TCL 55P607 | 3 Month Review! Best Budget 4K HDR TV 2017!

The TCL 55P607 has to be the best budget 4K HDR TV for 2017! With all the technology in this TV it’s a no brainer! *****Get yours from Amazon: or Best Buy:

TCL 55P607 Unboxing:

TCL 55P607 Dolby Atmos Setup:

TCL 55P607 + Xbox One X Gameplay:

Best TCL HDR Settings:

HDR Dark
Game Mode: On
Local Contrast: High
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Backlight: 100
Contrast: 100
Sharpness: 0
Color: 55
Tint: 0
Color Temperature: Warm

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Equipment used to film and edit:
iPhone 7+
iPad Pro
Osmo Mobile:
Final Cut Pro X
iMac 5K Late 2015
MacBook Pro 9,1 Mid 2012

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About this video:

In this video, Channa D (Techno Dad) reviews the TCL 55P607 and TCL 55P605. These have to be the best 4K HDR TVs of 2017! For the price, you will not get as many features as this TV. The CTL P series is just amazing for the price! There are some downsides as TVs are not perfect, BUT, the TCL 55P607 is the best of the pack in the budget price range. Check out this video and the TV at your local Best Buy!


The Ignored Gender says:

How do you determine which settings are optimal? You have backlight at 100 but I heard that maxing that out will lower the life of the TV. Plus wouldn’t that hurt your eyes in a dark room?
Also. Should contrast be maxed out? I thought too high of a contrast makes you lose detail in whites.
Other than that, I agree with setting tint and sharpness to 0 and brightness to 50.

Tyler Rapp says:

When this tv works, it’s amazing! I’ve run into a couple of issues using this tv with an Xbox One X. HDR in CoD: WW2 looks pretty grayed out. I’ve messed with just about every brightness setting and combination and can’t get that eye-popping hdr look. Non-hdr actually looks better in CoD. Gears 4 and Forza look amazing though. Rise of the Tomb Raider has also shown some green and red textures while displaying in the Native 4K mode. The worst offender of all so far has been Wolfenstein 2. The game constantly pops in with a green tint that covers the whole screen with green and red vertical lines. Really not sure what’s going on. I’d figure I had a defective unit if other games were displaying the same thing. I’ve heard from a couple of other people with this tv running into the same issues.

B P says:

Thanks for this review. If there is no better deal on black friday I will get this one.

beckythe iceboxoshea says:

Well you killed any chance of me buying this t.v. with the motion issues. I absolutely hate soap opera affect. I will probably pony up and get a 55 900e for the bedroom. Are you planning on doing a comparisok video between the two?

Adrian St. Fort says:

I was going to get this TV, but I’ve decided to get an alternative with a higher peak brightness.

Noel Carvajal says:

This is the best tv for gaming, low lag, and FALD. Dolby vision and Dolby Atmos pass through. I have it connected to my Sony 5 sound bar that has atmos. This tv is a beast.

Royal Tim says:

Tv is a beast!!!!!!!!!

Zac Till says:

Best Buy is going to have the X900E on sale for Black Friday for $999, and I have a $100 Best Buy gift card – $899 for the X900E, is it worth it?

Artos z says:

Trying to decide between this tv or the x900e for $1000 black friday. Do you think this tv is a better deal being that it has hdr10/dolby vision or is the picture that much better on the x900e? I primarily will be playing video games and netflix on this tv. Also possibly as a pc screen.

Grant Berry says:

Id love it if you would post some examples of the motion problems, specifically with sports. I’m planning on buying this tv but that was pretty alarming when you said that sports don’t look good on this tv. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Jeremy Clark says:

Review the 900 e ?

The Ignored Gender says:

One other thing I don’t like about the TV is that it’s very reflective during daytime. I primarily will watch at night with no ambient light. I’m not sure if this is an issue unique to just TCL though.

Steven OConnor says:

I have no problems with judder or scaling on my 605. Not sure why you are.

Skill 009 says:

I got mine at Costco for $450

Narayana Johnson says:

I just got the LG Nano Cell 55sj8500, and found the picture quality to be not super impressive, especially with dark scenes. I’m thinking of getting this TV instead. Have you had any experience with that LG model for comparison?

John Garcia says:

That’s a dope ass Daft Punk shirt, where’d you scoop it up at TD?

Delores McEachern says:

My Tv stand is 39 inches long, will this Tv fit on my Stand? Thank You


So basically put everything on game mode for movies and TV signal.

tigertom53 says:

What’s the different from the S and the p?

geek says:

there is the refresh rate difference : 55P605 = 60hz 55P607 = 120hz

zxride64 says:

Planning to buy this TV in the coming weeks myself from Best Buy as my late college graduation gift for myself. I am also trying to get a new cooktop for my Family as well, so my budget is tight. Also thanks for the tips for view in non-4k content.

the white walker says:

Does it have 3d hdr

Timothy Mathetes says:

As usual. .You da man TD.

Daimen Parker says:

I’m so confused. I have the p605 and I actually LIKE the soap opera effect….but I didn’t think this tv even had the option for it. In your video you say that you can’t turn it off but I’m wondering how I turn it on! I don’t see this affect in any of the content I play or watch. I was almost considering taking the tv back because I couldn’t figure out how to get it.

For reference i tried to play assasins creed origins with clear motion and it doesn’t have the soap opera effect at all. Just looks like regular 30fps assasins (60hz)….please let me know what I’m doing wrong

Akh_Rahim says:

Isn’t the Contrast set too high? It would ruin shadow detail and oversaturate colors…

loki los says:

Thank God you mentioned it. I have xfinity and cable looks crappie l. Especially walking dead for. Some reason. Thanks for the advice

Jesus Valido says:

quick question whats the difference between c7 vs e7

Noel Carvajal says:

To me it’s the best tv period for gaming application and streaming.

JayzBeerz says:

LG 55UJ7700 $699.99 and IMO is a better tv.

The Ignored Gender says:

I heard that enabling game mode reduces pictures quality. Did you find that to be the case for the TCL?

Jason Polanco says:

So, if it was simply for gaming it would be a great tv. Should I stick the with xbr49x900e if I plan on watching TV from time to time?

MasterDrhd says:

Does it have RVU like the Sony for direct tv

Mr.Whiskers says:

I laugh when my dad tells me that his 1080p tv looks better then my tcl

Jose A Avellanet says:

Sounds like this tv it’s better for gaming, not for watching movies or sports, and no 65 inches…….

OreillyORLY says:

the only bad thing about this TV: only available in the USA

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