The Best 4K HDR Gaming TVs: WARNING: Do Not Buy a 4K TV for Xbox One S / PS4 Pro Till You Watch This

Best 4K HDR Gaming TVs – Buyer Beware. Do not buy a 4K TV for Xbox One S or PS4 Pro till you’ve watched this. Many HDR Tvs are NOT Good for Gaming. Click Below for more info
Best Budget TVs
Samsung KU6300 LED:
Sony X800D:
High End TVs
Samsung KS8000:

Best 4K HDR Gaming TVs for PS4 Pro & Xbox One S:

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Larry198s says:

great idea look before you buy,

Fabian Montana says:

I have a hd ready tv for my pc gaming ! I really want to upgrade with a 30 inch tv with higher quality…wich one would be a good pic!??

Super Nova says:

I’m thinking about getting the Samsung UN40MU7000FXZA from Best Buy.

FNelsonProductions says:

DO NOT BUY LG B6 for gaming. or any OLED. I have LG B6, and after just 6 months, the HUD from Overwatch has burned into the set. this is not covered by warranty, and LG and Best Buy have both told me essentially to get fucked about it. DO NOT buy OLED for gaming.

Lee Southway says:

Can any of you tech guys help me is this TV any good for gaming ie the new xbox x your help would be appreciated thanks UE55MU9000

Staxy says:

Xbox one X

Arentz Menard says:

Should i buy a k6300 for project scorpio? I dont want anything looking blurry

Andrew Robinson says:

i remember when good tv’s didn’t cost as much as a used car.

Chris In Minneapolis says:

lol the samsung k8000s is a fairly cheap tv. at 55″ its now 999 at bestbuy, so many paid premium new. another reason to stay 1 year behind in tech. bump up a meaningless 5″ its 1500! and bump up to 65″ its still 1500! silly consumers.

project hellfire says:

lol 650$ is “budget”

Take Over says:

kids in here lying about what size t.v. and series they have stop lying mommas boy.

RasberryCP says:

So unfair the budget one you showed is $437 there but now on amazon its $597!!!

InitiateAtol says:

Lol got a PlayStation add

ProtoMeNTL says:

You’re a great resource, and have fantastic delivery. I’ll tell everyone I know about you. If you need any help, let me know. Godspeed.

The SnowyGoose says:

Waiting for my LG Oled 55 curved 🙂

ᴹᴬᴿᴷ says:

Well I just bought like 2 months ago a 4K vizio 43″ and it doesn’t have HDR so I played myself but good thing I got it for 250$

Edwin Velez says:

i have a vizio hdr 4k a looks perfect for me

Peter Harper says:

For 4K it starts to really matter 65″+…… LG 65UH7700 works awesome for me. I bought it April 2016; same month this tv was manufactured. Flawless performance for TV/4K Movies/Xbox One – Xbox One S. Heavy use for gaming and movies. In April 2016 MSRP was $2700….. was able to Best Buy price match for $1700 at the time. Great deal for me all around on top of being my first TV in about 16+ years.

Aayush 21 says:

hey man I am gonna buy 4k hdr TV but I am concern that tv might not the best for gaming. here it is
LG 43UH610V. whats ur recommendation? for PS4 PRO.

Semi Con says:

Rtings reports the wrong input lag on many Sony models.

Lee Southway says:

ue55mu9000 is this TV any good for gaming ie the new xbox x your help would be appreciated thanks

minor25 says:

I got the LG-OLEDG6-65 and HDR games like Gears of Wars look amazing

Sergio Garcia says:

You are the best. needed a video for of this before I get my xboxx

Reppa Kagura says:

I’ve a 40 inch UHD from 2014 from LG at 400$, and it’s perfect for gaming, how i know that ? cause i’ve recently bought an Asus ROG pq27a, UHD + Gsync monitor at 900$, great screen, the most perfect screen for gaming, no need HDR; cause it will be used into less than 1% of the game 😛

Well all that to say that my old lg screen had a great quality to play despite of her price !!!

Le O Nardo says:

about another year or 2 before I get one.

Shubham Dharmal says:

your link is saying page not found! rting site

john bambury says:

played the switch on a LG 4k today .. it was amazing


This was an amazing review! My search for information is now complete. Knowledge is a beautiful thing thank you Red Dragon for the education .

neoone75 says:

LG OLED b-w7v TVs have input lag 21 ms with HDR and 4K/1080p

milo1721 says:

LED is what LCD tvs use to light up the screens. It’s not a different tv from LCD and OLED. This guy does not know what he is taking about.

Ginx Xys says:

What would you pick between the Sony X800D and the Samsung KU7000 ? The Samsung is also around 20% cheaper where I live. I’ll use it as a PC monitor and for HDR gaming via PS4 Pro

Blake says:

Am I watching baseball on ESPN?

Jordan chandler says:

you posted a picture of a 65ku8000 for a ku7000. the 8000 handles hdr pretty well

littlelosito says:

When Scorpio comes out we need an updated vid haha

Pickle sickle says:

just ordered a LG UHD. 55uh615v. Anyone got some experience with this tv? just gonna use it for gaming and sometimes movies.

arrow007 says:

hi can you review the samsung ue50mu6100 50 please.

FameGod says:

I’m just trying to figure who the girl in the thumbnail

migman75482 says:

Forget a 4k television. I want the redhead in the thumbnail.

Adis Dyseone says:

KU 6300 have 8 bit panel and this tv cant work on Ps4 pro,ku 6300 have a fake hdr,it is marketing trick…Ps4 pro and xbox one need 10 bit panel to support true hdr,just pay attention what you buying guys,becose companys doesent tell you many things,they just want you to take your money…

Michael Hallas says:

easy if you have a ps pro just get a new Sony t.v they designed for the playstation

Kenny 92 says:

glad I found this video before buying my new TV. A TV is an investment and I want to make sure I’ll be happy with it for a long time

Jorgen Fornes says:

Why buy a 4k tv with shitty responstime and high input lag, when you can get a 4k monitor with 1ms responstime and low input lag for much less?

Kunal Gautam says:

what about the lg Wallpaper tv???

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