Samsung NU8000 4K HDR TV Review Buy it or Skip it.?

The Samsung NU8000 offers some awesome features for gamers that you wont find on other TVs at this price range, If you don’t mind tweaking some settings, Samsung’s NU8000 Series offers bright, colorful screens. The panel looks beautiful with its frame-less bezel, and the T-shaped stand helps keeping cables tidy.
But there are some other things you need to consider when buying this TV.

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Joe Meijer says:

does this tv have a audio input ? So i can connect my speakers to it ?

Nick Marks says:

This or the Q6FN for 400 more? Both 75inch

George Spigner says:

I had a 65 inch curved nu7300 on layaway. Luckily I started looking online and doing some research and DEFINITELY gonna get a 65 inch nu8000 instead! Your videos helped me alot.

Chuka says:

Does it work on 220 volt?

dizzee G says:

if i got the 49 inch version would it run 2k at 120 hz ?

Hydra Hamad says:

I like how the TV runs games at 120hz, but I want to know about the input lag.
How much is it? Does it make FPS games seem sloppy and slow? I have a gaming monitor but I’m thinking of getting this TV to play shooters with friends at times but I don’t want laggy and slow responses.

Andy Michael says:

I’m confused? I’ve just picked up one on Black Friday and waiting for it to arrive. I have a soundbar will it effect the Xbox one x refresh rate if I plug the LG soundbar through optical to the tv??

Eric Woods says:

I have the 65nu8000. When I watch regular bluray movies on my 4k bluray player dark scenes with people/bright in movie lights tend to have a ghosting effect. But my 4k discs have no ghosting and show great. Anybody else have this problem??

ReSultZ says:

Edge lit no Dolby Vision… Pass

J.R. Brawlers says:

The 2016 ks8500 is killing this TV hands down. I’d reccomend looking at the q7, q8 or even the q9 models if ur serious about image quality.

Vlad Baghdasaryan says:

If only TCL R6 had a fckin 50″ the 55″ is just too big for what I need 🙁
Do you know if they will have a smaller R6 versions in the future?

leedsrhinos1963 says:

thanks Joelster you have been a great help picking the tv I am going to buy all the best Gary

cruz compo says:

UE 55 nu 8000 4k telly does not come with freeview is that correct.

AznKILLER says:

“Buy it or skip it” bruh this ain’t a $50 game I don’t think that title works . It’s not like I’m sitting there saying I’ll buy these 5 tvs but skip those 3 tvs . I’m buying 1 tv every year not 1 every month lol this title fits game reviews more tbh .

Gabe Myles says:

Sk9000, nu8000, or tcl r617?

cubakush420 says:

Lol that x2 speed is Samsung paying ya lmao

Michael Ward says:

Bro you can still game at 4k tho and the performance is really good even without losing out on the 4k but it’s nice to know you have the option idk why you said we couldn’t then said they came out with an update and now you can why did you even say it couldn’t then that means when you did this video it could do it damn mm confusing thank god they added free sync that would of made it so I didn’t want it hell most of us are used to 20 ms latency so anything lower then that is amazing for a tv at this price range so really we could keep the settings the same without free sync and still would of worked as good as any other tv in the price range but nice to know it has it now

Javier Laguna says:

Do you know anything about the Nu7500?

sittikbozz15 says:

Hey @joelster. I bought this TV and I struggle to find the best setting to play on my pro with 4k hdr . Rdr2 looks blurry on distances. Destiny 2’s HDR is worse than the SDR and some images are idk wrong. Can you or you guys in the comment section give me good setting please? I am so desperate…

Rick Hayden says:

Just went on sale @ Best Buy for $999…..its a STEAL!!!

Spiros Kaltsoukalas says:

That is a review!Well done!

Michael Ward says:

They updated the brightness and everything the contrast actually got an extremely high score you are off on that you should get your tv checked the black levels got a score of 8.2 on ratings and that’s extremely high and that’s with a specific test for it and I know you didn’t do that

DJ Crazy101 says:

Hey joelster G4K I just bought this bad boy today with a Xbox one x it looks so damn glorious I love your videos keep up the hard work bud 🙂

Isaac Ybarra says:

Calibration settings for gaming mode? Please chief

steve april says:

did you try nu7100 ? i know is nu8000 is better but is more money too… thanks

IceColdKilax says:

At the 1:00 min mark this video was Artificially sped up to make the Menus appear faster than reality Why ?
Why risk your credibility?

Frankie Sanchez says:

Are u sure the 49 inch isn’t 120 on motion rate? Cuz I’m looking at it on Best Buy and it says motion rate at 120? D;

David Yang says:

I am very much leaning towards getting this TV during this Black Friday. I have seen very good reviews such as below and the TV looks really good on paper such as on The only thing that’s holding me back is that when I watched the TV in store, I felt the pictures were a bit unreal compared to Sony and LG. I am not sure if it’s just the Samsung Demo videos or what. I am just hoping people who own this TV can comment on this. Do you feel tired after watching this TV for a long time? And do you feel the pictures are not real due to processing? And also, do you think this is a good TV for watching sports and movies? Thank You! = )

Povell42 says:

Will the 49 inch version still do 1440p at 60 hertz. ?

dixienormous7777 says:

I’m horrible with the set up but just got the 65 inch nu8000 and want to make it really bright without it dimming on certain parts of my gaming on ps4 pro. Don’t know how to do it though. I want the best settings

Steve Nugent says:

Just bought this 🙂

I wanted the TCL tv but can’t get decent ones in the UK, we seem to get cut down versions for some reason.

Upgrading from a 10 year old LG non smart TV so I think this should be a major upgrade lol.

William R. says:

Yeah looks awsome im thinkin bout getting one real soon off Amazon should be here Wednesday can’t wait to put my Xbox One X on it

Edwin Gomez says:

I have the 75in and it badass I’m in love with it

Richard Cerritelli says:

I want the q6 82 inches but I have to settle for this because of that stupid asinine end-to-end legs they have on the q6 won’t fit my stand.

Vlad Baghdasaryan says:

I’m thinking of buying either the expensive Samsung UN49NU8000FXZC 49″ or the TCL 4 series 49″
The problem is, Samsung is too expensive but it has amazing picture, but the tcl is sold by amazon and idk how I will return it. I mainly watch Netflix, and YouTube…I don’t have a cable or tv service, and rarely watch TV anyhow…yet idk why I want the expensive Samsung. The size I need is 40-50″ preferably 45-50″

steve april says:

nu8000 have bluetooth option ? thx

Nxiwty says:

Is there a difference with the models in the 8 series, i was thinking about getting the 8005 model and honestly what i saw on the market was surprising.

Omar D. says:

great review, i have a samsung ju7500 with ok direct local dimming , im a bit hesitant whether to get the nu8000 or keep my ju7500.
how is the local dimming on the nu8000 , does it have flashlighting and halos?

jacob T says:

Would u recommend this tv or the tcl 6 series really need ur opinion

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