TCL 55″ 4K ROKU TV Review | 4K HDR For Under $400!

This HDTV has 4K UHD, HDR, and Roku Smart TV built in, for $399! The TCL 55” US5800 is a SMART buy.

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2. Peyruis – Rêveur

“This review was not sponsored nor did I receive this product for free, it was bought with my own money”



Adam Bottjen says:

Something else to mention, it has a fantastic program guide, PLUS if you connect a 16GB flash drive you can pause live TV for up to 80 mins.

Randi says:

Roku? Best OS? HAHAHA Agree to disagree..

Elie J-louis says:

Full minute intro. Sweet!

MRmoofoo2you says:


suraj manandhar says:

Great video. What speakers do you have there? Is LED built into speakers?

Monastery in Tibet says:

What’s the rainbow color sound bar underneath the tv? Looks cool

Venom says:

I don’t see the grey black,its looks like a decent black,I guess I have to see in Person to judge

Taylor Donnan says:

Thanks god bless man!

Wired says:

A whole minute for an intro? I wonder why? Oh, wait, the video is just over 10 minutes

Henry47 says:

Great job & thanks but i see what you like better shape 40 speakers. lol

Michael Holm says:

I found out that the partner companies who makes best buy INSIGNIA tv’s are LG and Samsung so I wouldn’t consider these tv’s low end there on the high end tv rang I have the 43 inche 4k tv with hdr and upscalling. I love INSIGNIA tv’s picture looks the same as LG and Samsung tv’s

Sam Winzenburg says:

Please dont start a video by saying “what’s up guys?”

Tony Gareth says:

I was going to get a 6 series, but the 5 is cheaper, and now I see good deal on 4 series so I’m thinking about 4 series any reason to not get it and spend more money? Just need it for bedroom

jianwei2009 says:

I tried the TV and hate it. The roku sucks. It takes multiple clicks to even switch sources. Basically anything related to TV itself is hard to configure because there is very few buttons on the remote. Also the TV IQ is not very good even with 4k content. I switched to LG OLED while you get what you payed for but I would recommend paying a little extra for a better IQ TV.


Do you know the measurements from leg to leg?????

GamingSpree995 says:

Good for gaming? Like ps4 pro

Brian Schulz says:

Thanks for the review and I greatly appreciate the scripture! God bless!!!

AlexanderRussell says:

If I had a dollar for every time you said TV…

Shawn McDaniel, KSC says:

Hey TEK can the resolution be changed from 4K to 1080p? My concern is I have a lot of movies in 720p and they’ll look fine at 1080p but I worry about how they will look with the resolution set on 2160p.

Druvian says:

I have a TCL TV as well and for the price it cannot be beat it’s an amazing value for the price

James Kocks says:

i bet the bottom half being thicker and heavier helps with stability.

TFWhitekid says:

Does your tv still work?

jwathas says:

I can attest to how amazing this TV is. We recently bought two of them, one for my parents and one for my husband’s “man cave” in our basement. It’s very hard to believe that these TVs were less than $400 each considering that they are 4K and have so many incredible features. This TV can easily rival TVs that cost twice as much. My parents are retired and watch a lot of TV, so I figured that this would be the perfect TV for them because of the integrated Roku. If you are in the market for a great quality 4K TV, but don’t want to spend a small fortune, I HIGHLY recommend the TCL brand. They are quickly becoming one of the top TV brands in North America and I can definitely see why!

joseph rasmussen says:

hdr works for me perfectly. are you sure you’re using an hdmi 2.0 cable?

Cation says:

Can someone please help me? I live in Europe and those models that starts with “US” is not available in Europe.
I cant seem to find alot about “55DP600”. Does it have Roku TV built in?
I’m considering to buy one around $400

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