Samsung Q9FN Review: Best 4K TV 2018?

The Samsung Q9F could be the best 4K TV of 2018. The QLED vs OLED debate always comes up but the Q9FN really steps it up for 2018. The Samsung Q9F Review is the first of many TV reviews this year so stay tuned. This is the samsung 65 inch Q9F but I hope to see a smaller 55″ come to the US Market soon. Is this the best 4K TV 2018? Which TV are you looking forward to? I want to see more 2018 QLEDs, the 2018 Samsung tv I am looking forward to is the Wall Micro LED TV. Let me know if you enjoyed the q9fn review!

65″ Samsung Q9FN 4K QLED TV:
BDI Corridor Media Console:

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Food Stamp says:

Sup Mister Winget

F1 Pro says:

Missing Dolby vision and awe full viewing angles doesn’t worth this price.

Niketan Rai says:

Review the Xiaomi MI 4k TV

Aron Gatt says:

well today i went to see the Q7f and i can say that it is a better option then OLED for sure, i can game-watch tv and not just movies.

TheBear 13 says:

I think you will see doby vision coming to Samsung set soon being that they’re in direct partnership with Microsoft and Microsoft is going to be adding that format to they are streaming devices as well as the xbox 1X and SHDR10+ is essentially the same thing but a little bit better at the scene to scene or frame by frame rather Process it uses to make collars So another words if it does one it’s capable of doing the other just a licensing thing and sending that algorithm where the TV will listen and do the dance with it

Jerry Diaz says:

I’ve had mine since June and it’s an incredible TV in the picture quality and the brightness of it is stunning completely amazing I highly recommend getting this TV I love it.

muhammad ismail says:

no doute Samsung Q9F best Tv 2018

New Era 59fifty says:

Who watches tv now a days?

Danny Gomez says:

I have the 75″ Q9… Would I have an issue with the Phillips hue light strips on the back of the tv if I use a no gap wallmount?

Jeremiah Yang says:

What picture mode and settings did you use


To bad Q9FN doesn’t support HDMI 2.1

foilpainter fantasyartist says:

Good review but a bit pricey for me

missnae703 says:

Nice video! As always ☺️

ALI ESSA says:

At that price it shouldn’t be close to the entry OLED. It should destroy it which it doesn’t sound like it does.

Adilak says:

Still think that LG OLED is best ! says:

Dope review bro. Solid as hell!

xxnike629xx says:

I don’t really think that OLED is worth it as it has the issues from it being ‘organic’. So I think QLED is a better choice between the two; at least until Samsung does micro LED TVs.
Could you do more comparison videos of affordable and the super high end TVs? Not everyone has the means to afford such expensive tech.

brown bobby says:

100% honesty from my experience, this tv is the best

Martin86 Chitembo says:

Coming from oled TV I was sceptical at first until a friend got it and we had to compare it with an oled omg it is a beauty though pricey but the best lcd TV I have seen,just imagine what is to come next year with led TVs .

Tom Welfringer says:

I really like this TV, the only downside to 8t is its enormous price… Just saw it at the store for 3900€… While c8, a8f and phillips oled were at the same size between 2600 and 3400€.

Btw Dolvy Vision is never going to happen om Samsung, they clearly stated that they do not intemt to support it

Joseph Hardison says:

Samsung is my favorite TV company. 4 HMDI ports are the most I’ve seen on a TV.

Tech fanatic says:

Oled ftw

Steven Rogerson says:

Great video my man! Thx. Quick question what’s that tv stand your using in the video I like it where can I get it you have the model of it and size?

Raidergeek34 says:

After watching HDTVTest TV shootout the Panasonic took 1st, but they don’t sell them in US 🙁

Murchy Murch says:

I think the Q9 is the best for now until the Z9D successor comes.

TyGamer125 says:

I just bought a 55″ LG B7 OLED TV for $1300 with a $200 dell gift card which I think strikes a better balance than this as I was able to get a 4k blueray player along with it.

TheBear 13 says:

The only problem is the price tag unfortunately Samsung does a lot of things very well things that most people don’t understand and are not on the Box label but there are a lot of other companies now giving similar or better performance at a fraction of the price otherwise excellent panel can not wait for samsung’s micro LED the end all be all those will be the best panels. But I really like what samsung’s doing this year great balance between performance with movies media and gaming specially on the gaming and with their premium line this year the free sync is excellent for console gamers

Jacqueline Labrie says:

Great review

Kevin Brown says:

I’m really curious to see a q8fn side by side with the q9fn

Danny Winget says:

There is also a 75″ model if you are a baller and there is a 55″ model available I believe in other territories but I feel the 65″ model I reviewed is the best value for the performance. What other TVs do you want me to check out this year?

jaydsm says:

Only one way to go Oled!!


che amigo no entiendo nada en español mi hermano

wilmur wells says:

No mention of Freesync2 or VRR?! This set has the ability to output at 1440/120hz or 4k/60hz. Also you can enable Freesync 2 with a basic or ultimate setting option. And then there’s Auto low latency mode. It allows this set to achieve incredibly low input lag. By the way i’m on a Xbox One X
This is hands down the best large gaming set on the market.
It’s amazing!
Oh, and HDMI-CEC is nice and allows the remote to control everything with auto detection.

chrisak49 says:

OLED is better. Samsung missed out on OLED when they invested in LED

Terje Hemmingsen says:

Hi Danny! How would you rate the colors on the Q9FN compared to the LG E7? I had the LG B7, and I found the colors somehow to be a bit mute compared to the KS8000 owned previously. Its as if they are both color accurate, but that the Samsung sets somehow just look more… colorful and vibrant? Is this your expression to with the Q9FN vs the Sony AF8. Would you say that Quantum Dot simply has better colors than OLED?

Samie Leadon says:

The one connect box includes all of the power .

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