Samsung Q6FN Review // A “budget” QLED For All

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Ramiro Hernandez says:


M.N Wilkinson aka HaiL-Nazareth says:

Killa Kev, thanks for this review. Because of you, I brought this TV for valentine’s day. Also, I am upset that your fan base isn’t larger compare to other dudes online. Much respect !

cNyk 95 says:

so what soundbars do you recommend for this TV ?

frank says:

Is it worth it to go with the q7 over q6 by paying €133 more???

Lasto1766 says:

why does it have these lines all over the tv going from down to top ?! am i the only one who see that ? example 4:17 or is that because of the camera filming the frames ?

Kevinb1821 says:

I’m looking for a tv to game on Xbox one x and the switch. Not sure if I want the Q6 or Sony’s x900 series.

Sravankrishna Jala says:

Qled is better than oled especially for gamers, my friend bought lg oled c8 it has burning issues and image retention,but I bought samsung q8c 65 inch tv i’m free from this I don’t have this type of problem only some shadow details not perfect oled deep black also great i’m happy

vedomedo says:

The 55″ costs 18,000,- NOK ($2100) here in Norway, got it for 8,000,- NOK ($935) on Black Friday, honestly an insane deal imo.

Кирилл Никода says:

what’s matrix in the display? Is it 8 or 10 bit?

the eabster says:

Has anybody heard of the q65 instead of the q6fn? Supposedly this q65 TV made by Samsung has a lot of extras that are in the Q7 FN. Some YouTuber made a video out there about this q65 and was wondering if anybody else had any information when it seems like he’s the only one with the video nobody else even mentions this particular TV

Joao Tendeiro says:

Excelent review! Loved it. You have a natural gift to do this.. Congrats

MrCarl27 says:

What were the settings you used that you found online?

rocked30 says:

Subscribed after your great review! On a side note, I really enjoyed the cool background music…

AnimePabu says:

God dam…I’m poor af

the eabster says:

No ethernet port? I need a list of all the connections in the back you didn’t mention anything that for it I thought q6fn came with one

Gell Flores says:

Can’t decide on what should I buy this or the Nu8000. What are y’alls opinion?

Hektor G says:

Costco had this TV for 1,200 earlier this November. It’s back up tho:(

Asif Muhammad says:

55 inch how much in dollars or Pakistan rupees?

Jesse Nievera says:

Thanks for the very nice review. This might be my next upgrade from a budget 4K TV.

Joe Brannon says:

Do you think the TCL6 or the Samsung Q6FN is better and why?

jrKid49 says:

All 4k TV’s are amazing quality these days thanks to technological advances in the industry. Best thing to do is go to the store and compare them, choose which one YOU think looks best. Also keep in mind, operating systems are going to be different so ask for the remote and play around with it, see which one you like.

Kirt Fleming says:

I bought this TV after I watched the review. Great picture quality. Thank you for the info

Brandon Severino says:

Music ?

Clubbow5 says:

Can I get a better 49” tv than the one reviewed. You described this as a budget tv. How more will I have to pay to get a none 49” budget tv.

J ALM says:

Great review. Thanks! I saw that when you filmed at one time the led flicker Do you know if any TVs are flicker free?

King Mole says:

I’m picking the NU7100 55inch.

Burnell Williams Jr says:

I just picked up the 75 inch a few days ago and I’m in love.

James Loehr says:

Wealthy budget? It’s not exactly a cheap tv. Lol it’s high end. Tcl,vizio those are budget TVs. .

tyhjaarpa says:

Stopped watching at point you said “If you are serious about sound you will get sound bar anyway”.

TheUncleBenji says:

such a stupid video

Tesser Act says:

I lolled at ‘good audio’ and ‘soundbar’ in 1 sentence. Soundbar sucks, no matter how much you pay… Good video!

Donald Krambeck says:

Can you post where you found these settings you used? TIA

Furhaj Khan says:

I thought the qled was supposed to help with watching TV in light. As compared to OLED.

ogthegreat says:

What are the main differences from 2017 model Q6F ? My Q6F screen got smashed and I want to buy the same model, (but the new 2018 version – Q6FN)

yeshwant kumar says:

Really appreciate the manner of the speaker to explain each and every aspect of the TV specification.Maintain this confidence bro and make more videos!!!! Soon you may reach 1 million subscribers!!!

MyYou Tube says:

Do you notice ghosting with this TV while playing RDR2. I recently purchased this TV and notice the action menu ghosting when i look around while playing. I hope this is a configuration issue and not the TV. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

nounix 3 says:

Hi, I have the Samsung Q7FN QLED TV and having 2 problems: 1. When I insert an external hard disk (the partitions need a password to unlock), I can’t see how i can type my HD password on the TV in to unlock the disk and view my movies. Any ideas? 2. In each movie folder there is either an srt or a sub file for subltitles. How do I get my TV to read & use these subtitles?

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