Samsung 65″ 4K UHD QLED Q9F TV Review

Samsung 65″ 4K UHD QLED Q9F TV Review

Today I review and talk about my experience with the Samsung 65″ 4K UHD QLED Q9F TV.

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Dan Barrera says:

I’ve been saving up for over a year to buy the 2019 version of this, the Q90R will be mine!

Mr Cool says:

This is an awesome looking TV!

Nathan Uhrich says:

I just got the Samsung 8 and it so great!

Parker Vang says:

Lol this review was 98% about the tv asthetics and 2% actual reliable information about the tv spec’s.

coderedtonio says:

Samsung is charging $2,800 for this q9fn 2018 model and the new 2019 top tier model is over $3,500 distgusting prices.

Fortnite gods awoken says:

Oled destroys this tv

Potato says:

Hmm i’m a potato

Josh Quinonez says:

What’s up everyone! I am Loving this TV! What are your thoughts?

Ashley Rider says:

Wow! I’d love a TV like this!

J.J. Prince says:

This TV looks great on camera so I can only imagine how it looks in person!

SneekyGaming says:

Get rid of advertising I’m no here to make people money.

review for the tube says:

They just released the q90r the other day but this q9fn is a beast is really amazing I’m just going to get the q60r this year have the q6fn from this year had the q7fn and liked the q6fn just as much so I couldnt justify the price if I could afford the q8fn at the time believe me I would of gotten it 100 percent but man the q60r is supposed to be great better run hdr better processor finally to this year there chips upscale much better because last years models didnt play older content well at all but now it’s supposed to be better everything is just upgraded now there q90r is supposed to be a beast like the best hdr performance on Amy TV the best of everything yes supposed to be better then the q9fn and the thing that sucks is they didnt change the old remote now you only get 1 remote the remote that came with the q6fn and q7fn that sucks there not listening to alot of consumers complaints there just doing what they want that’s not good and now all you can get is a 65 inch TV from them they srent making any 55 inch TVs in any of the qled TVs except for the q60r that’s another reason why I’m getting it 55 inches is perfect for me I dont want anything bigger the 55 inch getting taken out makes no sense in the q7 andstuff like that especially when here highest selling TV was in there 55 inch models but no there forcing you to get a 65 inch TV that’s messed up alot of companies are trying to do that not keeping consumers in mind we shouldnt have to get everything new to get a new tv like some people dont have room for that just not smart to do it so many customers are so so pissed off at Samsung for this year I mean it’s bad but of course the tv will look great the picture at least but there designs are exactly the same no difference that’s fucked up also so 2 years ina. Row the exact same design on each tv not cook the remote form 2016 still there for 20q9 not cool everyone doesnt like it even tho I do like it but hey idk just listing what alot of others are saying instead there putting all of there time in there most expensive 8k TVs that wilk be coming out that’s not fair because there biggest sales are in the middle so they shouldnt be cutting corners with us messed up but hey still going to have a great picture of course and again think about it for 1200 dollars for the q60r not bad especially since the q6fn when released was like 1500 dollars but now there not showing the q90r on there website they seemed to of dropped that one and just decided to do the q60r q70r and q90r that’s what there showing online now there all supposed to have the same processor just the the 2018 model is but I have a bad q6fn my TV pags and I’ve gotten 4 with serious issues didnt like that I got an unlucky batch but my first one had seals missing I wish I would of kept it because it was fast it was smooth this one isnt its jumpy laggy and even playing games it’s just not smooth and it’s supposed to be a gaming machine again my first one was great but zi figured hey I should get a TV with seals missing making the backlight shoot out the side of the TV like the raw backlight not going up the screen shooting out the side but again I wish I would of just dealt with that I almost think that I got one with a processor that isnt as good even the motion is way way way way worse idk why

H2o Echo says:

Josh. No more RedBull before video shoots.

Alexandr Frund says:

Hi Josh I have a 75 inch Samsung Q9FN tv and I love it

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