Samsung NU7100 TV Review –

Hands-on review of the Samsung NU7100 HDR TV

The Samsung NU7100 is a basic 4k TV with decent picture quality. In this review, we compare it to 4 other popular models.

Full review:

The NU7100 is a budget TV with decent picture quality but it lacks features to improve it further such as local dimming or a wide color gamut for HDR. It has a high native contrast ratio and can produce deep blacks but only has mediocre peak brightness and the image loses accuracy when viewed at an angle. The response time is okay so some blur is visible with fast moving objects, but the TV also feels responsive due to the low input lag.

Model tested: 55” (UN55NU7100)
Should also be valid for the other 40″, 43″, 50″, 65″, 75″

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Design (00:52)
Inputs (01:33)
Thermal (01:52)
Picture Quality (02:02)
Contrast (02:17)
Local Dimming (02:36)
Viewing Angle (02:55)
Reflections (03:12)
Peak Brightness (03:30)
Gray Uniformity (04:05)
Color Volume & Gamut (04:21)
Response Time (04:40)
Image Flicker (04:56)
Input Lag (05:12)
Smart Features (05:29)
Sound (05:52)
TVs Comparison (06:06)
Conclusion (07:47)


skill tricky says:

Is this television compatible with the Samsung Smart phone app?

Artimes X says:

I have watched everyone one of your reviews on these tv’s and i am still conflicted on which to buy. I am a huge gamer, but i also like viewing blu-ray or 4K with high resolution and quality with HDR content. I watch alot of stuff with subtitles as well, so having good clean clarity and sharper visuals is a must for me, for being able to read the subs from far away. I also require a good viewing angle like the LG tv you mentioned. How ever i don’t like how you loose deeper black levels, if its not that noticeable i won’t worry as much, but if its like having a soap opera effect in black rooms, then that is just major problem for me. I like to watch my films in darker rooms with high cinematic viewing experience. In any case, out of the 4 TV’s, the LG, the Vizio, Samsung and the TLC. Which do you prefer? I have read some pretty horrible things bout the TLC products so i may stay away from them.

Luke Giguere says:

just got mine from mdg hope its works well for pc gaming and supports hdr and 120 fps since its motion rate 120 and watching tv shows and movies on cable and Netflix and Funimation and Crave and Kodi, etc. I borrowed it with bad credit and once I pay 6 biweekly payments of 25$ they’ll ship it then I can start paying it off in full to rebuild my credit

Sandra M says:

Hay alguna manera de conectar un altavoz por Bluetooth a esta tele??

Danny Ruiz says:

Is this TV 10 bit or 8 bit ??

Jamar Temple says:

The Samsung nu7100 is terrible tons of blurring and fuzziness the color is terrible also there’s a constant flicker and the lag is very much visible

Bill Hall says:

Took my LG SK8000P back and got this> the colors were deep but the borders even with LG recommended adjustment were too dark for me. I miss the magic remote pointer with voice and the LG channel plus but a better picture I could clearly see was more important

PaulHD MTB says:

If you watch enough of RTngs videos you’ll notice a recurring theme… all the best “gaming” panels suggested are 55” and above. Would like to see you guys do a “gaming panel” segment, baring in mind a gamin panel is typically, 27-43”. Doubt you’ll meet many serious gamers on a big $1,000 TV. The UK6300 and NU7100 are two of the best 4K gaming panels I’ve found…

Akhil Prasad says:

I am confused between LG 55UJ670V and Samsung UA55NU7100KXZN. Could you please help me with the selection. I am looking out basically for a good display, audio and gaming experience.

Adam Lay says:

Don’t buy this tv the ghosting and motion blurring make it almost un usable for gaming

Vallen Goldshmidt says:

got the 55″ for 485

Deepak kumar says:

Sir plz tell me about nu7470 and nu7100 who is better option for best picture quality, only picture quality comparison, sir plz suggest me….. Waiting for reply ♥

Ghostrevivalist says:

Can someone please tell me if they know whether this or the Samsung MU6290 is better, I really need to know

Carston Wade says:

I set out to get the Vizio E Series or the TCL s515, but after going to Best Buy and looking at all of the models. The Nu7100 just looked the best to my eyes. The detail was more crisp and the colors seemed better to me. I’m not sure what they have the TVs settings at, but the Vizio looked sort of blury as well as the TCL.

