TCL P-Series Roku TV Review: Best 4K TV for Gaming!

TCL P-Series Roku TV Review: Best 4K TV for Gaming!
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When looking for the best 4K TV for gaming, you’ll want to check out my TCL P-Series review – TCL took the gaming community by storm with the release of the 55-inch P-Series in 2017.

Powerful picture performance by combining Dolby Vision, the premium HDR experience, with advanced technologies that offer superior contrast and brighter, more accurate colors. TCL’s NBP Photon technology achieves color space coverage that’s closer to the limits of human vision.

Image contrast is individually optimized across 72 zones to achieve highly localized areas of striking contrast between bright and dark areas of the image, providing an unrivaled sense of depth and reality.

No more flipping through inputs or wading through complicated menus. Like apps on a smartphone, all your favorites are at your fingertips. Choose from more than 4,000 streaming channels that feature over 400,000 movie and TV episodes plus live sports, news, music, kids and family, food, science and tech, fitness, foreign language and so much more.

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Maurice Baker says:

I had the TCL 55 inch P607 and returned it because of the upcoming 6 Series. In the meantime I purchased the Vizio 65 inch M Series and will return that in 90 days to get the 65 inch TCL 6 Series. The P Series, asides from the aesthetics, this TV is awesome, its 2017’s sleeper hit. Best Buy does it absolutely no justice by placing it on display at the top and away from any tv worth looking at.

RKDO LPZ says:

How much will the new one be

crysisownz says:

Awesome..can i use this with the r5 2400G?I mean as media streaming and esports gaming tv

Chip Bronson says:

I agree i got this tv after about 2 month reasearch into all the tv’s of 2016 and 2017 and this is your best way to go or the sony 900e if you want a bigger screen and slightly better picture quality but no dolby vision and $700 more which u can spend on good sound system which you are going to need with either of these tv’s. When it comes to blu-ray, streaming video and gaming the TCL will give u top of line visuals, cable and sat tv good enough not great but u wont be regretting spending a ton of money and not having Dolby Vision which u will regret


Hey Andru, thank you for the heads up on the TCL 6 Series and this in-depth look at the outgoing P-Series. The 6 Series is more than likely where I’m going for my next Television upgrade later this year if I don’t find an OLED to my liking, speaking of which I look forward to your in-depth look at LG’s latest OLED models for this year. Great video as usual Andru.

BigBoiBenzo says:

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Manan Kataria says:

WhT about pc gaming

Brian Nugent says:

Unfortunately motion on this TV is really bad. If the 6 series fixes it then it’s a true gem

Aditya Rohila says:

Pls checkout mi tv4
It’s totally worth it

Tom Chan says:

If the 65″ costs $999, then Samsung, LG and Sony would be extremely worried.

Steely Scott says:

Hey Andrew, the volume in your videos is too low, hard to hear turned up full. Great review!

ken Hudson says:

Hands down the best budget tv right now!

Joshua Weathers says:

Any word if the new 6 series will have a 120hz native panel?

Andru Edwards says:

If you wanna grab the best TV for the money from 2017, grab a TCL P-Series quick, before they’re replaced by the upcoming 6-Series!

Christopher Lee says:

Great review Andru! Can’t lose for $649.

Do you and the The Tech Ninja share footage?

Patrick Bynum says:

I’ve owned my share of televisions over the years; in all price ranges. With that being said, I have to say that pound for pound, dollar for dollar, the TCL 55p605 that I got a few months ago is the best television purchase that I’ve ever made. It gives you everything. What put it over the top for me is that it has Dolby Vision on board. That sweetened the investment even more, and it looks better than the previous 4K TV that I purchased for over twice the price. If any of you have any doubts, don’t. Look at your local Best Buy for the P605 or P607. They’re the same tv, but you save $50 with the P605 because it doesn’t have the Roku remote with the wireless listening and voice feature. Great video on the hidden gem of 2017.

1Dub79 says:

I didn’t think people were STILL making video about this tv, but I LOVE it. I’ve had my p605 from Best Buy, since December 6th of last year. I LOVE it! The P-Series is the Swiss Army Knife of tv’s. It has EVERYTHING, HDR 10, Dolby Vision, 72 local dimming zones, HDR 10, lagless gaming, high color gamut, and a fast, reliable interface. It’s hard to believe I paid $599 for all of those features. Btw, cool channel. Subbing!

Franchise 254 says:

I have been going back and forth between this TV and the Sony x900e and there have been some good videos contrasting them with the Sony winning in some key areas is this accurate?

Bronson Wisdom says:

Had the p series but returned for screen clouding, I was gonna use it for gaming but I was afraid it wouldn’t last very long. I don’t think the brightness was that great either especially when local dimming was turned on, I had the Samsung ku2960 and the picture quality of that tv seemed better for some reason.

Rick Roberts says:

i just bought one from Amazon, it’s on the way. I will have it connected to a Dell Precision M6700 with a 4K output coming from the DisplayPort to HDMI. 32 GB RAM with a 2.7 GHz i7 and 4 SSD’s internal. I have a 256 GB external USB to connect to the USB on the TV. That Dell outputs 4K via the separate NVidia 4GB GPU card (through the DisplayPort). It also will output the Comcast 50Mbps signal through the Dell for all of the internet feeds. I’ll connect it to the modem via Wi-Fi for comparison. I could switch the Wi-Fi card in the M6700 to 802.11ac but with the DisplayPort’s 4K output that would be unneeded.

darksparda4 says:

Gotta say it’s a really great tv. Much better than my 2015 Sony and really only bested by the OLEDs and x900e. The only downside is that it’s really reflective so hopefully the 6 series has an anti-reflective coating.

Angel Martinez says:

I just bought my 55 inch TCL 4K HDR tv last week for $380. Loving it!

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