Sony X850D 4K HDR Android TV Review! (BEST 4K TV 2016?)

My review of the Sony Bravia X850D 4K HDR Smart Android TV! Is this the best 4K smart TV? Buy here:

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Konrad Puławski says:

Samsung UE55KU6400 or Sony KD-55XD8005B?

Kamil Gorlewski says:

Is that TV supported by HDR10 format?

OD DOCE says:

i have an xbr-75x850d
and i have input lag despite all my efforts
ive been on the phone several times with sone and yet no genuine help
ive played around with all the setting both on my ps4 pro and the tv and still the input lag remains
can someone please help me out
any help would so much appreciated seriously

cihan nazenin says:

you said when the volume is too high it gets distorted is that the only problem ?

BoredThatsWhy says:

We dont eat fillet mignon!

Ganga Chris says:

Anyone with a link for the TV Cabinet?

Arturo Sosa says:

won’t spend a dime for a monitor sony

mokta abdul says:

mine will be delivered tomorrow Xd8599 65inch, Omg it’s huge.

Benjamin Zipser says:

is this a review or a acommercial?

Honey kaibarta says:

can we cannot with CPU

Kacey Baker says:

Can anyone tell me if you can switch this back to 60 Hz? Great tv but that video look is so distracting and ugly yo watch.

John B. Comerford says:

This review is completely lacking in facts. This T.V. barely makes HDR specs, and even then only does so under Sony’s pretty awful HDR-10 (done by update, btw, not by native hardware capability). This T.V.’s soap opera effect has been intentionally reduced, and loses a lot in verasimilitude of picture because the phony HDR isn’t good enough to compensate. Additionally this T.V. also has a lot of edge aliasung and motion blur, more than my KDL series 1080p had, and more than enough to take you out of any content you’ll watch on it.

In short, while the android features are cool, the X850D’s panel is an epic failiure that barely makes the minimum performance specs for UHD, and only then by 4k and not by HDR contrast.

Sony should be ashamed of this set, and after owning the 55′ model for 6 months now, I sincerely wouldnt thrust this set upon anyone because of the HDR lie, aliasing and motion blu that accompany the set. My model and panel were purchased in 2016, and have the 2015 – 2016 panel build according to the system specs.

toobalkain says:

This TV has none of the three key technologies; no HDR (not hardware anyway), no local dimming and it’s not a Super UHD panel. For about the same money one can get LG OLED B6, albeit 55″ or a 65″ Samsung KS8000, both of which have everything in terms of tech and much better OS, webOS in LG and Tizen in Samsung are far superior to android TV. It’s not bad tv, just not top tv and for this price it should be, it’s not good value for money. 930 is a whole different story but 850, forget about it unless you’re a die-hard Sony fan.

Air Supply says:

I bought this few days back, sony website mentioned it’s internal storage 16 gb, but it showing 8 gb in my tv. is my tv fake?

Olboync24 says:

55 is 840 now

Eric Rasberry says:

XBR65X850E or lg sj8000 65 inch??? Please help.

TDZ says:

I have the 50 inch

Kevin Garcia says:

i have a Sony 55 with HDR but how do i know if Its working?

hinduspl says:

is that european xd8505 ? cannot find it in europe.

Kevin TechWorld says:

This T.V Has more ports than a Apple laptop. Near the same price 🙂

ugur akbulut says:

sony candır

Uncaged 86 says:

Is this set HDR 8 or HDR 10?

5ald994 says:

Is this model KDL-55X8500D or KDL-55X850D is it the same?

Roman Kriman says:

you make review of 4k tv with 1080 resolution video blog? 🙂

Jaiden Annells says:

F u adds

L V says:

I’m glad this tv still accepts component inputs…just ordered mine.

Leandro Felix says:

The tv has a HDR ?

Suswanto Mr says:

dualshock 4 missing from setting on my android tv 7.0 nougat, it’s suck, i cant play game with dualshock 4 anymore. My tv kd 43x8000d.
Why sony erase dualshock 4 in new update. Its suck, fuck, useless crap!!! Not smart tv anymore but dumb tv. Dont buy this tv right now, wait for new update. Suck suck suck

Sith Guy says:

Bought today for 55″ for £879.00 today.

Surya Prasath says:

its been late.. but i bought today.. good tv..

JDolande says:

is this hdr premium with the sticker?

CMunna Corelone says:

bought the 65″ yesterday on sale for 1300$ very pleased

Lucifer Clark says:

would you say this will be future proof for the new xbox one x, witch will need a hdmi 2.2 for get full use out of it?

king diamond says:

340dislikes seemlike dont UnderStand quality, i prefer sony or panasonic productions by japan, bests, also i have certainly experiences about a productions, i come always choose this or panasonic, i make sure that, certainly.


that a 43v? or 49v?

MrDraylove says:

I just bought one. Lovin it

We're All Thieves says:

Samsung KS8000 and Vizio P series are better. Nice ad, though.

gtguy181 says:

Nice hair

Honey kaibarta says:

does it work as a monitor

Whoshotmyrifle says:

This TV was on sale on Amazon for £550 today on prime day! I’m literally stabbing myself because I didn’t go for it and now the price has shot up!

Diy Guy says:

The quality of these new sets with 4K is amazing – like being on the set as they are filming. Of course if the set is sketchy you now get to see that too. Definitely puts even more pressure for tv shows to have high production values.

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