Szilard Raduly says:

This tv is so bad it’s not even funny,i understand this tv comes with a lower price tag,but for god sake its still a 4′ hdr tv, should not be this bad, I bought this and after 4 days I’m just sticking my previous 1080 tv back on the wall. It’s terrible

Toshiro Yojimbo says:

Does anyone actually watch a tv at an angle?

Suronal802 says:

Well about to pick this up for my bedroom, think its the right choice for the price point, On sale $650 CAD right now, Sold. Curious though noticed the 58″ model talked about 120hz .. perhaps model came out after this review?

lei luzares says:

my 1st tv ever in my life is NU7100 bough it for 350usd, and then followed by my 1st playstation The PS4 PRO. they are pretty fine to me. coz i remember backthen im happy with my NOKIA 3210 playing Snake

Bruno O.Pedrosa says:

Ontem chegou minha smart samsung modelo NU7100,globalsat play tem,Mas telecine play não veio e não tem na loja pra baixar,alguém me ajuda?

Definitive Gaming says:

The *ONLY* reason I chose the NU 7100 is because it appears to be the smallest 4K TV

Music Station says:

I wanna add a Bluetooth headphone to the TV. How can i?

BlockABoots says:

So the TCL 6 series in your video is whats known as the TCL 43DP648 here in the UK?

omesanni says:

I just bought a samsung NU407100 HDR/UHD tv and I have a first gen PS4. When I play fifa 19 with the TV, the picture quality of the TV is bad. Any ideas how to make the quality better becos I have tried several settings and it still looks crap. Is it that my PS4 can’t handle the UHD tv? Do i need to buy PS4 pro to go with the TV so I can get good picture quality for games?

Honestly right now am totally disappointed in this TV. Can’t believe i just wasted CAD535

The Muztar says:

im having black bars on top and bottom on some movies in netflix. bought a 55 inch variant yesterday.. will the black bars be eliminated if i bought a 65 inch variant instead?

Angel Gomez says:

Wait, im confused. In this video you say the NU7100 has a 5397:1 contrast ratio, but in the TCL 5 Series (S515/S517) TV Review you say it has a 2975:1 contrast ratio. Which one is it?

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Paul Weston says:

Would you please do a video on the correct picture settings for the NU7100.

Klumsy Kameleon says:

Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox One X with this TV is simply glorious.

Michael S says:

This TV surprised me. I set it up for my girlfriend and it’s quite a bit of bang for the buck.

Killer Tone47 says:

how is the input lag in nu7090 ?

Barney Stinson says:

Should I get this (43″) or the Philips 43″ 6703? The Philips one has ambilight 3 which boosts the experience. But I care mostly care about picture quality.

Pom Jam says:

this guy has a weird accent

Sandra M says:

Is there any way to connect a speaker via Bluetooth to this TV ??
Plis help me

wbangcaHD says:

How does it make sense to compare a higher end model to a lower end model? The NU7100 is like $800 the 8000 is like $1700

HW2800 says:

This the smallest UHD screen that I could buy in the U.S. There use to be a 36” no name brand but not sold anymore. I using this as P.C. monitor like everyone else. Sort of big compare to my 27” Dell UHD PC Monitor. Trying to get use to the size.

Enceladus says:

Look i just want a good 4k tv with excellent image quality no extra features is there one?

dropthe_bass 21 says:

I just want to know if the tv is worth it or should for another tv

Theoriginal1981 says:

Great review thanks for the level of detail. All very relevant

cwanylissify says:

Scooby doo where are you?? Nice review tho

Wally Jaik says:

What s tbe hz on this 60 or 120

Litch King says:

Is this the same as the nu7102 model in europe???

Jayson Lee Minus says:

There’s an appstore on the TV but why can I not install apps?

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