TCL 6-Series Roku TV – Hands On Review

TCL’s 6-Series Roku TV is one of the most anticipated TVs of 2018 due to its promise of high performance for a low price. We explore whether this new set from the up and coming manufacturer
delivers on lofty expectations.

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Don Don says:

Smh late

JesusSavedJoshua says:

I went ahead and purchase this TV and I have some buyer’s remorse. I was hoping it would improve upon my Samsung black levels and yet I do not know when watching a movie like men in black or the newer Batman is why everything in black remains so indistinct and not clear. A perfect example would be if someone wears a black tux you cannot see the outline of the tux or any of the buttons still. I would be most grateful if someone would please send a reply to us all for where to fix the black levels on this TV. I also noticed that it doesn’t seem to do Voice Search on the cheesy cheap remote it gives you.

Esk8 Forum says:

Sounds good on paper but not in person. The image looks like it’s behind the screen. Had such high hopes when they announced it at CES, but it’s such a fail.. especially with the panel lottery.

manifest 73 says:

Competition is always good for the consumer.

Gemi' Mack says:

Please explain the pros and cons to a Wi-Fi remote compared to a standard red beam remote

Oliver Ortega says:

I won the lottery on mines. No banding or dark corners

Nick Burklow says:

Uhhh, why is there and rdio app STILL being preinstalled on Roku. Lol. That serviced died a long ass time ago.

HeraBros07 says:

What’s comparable in the 4 Series line to this model in the video review? I’m looking for a 49 inch or smaller but not smaller than a 43 inch.

I had 43 inch Roku TV that died on me (vertical double imaging was occurring, tried replacing the T-Con board on it and it didn’t fix the issue) and it was past my warranty. I like Roku’s TVs so much that I’m willing to get another one.

Ryan II says:

What are those gray fabric covered speakers to the left and right?

mat duhamel says:

Mine has zero banding

marvin andrew says:

True, you were to review the tv after the launch. I have been refreshing your page on a daily basis to no avail, let us see how it goes. Currently at 0.16 seconds

Robert McElfresh says:

Can you calibrate the colors? Does it have separate color/brightness/contrast settings per input? Is it wired or wireless to access the internet?

oscar vasquez says:

Can you do the new Hisense TV

Triality Entertainment says:

Why doesn’t my TCL logo light at the bottom illuminate?

darkpepsi says:

TCL is a Chinese Manufacture: avoid it at all cost, terrible t.v.’s with cheap material.

dottorcarlone says:

What’s the name of this tv in Europe? I can’t find it anywhere

Jamie Smith says:

You should have pointed out the 75″ is edge lit. The 55 and 65 are array.

TheGrizzzle says:

I have had 2 R615s from best buy. They have horrible dirty screen effect and TCL customer service won’t admit it. If you leave a bad review they apolgize and telk you to email customer support. Once you email customer support they tell you dirty screen effect and banding is normal on backlit tvs and to “have a good day” hmmmm ok I will return this POS and pay 200 more for Vizio P series

Chris Bullock says:

Not only that but it sold really well.

Michael Frasca says:

Do they sell it without Roku

battmuha says:


RSE : says:

We watch mostly in hd or blu ray. How well does this tv upscale?

TRIBOY16 says:

How does it compare to the 5 series which has no known banding/dirty screen effect. Please do a review

Max Julien says:

Can I download Showbox onto the apps?

Ray Josephs says:

But what’s the realibily of this brand…will it only last a few years then it’s trash?

S Gals says:

An HDMI cable with a ferrite? For shame…

멘토르석사 says:

The only problem with this model is the lack of a 40 or 43 inch sized version, TCL disappoint with skipping this form factor.

Jason Hynek says:

Save a couple bucks and buy OLED.

Beef Pho says:

Why do the buyer have to play the panel lottery? Certain stores like Best Buy will banned you for future returns for a year or two especially when returning items such as TVs multiple times. I bought this over hyped television and was not the lucky ones. Could not stand the the 4 dark corners. They seem to get larger and larger for the week I owned it. Also, while standard 4K looks colorful, HDR and Dolby Vision looks absolute crap especially on Netflix. Dull grayish dark tinted colors is my best description. No amount of calibration seems to work. There maybe a fix for it now but I had no patience for firmware or software updates. You never know when or if you ever get any fixes from any manufacturers nowadays. If this TCL model works for you I am envy because it is a great deal for all the specs it carries compared to other brands but if not good luck finding your dream TV.

Closingracer says:

I’m no video snob or anything but those are bad banding

BrysNightWorld says:

I’ve loved my 55p605 I got last thanksgiving ‘well, because a ladder went through my last tv on thanksgiving….’
Grey uniformity is splotchy. And I’m gonna be honest. The dolby channel, hdr netflix, even re7/ff15/fc5 all pc, the HDR hasn’t really wowed me. Theres a difference, but not a revelation. Like going from 1080p to 1440p was huge, but after? Even sitting 6 feet away, its not that noticable. BUT! The super low input lag, has been a revelation. It feels like a crt in that respect.

The Blade Runner says:

Too many issues with this TV. I went with the competitor Hisense same class and I couldn’t be happier. It also has a few issues but not as many as this TV. I watch a lot of hockey and I couldn’t imagine watching a game with a dirty screen like that. The main issue with the Hisense 55h9 plus for me is that the blacks aren’t pitch black and Hisense claims that it has great black levels.

C Anderson says:

No don’t buy this TV there are better budget TV’s like Hisense

niacal4nia says:

If OLED, QLED, and 4K Ultra HD are so great, then how come iMax uses DLP technology?

Gemini says:

I bought this TV and its great, I was wanting a sony 900e because im a die hard sony guy but man for 600 for 55 inch, Roku built in im very satisfied with this purchase, my ps4 pro is getting used alot more the hdr good, only thing id say is a negative is when watching dolby vision on netflix there some motion distortion when shooting for vibrant settings, there is settings that make it go away but its just too dim for my lighting.

JesusSavedJoshua says:

Thank you for your excellent analysis and review. I wonder what TV would be missing the vignette eating and the banding and be close in price…in short what would the next budget level up be in your opinion please? I long for a budget TV where in the movie Batman I see more than just his eyes and teeth. Lately I judge a TV by how well it does with black Tuxedos and if I can see the lapels or buttons.

Kevin Wyatt says:

I own this tv and it’s fantastic. My only nightmare was the ordering/shipping process through amazon. It took over a month to arrive and even then it kept getting delayed, I don’t notice the banding on my tv but like he said it varies. The HDR is amazing (madden blew me away and the water in Sea of Thieves are breathtaking). I highly recommend this (bought the 65”)

Jerome S says:

How good is this tv for gaming?

Jose Palacios says:

americas bran low cost and good

Silent Refusal says:

Is it the same C6 model sold in Pakistan?

Sean Miceli says:

I only see slight banding on pure white screen. When gaming or movies don’t see it at all

Code N Flame says:

I’m really glad that I couldn’t wait for this model and picked up the p607 back in February.

Adil Bbai says:

6 series its means c6 ?

Kenpocalypse says:

How bright and vibrant are the colors

mboiko says:

Just curious was this the 55″ or 65″…?

rick church says:

I saw a Spotify app on the tv during this review! I thought Spotify was pulled from Roku and hasn’t been re-released. What am I missing?!

Jacob Sample says:

is there much bloom or light bleed in black with this TV?

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