Sony ZF9/ Z9F Master Series 4K HDR TV Review

We review the Sony ZF9 Master Series 4K HDR TV which is also marketed as the Bravia Z9F in the USA. It is an LED LCD television with full-array local dimming (FALD) direct-lit LED backlighting, the company’s top-end X1 Ultimate video processing, X-Wide Angle, X-Motion Clarity and more responsive Android TV experience.

Topics covered including black level, local dimming, colour accuracy, screen uniformity, motion handling, picture processing, viewing angle, HDR and gaming.

Our review sample is the 75-inch Sony KD-75ZF9 with 288 individually dimmable zones. The smaller 65in KD-65ZF9 has a significantly lower FALD zone count of 104 zones.

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_ eMike says:

Such a ugly reflections on the dark scenes! And why only 1 full bandwidth port? And of course on top of that we have a Lagdroid.

revistinha1 says:

Maybe make the ZF9 a 2.35:1 TV?
No more black bars = problem solved lol jk
Great review as always Vincent

Inaet Dzemovski says:

Good job Vincent, I still own the LG C6 65” OLED. I need another tv 75”, I just cringe when I browse the LCD panels. Eventually I believe all TVs will have OLED screens unless a better technology then OLED is found.

Michelle Alexandria says:

at some point they need to either get rid of letterboxing or make an option. LB made sense when it first came out most tvs were 32 inches and 4:3 aspect ration – I still hated it, but the argument was sound, Now most 4k tvs are 55 inches and larger and essentially “wide screen.” There’s no longer a real reason for it.

ProjectElara says:

“I don’t like to go soft on anyone… Ever!”

Sgt.AhmedQ8 says:

Sony what you have done !

Peter Vang says:

Great review! The average consumer would still be stoked for this tv because of it’s brightness, color accuracy, increased viewing angle and faster os. How does this tv perform for those who primarily watch ota and Netflix only?

PSYCHO says:

ZD9/Z9D > ZF9/Z9F Time to save up for the 75-inch Z9D because I have a collection of 3D movies and 4K movies as well.

“Master Series” my ass… (-__-)

L96A1Ray says:

So Q9FN is better?

Vlad R says:

For the vast majority of consumers, who watch TV with ambient light in the room, this TV will blow their minds with its performance. For most videophiles, who watch in complete darkness, this TV will disappoint. For videophiles who employ a bias light, they will be be happy with this TV. I am such a videophile who owns an x930E, and it looks fantastic when you use bias lighting; and its local dimming technology is not nearly as sophisticated as this TV’s local dimming technology. So, I can’t fault Sony’s decision making as it makes complete sense dollars-and-cents-wise. In addition, if you really want the best black level performance with similar color accuracy and uniformity, you can buy the A9F (excluding in 75” size, yet).

ray h says:

Vincent did Sony a favor by reviewing the 75″ because the 65″ is WAY worse with its blooming and raised blacks.

Regino Rojas says:

All Sony had to do was improve on the Z9D by decreasing input lag, have every HDMI be full 2.0, and boom it’s an instanta buy from me.

Prasad Naik says:

It sucks when manufacturers try to appeal to the lowest common denominator. I have no doubt the focus group test you mentioned actually happened and some guy said I want to be able to watch the tv from outside my neighbor’s window or something.

Adam Majorcsik says:

21:12 “grayness and blooming” Wait what? Was that projector a better experience than this TV?

Kevin at KAB says:

Sure makes me like my 940E even more now.

Liquidus says:


daddio77 says:

Let’s just hope they don’t keep this TV and production for 2 full years

kapil busawah says:

What does he say at 12:48?

Bud The Cyborg says:

So for public venues this is the ultimate display.
Hopefully Sony doesn’t abandon their work done here in the future, the wide viewing angle technology should be employed in alternate versions of their best TVs for people who know their viewing conditions are more suited to high brightness and wide viewing angle.

Paul Shakeshaft says:

After watching this set in the shop it is a total waste of time black is completely non-existent just looks washed out, with lots of blooming although the screen so easy to see.
Sony OLED this year is 1000 times better than this…

Pedro D Rodriguez Sr says:

I suppose that if you watch this TV in a moderately lighted room as I do , that sightly blooming will not be a problem !

frank mathis says:

I got 2 defective Z9d’s I was bummed really bad. So I opted for the Q9fn because to my eye in BB the Zf9 just wasn’t cutting the mustard. When the Z9d was running right as I had them it had a stunning picture. The defect’s though caused bad banding along the bottom it was really really bad. But before that happened the main picture was stunning. The 3d on the Z9d was unwatchable compared to my Oled 3d that got burn in. I think the 3d being so bad was a part of the defect in the 2 set’s I got. I knew it with this tv I could see it wasn’t worthy to the Z9d

Herve Zola says:

Vicent the genius

Shalom Alechim says:

Hi Vincent
thanks for the video.
Is there any possibility you share the calibrated settings with us?

YaBoiGreen says:

Picture settings for c8 and xbox one x please!! 🙂

Parker Hudson Perry says:

Honestly Ill take the 940E any day even over the Z9D or Z9F. Its such a shame honestly. Last years E series are by far the best still besides the oleds and the 900f. I hate how sony just makes a big leap from the 900f to the z9f now. Like the 930e and 940e are such amazing tv’s. Much better handling of blooming and both tv’s can produce very deep blacks

J C says:

I ordered this 75″ TV for my home theater where we sit straight on. It’s on it’s way. My thinking: I couldn’t find a better LED TV w/ Dolby Vision (except maybe the Z9D). I’ll get this until a true sucessor to the Z9D is available then move this into my living room. With it’s brightness and viewing angle, it’s the perfect living room tv.

Tuchpong Tulyayon says:

Masterful review as usual

msd says:

I feel like people wouldn’t feel the need for such large TVs if they offered them in taller aspect ratios (16:10 at least).

Goat Strider says:

Another excellent review Vincent! No one says it like you do. So much more useful depth and insight, unlike most other generic reviewers. Keep up the good valuable work! Such a shame for this TV. The wider viewing angles seemed like a game changer, but the sacrifice is too great for me.

cj miller says:

Sony took the same strategy as LG. Sony isnt making an OLED killer type TV while selling OLED TVs for more money. Its business. They tarnished the master series brand while doing it.

Thomas Nemeth says:

Nice video, Vincent. I like how the first half of the video was scripted while in the second half you went off script and spoke from the heart. Your passion and enthusiasm for the subject matter really came through. Furthermore, thank you for being honest in stating what you feel are this television’s shortcomings. Hopefully Sony doesn’t blackball you now that you gave them a less-than-glowing review. You’ve mentioned in the past that Sony’s reps have asked to take selfies with you when they’ve seen you at shows; now they might not like you any longer, but hopefully they take your criticism to heart and use it to improve next year’s product. That’s all that this is about.

SotNist says:

Vincent, how is the smearing on this TV while playing games? I remember LastGamer, that Australian game collector, did a video with the Z9D showing Sonic Mania just smearing across the screen presumably due to the panel layers.

Sean Lacroix says:

It looks ugly as hell with the legs turned inward.

PSYCHO says:

Would it be stupid of me to save up for the 85-inch X900F JUST BECAUSE it’s an 85-inch? I’m upset that the Z9D doesn’t come in 85-inch and I don’t have $60,000 laying around for the 100-inch Z9D.

My next best option is the 75-inch Z9D. Dammit I really want an 85-inch screen for the immersion but I also want 3D playback and the best 4K HDR picture quality which I still feel the Z9D is king of.

Spiny Norman says:

Samsung Q9FN it is then, right?

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