Samsung vs LG 4K TVs – from CES 2016

The CES technology show in Las Vegas is under way and that means a whole host of shiny new televisions from the big brands, including Samsung and LG.
These South Korean heavyweights, the top TV names in the world, are both touting 4K sets with support for High Dynamic Range (HDR). But they’re championing two different screen technologies in a story that heralds a battle for the future of TV.


Guided Hand says:

Samsung is setting the bar, nice to see. Samsung deserves the credit.

Pebbles Ro says:

HaychDR Stay chewned.

Shaan Masters says:

pioneer kuro, now OLED. it’s taken a long time for tech to catch up to the Kuro. I miss pioneer tv’s and the great old awia hi-fi

ChiefAllDay562 says:

LG needs to stop bullshitting and make OLED tv sizes in the 40″- 49″ range. With 4k, HDR, and Dolby vision. The models out right now are too big and not for everyone.

Renato Vazquez says:

I have the oled E6P and it looks really well. But even more impressive is watching a 3d movie on this TV, it just feels natural.

Nintendo Power says:

not sure about LG….but I chose samsung 65 4k suhd…did not like the OS this tv has. Apps were not as good. I returned it and got sony xbr65930d. dam this tv is much better. a little more than I had in mind to spend but it was worth it.

Minibee1752 says:


ElTexMexAlex says:

I really dont see high price being problem. I got an lg 4k 65 inch for $1000 and all the other ones costed $1300. LG oled was actually the cheapest one lol.

nihilityjoey says:

lg makes the best tvs? OLED? The best OLED for public consumption is a panasonic, not an lg. The best led tv or even tv of this year is a panasonic with a sony not far behind.

José Luiz says:

LG Oled TVs are the best! The future was made by LG!

Shaan Masters says:

bit disappointed with Samsung staying with old led tech.

The Gamer says:

I’m currently looking for a tv and this is what I’m currently looking at Samsung UE43KU6500 and LG 49″ 49UH661V I’m having a hard time choosing which one to buy..Any help?

Vasu Sharma says:

don’t know why Samsung is not using super amoled in tv. lol

Shawn M. says:

LG makes the best TVs. Literally! OLED

Starving Reefer says:

uh950p best led tv in the market righr now. i highly recommend it to anyone looking to buy an led buy does not want to slend 5000 on oled.

Patriotic Warrior says:


Michael Shockley says:

yu gi ohcrying

ibrahim sadeek says:

Lg is more good and result is perfect

Sinan K. says:

Why does the Samsung KS7005 lag so much? Samsung claims it has 250hz but it looks like 50hz i shops?

Starving Reefer says:

soory uh9500

karaka73 says:

Poor LG…always behind Samsung a year!

jay vai says:

Lg oled55b6p???????? prise???????

kirito sao3 says:

samsung is better, what if samsung started using oled and actually managed to make it where people can afford it

Marlon Arroyo says:


BloodFlow HigH says:

both are really fantastic tv but I prefer LG

Rukiri says:

I have the 9500 and seen the new 9800, sorry Samsung your blacks do not come close to OLED!

True Tech Caravan says:

OLED is a failure technology thats why Samsung is not getting into it.. OLED failed to prove its durabilty as it shows up burn in pixels and image retention issues with time. please put in your hard earned money wisely. thanks

shock WAVE says:

i read a comment of the samsung 9500 ,your saying the tv is crap well i have mine k9500 and its beautiful and all the applications work just fine and is very fast when you navigate with the remote controler, i have no idea what country you in but mine work just fine..

John Doe says:

“you only get what you payed for” simple as that.

socomsfinest 1 says:

Oh and no Adobe flash player.

Elvis A P Mark Dawson says:

Buyer beware Samsung does not guarantee or a place that even if an agent from the store breaks your screen on your TV they do not refund it I bought a $3,000 TV they broke it putting it into the car Samsung does not guarantee anything none of their appliances their cell phones or so forth sincere Elvis Aaron Presley Mark Dawson you buy you’re screwed

sk8erjon316 says:

sonys tvs are better
like my 950b or the new 940d

stylus850 says:

LG OLED all the way. Samsung SUHD is great too but the LG Oled is outstanding.

michael price says:

This guy as always been a samsung fanboy . lg is running away with it for last two years .simple

Ruben Delgado says:

in 2016 OLED life is shorter.. the whites just became yellow over a year… just look at your OLED display on the phones!! 😉 Today the best choice is FALD LED !!

kaptainbastard says:

Plasma and CRT are best and safest by far. All the new tv’s are spying on you for the governments.

BloodFlow HigH says:

enjoy the convo and info saying you work on THEM.

Ruben Delgado says:

mucho OLED mucho OLED but those tv’s with the motion technology that LG has are bullshit…flagship? jajaj make me laugh…Samsung-Sony all the way!!

H Pol says:

Oled is a superior technology, LCD/LED is not even close. LG is in the front line leaving Samsung behind, LCD/LED is the past. OLED is the future!

Bhagat Singh says:


Bridin84 says:


Victor Carr says:

samsung color I like

joe smith says:

the  ass holes  at  cnet  think  vizio is  the  best   lololololololol! please cnet !!


SAMSUNG for ever!!!!!!! 🙂

socomsfinest 1 says:

samsung suck. no google no crackle and all the apps from its store are from other countries. taking it back to best buy tomarrow. you can’t do shit with it

BloodFlow HigH says:

Life’s Good LG 🙂

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