Sony BRAVIA XE90 (X90E) 4K Ultra HD HDR TV Review

Sony’s new XE90 4K HDR TV offers the promise of a direct LED backlight and local dimming on a mid-range model but is there a catch?
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Nikos Dim says:

Mid range tv – 2500 you are not serious

OLEDTvMasterRace says:

mid range 2500 quid? holy shit, i paid less than that for an oled, sony taking the piss for real.

Always VIRAL says:

I way too expensive and very disappointing performance.not the worst though

Always VIRAL says:

what tv are you reviewing next?

Yeld says:

Just stumbled upon this channel and I gotta say I LOVE it!!
Very useful information throughout, tackling all of the important details without any superflous nonsense.

I will be following this channel closely in hopes of finding an affordable 65″ OLED TV with low input lag before the end of the year – so please keep up the great coverage!

Fernseher TV says:

0:21 look at the corners I have the same issue these corners are black is that normal?

Spawn and Batman says:

shit I can put a nice down payment on a vehicle for the price of this.


sony xe9005 or samsung ks8000 for watch netflix and 1080 videos from usb drive ??

nicky valentino says:

still not betta than x93/94c meh…

Edin says:

Keep up the good work guys

silentrack says:

how about dead pixels??

Jayvon says:

How would someone calibrate this to fix the grey issue?

PlaystationQUAD-Pro says:

midrange?? the 55″ cost like 2100 euro’s!. for that price i can get the Oled 55B6!?…….

Masta Killa says:

do you prefer it over last years flagship xd93? how is the black level compared to the xd93? how does the black bars in movie look?

Erkan Sentürk says:

have a little question.

have seen a xe900e and the ks80 tvs for gaming. i saw the ks80 is at a good spot with 20ms input lag against the xe900e but the xe 900e has the better input lag at 4k 60hz 4x4x4 hdr +8bit (34ms) whilst the KS80 has an input lag for these color and full settings of 37ms.

i want a good look and a good input lag so my question is. for example a fast paced game like street fighter or For Honor.

how big are the differences between 21ms and 33-34 ms? are thes scales noticeable in competitive games?


ips or va?

S Messi says:

Is that input lag the same with HDR on? also does it differ between 4k and 1080p? A lot of people have the same question on various forums….

man0z says:

Odd with the power brick. Never seen that on a TV.

yoshimitsu411 says:

Should I get this or the Panasonic DX900 (DX902)?

Lee Fair says:

….and so it begins

shahzad farooq says:

what would u recommend Sony bravia xe90 or samsung ks80000

Vikash&Sapna Jasani says:

I want to run the power cable through a hole in the wall behind the TV in to a side cupboard- would someone be able to recommend an extension cable for the power brick to allow me to do this please

Tesseract9630 says:

makes me want to burn my x850 which uses IPS panel.

Spawn and Batman says:

AVForums how high bottom of the tv from the dresser? I have a soundbar that’s about 4″ tall and was wondering if it was going to block the screen

Daniel S. Hansen says:

Is the 32ms in game mode at 4K or 1080P?

Hawksta AFC says:

I swapped my ue65ks9500 for this Sony due to blue lines flashing continuously in game mode & awful motion and I was a bit worried the Sony picture would be worse but once I used your settings I was shocked how this compared to Samsung flagship tv very impressed with this tv if anyone is interested I’d recommend it highly great colour motion is fantastic & deep blacks are great overall can’t complain

Jim Stanville says:

Great Review

Florin L says:

Love this chanel, but I got one question: Why so blurry videos? Makes my eyes hurt 😀

Gareth smith says:

im worried about banding in panning shots . Would 49inch be as good

Gareth smith says:

so no banding on games?

Heimkineast says:

Steve, it would be very helpful if you would adress screen uniformity with LED TVs in more detail. Please test the grey uniformity and DSE level with camera pans in future reviews, as these are probably the most annoying issues currently.

Christian Jung says:

where can i found the picture setting for this tv from avforums ?


why sony why sony  u need more hdmi plugs why have 3 usb plugs stop that don’t need three need 1 put 6 hdmi plugs

Andy Donaldson says:

Thanks for the review as always! Any news on if AVForums will be stepping up their Video/Audio game for reviews/content? It would be great to start seeing some crisp 4k content and clear sound on the channel.

Collins T says:

How does it fare against the XD90 for improvement?

Always VIRAL says:

better or worse than 930d?

5 forwards says:

How does it compare to lg eg910? Prices are almost the same here.

Nick J says:

Steve, you using a different mic? didn’t think it was you at the start

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