Sony A8F 4K OLED TV Review After 2 Months (AF8)

The best 4K OLED TV for 2018 is a big race along with the LG OLED 2018 lineup but here is my Sony A8F/AF8 Review after using it for over 2 months. The Sony Bravia OLED AF8 does extremely well with picture quality and motion and the Sony OLED A8F has some of the best 4K upscaling in the business. With some of the best picture and acoustic surface audio the Sony A8F OLED or the Sony AF8 OLED could be a great choice looking for the best 4k tv in 2018. Watch how the sony a8f gaming could be an issue for gamers. Would you like to see a sony a8f vs lg c8 comparison? The sony a8f vs a 1 e could also be a cool video! Would you buy this or are you waiting for the sony af9 and the master series? Let me know.

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jar puppy says:

only like $2500 shakes head bill gates money vs normal peoples $100/300 budget

Johan du Toit says:

How did you get to recent apps at 6:06. I have never been able to work that out on my Xiaomi Android TV box.

wbite aye says:

Give me that as a gift! Ok?

T. Williams says:

Great review as always. Love the way you broke down the pros and cons of this TV.

Josh Jones says:

Did you get it calibrated?

Uganda Yaaleero says:


Danny Winget says:

Confirming more details about software improvements coming to the A8F. What TV’s do you want to see next? Some budget TV’s are in the pipeline so stay tuned!


First off the MKBHD shirt man i love the tech youtuber community support ! secondly, this tv is sick i was thinking of getting the A1E but this is my nextyes its crazy expensive but i really want it lol, didnt watch the whole video prior to posting, is this an android tv similar to the A1E

Tech4 Networkers says:

Dude that Shit is fire ! Where can I buy that Shirt ???

Thomas Monaco says:

I work for best buy i have this tv and android tv is the most annoying thing about it i will probably need to get an apple tv to fix this. With that said tho this is still the best tv u can buy rn

matt giunta says:

I believe Sony just released a firmware update to fix the dimming issue and to speed up the android interface.Would like to know if you have received this update and how well it corrects those two issues? Ive been waiting for the price to fall but this tv is definitely in my future.

Bennie Ngo says:

I love how thin the display is and how crisp content looks on it! Sad to hear that it has noticeable input lag though because i game a lot

Hi-Fi Insider says:

pimp TV!

Big Cee says:

What is the best TV TO BUY IN 2018 I’m putting it in a bedroom and on the wall what would u suggest ????

Krishna Prasad says:

Bro just suggest a best hq projector in budget.. I’ve recently brought a projector for 50$ as testing purpose.. it has only 2k lumens with its performance I’m blown away I’ve attached a Sony 4.1 woofer I feel my home as theatre. But now I want to upgrade best projector below 400$. Review pls thumbs up.

Glen Eagles says:

always been a samsung/lg in regards to a tv but this looks beautiful, I wouldn’t need the speakers but the picture is beautiful

Simon Neirynck says:

Rocking the mkbhd merch

Alejandro Rodriguez says:

About time I see one of you guys showing love to Sony oled they are way better than the lg oled nothing beats sonys picture processing I have the a1e waiting for the a9f

R SG says:

Bro please tell about lg uk6360

Food Stamp says:

Sup Mister Winget

big tuna says:

Why are your Like and Dislike bar always hidden?

Wonder Tech says:


Markus Howard says:

some BVS Footage 😀

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