Sony Bravia XF90 / X900F Review – The BEST Mid-Range 4K HDR TV 2018 !

Sony’s latest Android 8 4K HDR TV is here ! And it’s one of the best in this price range. HDTV Test: (video)
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These TVs are designed to compete head-to-head with other mid-range to high-end LCD TVs on the market, including Samsung’s new “QLED” LCD TVs. This year, several manufacturers have decided to adopt full array local dimming systems. Besides Sony, Samsung will include it in its Q8 and Q9 models, LG in its 9 series models, and TCL in its new 6 series model. (FlatpanelsHD)
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Sky Fall says:

Samsung or LG Oled is the go.

Joy Maker says:


Kevin Ray says:

There is no excuse for TVs today to have only two HDMI ports that are capable of displaying 4K content. Not for the price that one would pay for this TV.

taradead says:

motion isn’t significant better than the XE90. I’m glad I didn’t go through the hassle of returning my XE90.

Irishgamer01 says:

Most other reviewers think its poop, compared to other TV’s. Dated

Sacchi says:

For those who says Samsung’s QLED is better –
From 2008 Sony had been using TrilluminousDisplay tech ie QLED tech which is much matured and better than Samsung’s first generation QLED.

Sky Fall says:

doesn’t look smooth at all. is jumping badly

Dr GetBooty says:

Did he just say mid range for $1,500 TV you had me at that. Yes sir you no expert

No Copyright Music says:

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SuaveLlaveBlog says:

Is it fair to already say that this is the best considering not all the TVs have come out?

TheRailGunner says:

This is a $2000 TV… The new 65″ 6 series that TCL will be putting on sale on May 1st will be less than half the price, probably $900, maybe $850, and has already demoed for us that it can do everything just as well, if not better, than this TV and others that are twice the price. Admittedly, LG’s OLED still can’t be beaten right now, but still. Why would any smart shoppers be compelled to buy this? Stop riding the bandwagon of these big companies that charge us arm and a leg for tech that other companies can do just as well at half the price. It’s like trying to get people to realize that iPhone’s and Galaxy’s aren’t the only two smartphones out there and that there are some equally amazing phones out there, for half the price. I’d say TCL’s 6 series will be the best mid range of the year. They’ve completely changed the TV market because Sony, Samsung, and LG have had to drop their prices more and more to compete with TCL, who’s been blowing them out of the water in TV sales since they launched in the US. And that’s why TCL is a smart company to get behind. They showed everyone plain and simple that the prices that the big companies have been setting for their 4K sets, are absolutely ridiculous.

Terrance Harris says:

$ How much?

buh frog says:

I just got this TV! I was very worried about the input lag for 1080P, so I booted up my Wii U, and tried Mega Man X for the SNES on virtual console. I BARELY felt any input lag! I really thought it would be a big problem.. One thing that’s bugging me about this TV though, is watching youtube on it through my PC… I notice the white areas on youtube like in the comment section like to go dimmer and lose it’s brightness… Any idea how to fix that? I have the light sensor off.

Princee Erick says:

900E Is Better

desinho9 says:

The euro Q8 will not have full array local dimming, and LG’s SK9500 and 8500 will have [so not ‘the 9 series models’ like in the US; just like the US will have the fald Q8. Try to read some european sources first next time 😉 ]

CrashAlw7sh says:

This is not a Mid range TV

Nic says:

How do you know? It doesn’t seem like you’ve seen a huge quantity of TV’s/

Murat Irtes says:

Hi , I have a question: I doubt between Sony 49XF9005 and LG 49SK8500. which one do you reccomend?

OLEDTvMasterRace says:

Mid range you say?
I’m telling quantum on you!

Banana Joe says:

Great video. Nice cinematic shots

FireMarshall75 says:

The stand is so ugly..two legs apart. 2017 year modell was much better looking!!!

Tom Huffman says:

4K/HDR is NOT limited to Input 2 and Input 3. Input 1 accepts it fine.

Markus Haier says:

What about X85 ?

Fred Gadget says:

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Absolutely disgusted.
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DeltaNedas says:

First, lemee think of an insanely funny joke

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Barry Hemmy says:

This one or The new Samsung QLED 2018?

Princee Erick says:

Where is the white light Indicator ?

Stefan Schacher says:

Samsung QLED is better

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