Samsung KS8500 SUHD TV Review: An Investment for the Future

With 4K content becoming more readily available, the time to buy a 4K TV may finally be upon us. But the new format is still a long way from becoming the standard, especially in the wild world of cable television, meaning that any 4K TV bought in 2016 is still primarily an investment for the future.

It’s daunting to pick any consumer electronic device, let alone one that may not live up to its full potential for years. Like most OEMs, Samsung wants consumers to buy into its ecosystem for the coming television revolution. With its latest 8 Series TVs, like KS8500 I spent the last month testing, it’s making one hell of a convincing argument. At $1400 for the 55-inch model, though, it is a serious investment for most people and thus the ultimate question becomes: is it worth it?


An Automaton says:

This video plays out like sponsored content. I came here for a detailed analysis/review of the product, not a puff piece.

DaisyRidley says:

What’s the best recommended viewing distance for this tv? Please somebody lemme know

Always VIRAL says:

I know your a music magazine (I think) but I would love to see a review of a 2017 oled or a flagship led because I like the guy who did this one

nandos112 says:

I rather get the sony, i was going buy this tv but the back of the screen peel off after it get heated up lol i wonder wat happen after a 2 year, the model in the shop back is peeling off from the screen

Jaden22x says:

it’s rubbish

Matt Buckley says:

hey can anyone tell me if the samsung sj8000 suhd has hdr ?? thanks

Eric O'Neal says:

just picked this up in a 65 for $1400 heading home to hook up

Rosette ! says:

What camera did you use to record this video, please?

Adam Ortiz says:

just got the 65inch love it

rosario79able says:

Does anybody know what’s difference between this and ks850D ?

G Nye says:

the reviewer talks like Tom Brady lol

AD7.AH7 says:

How long is the one connect cable? I was thinking of wall mounting the TV, but there’s that one connect box…

The Gamer says:

1400 euros god damn

Tomiply says:

You’re using Dynamic mode? That’s the least accurate mode. Every TV calibrator out there recommends Movie mode for this TV. If the colours look dull to you in that mode, then it’s just because you’re not used to it. It’s the most accurate mode compared how movies and games are mastered.

Sebas Ramiro says:

That modem is prehistoric, buy your own modem and stop renting.

Chandy Motörhead says:

Hi, what’s the picture calibration of your tv?

MrKingx11 says:

I have this TV , the youtube app some times will not work no matter what you try until it works again by itself

Andre Davis says:

I’m getting a 49 inch this summer can’t wait

Cameron Kendrew says:

just paid £3500 65″ fucking worth it

Hai Tran says:

i got this TV it will be here tomorrow cant wait to try it out.

Gibran Ramadhani says:

is this tv is curved?

Sahebzada Qazi Arshavin Quraishi says:

Seems like it’s a good 4K TV.

Marcus 713 says:

Does it has 3D?

Ashley Clifford says:

Although the picture quality is great you fail to mention light bleed and the back panel separation issue with this range of TVs.

Tinashe Gumbe says:

Is it the Tizen Operating System that’s running on the TV?

Marcus 713 says:

I have one but the 3D glasses i have dont work. DO i have to buy a pair or is it a special pair?

mary madigan says:

What brand of sound bar would you recommend for this TV?

sk8erjon316 says:

Canadian it’s double the price what you pay 1400 n 2 thousand is a steal for this

MrEverisforever says:


That Horror Show says:

I brought the 8000 in 65 inches. Amazing Im stunned with the picture quality. My very first smart 4K.

sweetbrandigirl says:

Don’t waste 2 grand on this Tv get an LG OLED its far more future proof then ANY LED Tv is capable of ever being. OLED IS the future !

Arif Lalji says:

im getting 55 inch ks8500 will it fit on 120 cm long table? please advise

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