsen says:

These prices… >.<

Martin Dahlen says:

So it’s only LG OLEDS that supports playing Dolby Vision?? (Like playing Stranger Things season 2 on Netflix which is dolby vision)

Lord Tippington the Wise - Atheist Knight of Le Reddit Gentlesirs says:

Vizio P Series 65″ for $899 USD, if you’re in the US or Canada.

Sven Veader says:

skip this crap, burn in, dolby vision problems, viganetting, abl problems,

Timeless soulja says:

intro was mint!!!

Chaim Satanovitz-Oy Vey 6 Gorrilion says:

Got an Philips 6703 4k hdr TV with 65 inches and ambilight for 699

Aj Bhatt says:

What do you make of the Samsung QLED Q6 vs the Samsung NU8000 (55inches) ?? OR would you suggest some other ones, do not want to spend on OLEDs. .

ramicollo says:

Input lag on Panasonic TVs?

gixxerboy555 says:

Whaaaat???whing one you gonna go for..?So I will go for too… =)

K says:

Great tvs, but I’ll wait til 2020/21 for the new 75″ Samsung MICRO-LED tv.

ShaolinDreams says:

I only had £900 to spend i got a LG 55SK8500… i’m pretty happy with it.

Scott Parry says:

Hi Guys, Im looking to buy an 65″ oled for watching movies and some light gaming, Its between the lg C8 or the sony AF9? PLEASE HELP

Attila NBA says:

LG 55SK8100 or LG 55SK8500 now is very good 🙂

Randy Bradley says:

I’ll never purchase a SAMSUNG TV seeing that they do not and will support Dolby Vision. They do support HDR10+ but there is way more UHD 4K Blu-rays that support Dolby Vision and as for the X Dolby Vision playback is terrible and I recommend going with a standalone player that supports the format fully and has way better settings and playback then the S or the X.


What do you guys think about quantum apotheosis? He did a video 5 reasons to not trust this guy

Sardar Asad says:

Why tv’s are so expensice these Days?

montanaaa123 says:

What about LG Super UHD?

Steve Coates says:

Nice info. You dont seem as impressed with LG C8 as others. I am a gamer who loves science fiction movies. Please advise a tv out of the Q9FN and C8. Thanks

Visar Gashi says:

Hello HDTVTEST can you help my i have Sony KD-55XD9305 how to have the best settings for my ps4 pro

ThatBulgarian says:

ya boi saying it’s “only” £8k smh

George A. Wilson says:

People once you go OLED you will never go back to LED.

Daza do says:

Better off with a 240hz or above 1080 than a 60hz 4K.

sleazypig says:

So what content will be available on the 8k TV. We still do not have any TV broadcasts in 1080p let alone 4k. For 4k we only have some streaming and black disc 4k blu rays. BTW the majority of this is only 2k. So why buy a 8k tv?

ccvideotech says:

Black Friday pricing aside. This would make for a great quarterly feature.

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