Sony X900E 2017 TV Review –

Hands-on review of the brand new 2017 Sony X900E LED 4k TV
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Model tested: 55″ (XBR55X900E)

Should also be valid for the 49″ (XBR49X900E) , 65″ (XBR65X900E) and 75″ (XBR75X900E), except that the 65″ and 75″ don’t have a big power brick.

Design (0:32)
Inputs (0:53)
Contrast (1:09)
Local Dimming (1:19)
Gray Uniformity (1:34)
Motion Blur (1:46)
Input Lag (1:55)
PC Gaming (2:07)
Viewing Angle (2:19)
Reflections (2:34)
Peak Brightness (2:40)
Color Volume & Gamut (2:58)
Smart Features & Remote (3:10)
Comparison with the Sony X930E (3:23)
Conclusion (3:38)


yoshimitsu411 says:

Should I get the 65 inch Panasonic DX900 or the 65 inch Sony X900E?

John Zayas says:

does it run on 3840x 2160. cuz im only gettin 2560x 1440

zorhis1996 says:

sony 900e 49″ vs sony 800e 55″ for monitor ? i will be sitting about one arm length away from it

U fone says:

this guy has a Jamaican accent, boi.

MutedSong says:

I can only hope most of the review remains true for the 49 inch screen version of this set

MasterMITSURUGI says:

I’m about 90% sure this is my next TV but my main question is would the size have any effect on the input lag? For example if the 55″ has an input lag of 31ms as found in the review, would the 49″ have a slightly lower input lag?

Charlie Felix Carbajal says:

Can somebody please help me and answer a question I have! So I recently bought the Samsung mu6300 for 800$, it looks beautiful compared to my old 50′ Panasonic. But I heard that the Sony x900E is superior. I watch a bunch of movies and play video games from time to time, which is the tv to go so I can make a return this week for either the Samsung MU8000 or the Sony x900E???

Michael Hammond says:

You guys provide some of the best content! Thanks! Do you plan on reviewing the X930e/X940e?

Nightspace e says:

I am between the KS800 and this one the KS800 costs 300$ less than the sony but i am worried about the firmware problems and the actual problems of the TV i have seen so far…what is your opinion and the a bit more input lag on the sony i don’t think its a big problem

John Doe says:

No one ever mentions the frame doubling when playing 30 fps games on this tv.

I first bought a 850e but wasnt totally satisfied with the picture uniformity so i exchanged it with an 900e ,but 30 fps games are almost unplayable on the 900e because instead of motion blur you get double frames on 30 fps.

Now im thinking of changing back to the 850e or some other set..

What i dont understand is that of all the rave reviews of the 900e no one has mentioned the double frames you get in game mode with 30 fps games?

Buyer beware.

3vino1 says:

How well does the x900e do when streaming Netflix or Amazon. The Samsung 1080p which I’m replacing did a great job in streaming HD video. The tv developed a problem, and is being replaced, so I’m getting the Sony X900e. My internet downloads at 23 mbps.

palluji says:

Can I connect a hard drive to this TV and play content like stored videos?

Roger Espinoza says:

Just bought it with bundle sound bar Best Buy matched frys price for 1384 best deal ever

dknight xs says:

why does it seems that rtings is biased when it comes to sony? they always give them bad reviews when the rest of the tv experts give them high ratings?

Khalifa Al Suwaidi says:

Only one question, i am going to buy this one 49 inches sony tv but someone on youtube said that if i buy 4K HDR TV for PS4 Pro it means that i am not going to get the full 4K quality of the TV and the content of PS4 Pro because 4K contents must be 55 inches and up?…(REGARDLESS IF PS4 PRO IS PURE 4K OR NOT)

ricardo says:

TOP !!!!!

rocknblues81 says:

This guy sounds like Van Damme


This model or the Sony x800D 43″ for small and dark room

Zeh Zahl says:

It’s funny how an absolutely superb SOTA $1400 Sony X900E (which would please virtually everyone) is considered “mid-range.”

Leo Giles says:

Hey you do some good reviews man. I have a question though. There’s
another video here on youtube at 10:15. The guy
on that video says that the input lag on the 930e is different
depending on the input. In his video he shows you that if the input is
1080p the lag is about 42 msec. But if you use 4k input (like the PS4
PRO) the lag goes down to 25 msec. Is this true?

Grzegorz Grzegorz says:

Hi, I will be buying new TV in a few weeks. Currently I am considering Sony XBR55X900E (1299 $) and Samsung UN55MU8000FXZA (1099$). Which do you think is a better option? It will be used mainly for PS4 PRO and Netflix/Amazon Prime. Sony is said to have a little bit better picture quality, but on the other hand worse input lag.

Ryan Tyler says:

Samsung has the most clear sharp colourful vibrant and true to life picture in the 2017 line of Tv’s, Sony comes in second they also have true to life picture good brightness level and a technology which allows the Tv to display objects in the order they appear in the scene and third place is the LG for not enough colourful picture with less brightness level and softer picture.

Mafgliha Ahmed says:

great video!! i bought samsung ks8000/ks800d which i still have and i recently bought this sony x900e tv as well. i will have to return one so my question is which one would you pick? i do notice that ks8000 is brighter than x900e and on ur website u have 34.1 input lag but here u said 30ms. thank you!!

Eslam Arida says:

Is this tv better than samsung ks8000

Simon czesak says:

i bought the KS9000 65 inch, last month, i love the motion processing and immersive brightness, but i think i should’ve got this and saved money, what do you guys think ?

kurt grech says:

is this tv called XE9005 in europe please ?

Jonny Quinn says:

I totally believe this guy!!

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