Samsung 55-inch MU7000 (MU8000) Review: 4K, HDR, Gaming

We review the Samsung MU7000 series of 4K TV, which is marketed as the MU8000 in the USA. Aspects tested include contrast, colours, motion, video processing, HDR and gaming from PS4 Pro.

The specific review sample we tested was the 55-inch Samsung UE55MU7000.

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Amil5353 says:

I’m torn between the Samsung Mu7000 and the Sony X690E. Mainly want it for gaming (Xbox One X) and watching sports a bit. The Samsung has HDR, but the Sony doesn’t. Heard the Samsung has poor motion blue compared to the Sony. How big of a deal is HDR?! Please help.

Shahab says:

is sony x900e better tv?

The Game Troll says:

01:50 price
02:20 syle
04:25 inputs
04:55 picture quality
08:00 colour performance
10:20 motion
13:10 video processing
15:50 HDR
20:08 Gaming
21:35 Overall view roundup
22:30 comparisons
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Onny Izwan says:

Quick one: between the Samsung 55 inch MU7000 and Sony’s 65 inch X7000E — which is a better buy? ( The Sony is priced RM400 more)

MadHaggis says:

Hi, thank you for the very comprehensive review.

Could I ask, which would you choose between the UE55MU7000 and last year’s UE55KS7000 ?

Also, may I know which other review publications which you consider trustworthy?

Aik Jones says:

Thanks for this Vincent! Not seen any other video with the level of info on this model! Well done… especially the support legs of the tv! I didn’t know it had two slots for smaller tv stands.

Oscar says:

What sport was that?!

Roberto Carlos says:

Hi, a few months ago I bought this tv, but it doesn’t apper to have PIP option, can anyone claryfied to me

Kevin CCIE says:

Which TV is better???

Between the: SAMSUNG UE55MU7000 VS LG 55SJ810V

HELP PLEASE, I am confused as to which I should buy even after seeing this great review.

Nabil P says:

I picked up this instead of the x900e. I got a better deal on the mu8000 so went with it

Timo de Jong says:

Im thinking about buying this TV. I want to play ps4 pro and PC games on it. Games like the total war series and PUBG. Do you think this is a good choice? I was also thinking about the LG C7 but im not sure if its worth the extra money? Thanks for the input.

Quantum Apotheosis says:

Is this entry level to high with 99.9 oled black like the 900E?
You realise the 900E is the best tv ever right?
Admit it or I’ll make another 5000 vids saying your a paid off shill

Blink says:

Just ordered a 82mu8000 without seeing it first (first time ever ordering an hdtv w/o checking it out first), I am a little worried since my current panel is a 6 year old 80″ full array local dimming set but 1080p 60hz I thought about going QLED but unfortunately I did not want to go smaller than 80″ and QLED/OLED above 80″ is way out of my budget not too mention OLED for my use wouldnt work with image retention. I primarily will use it for one of my pc monitors, browsing the web, Youtube, etc…the occasional game or 2 and occasional movie. Hope I made a good choice, if anything I am hoping the step up to 4k from 1080p will compensate somewhat for the edge-lit vs full array local dimming though I have a bad feeling 1080p content will not be as good on the MU8000 (Unless upscaling compensates for that as well). Crossing fingers and hope I like it.

yt ofso says:

the usa sales it under mu7000 too

achraf bakhouch says:

what’s the name of the movie in 16:55 please

Ahmed Allawi says:

Very good job Vincent! thank you very much

Harish Jayaraj says:

You are great, I haven’t seen reviews like this, thank u

Vladdie777 says:

I was literally about to buy this, but then I saw it has no headphone socket… WTF, are all TV manufacturers removing headphone ports too now? If I watch TV at 3am I’ll want to use headphones, and bluetooth ones aren’t up to scratch.

B2 MAN says:

sony x900 it good than Samsung ? thanks

Bananarif says:

Does this TV have any colour trailing/smudging during shadows or dark scenes?

R Patel says:

great review thank you. I see that you have also reviewed the Sony xe93 this and the Sony xe 93 are on my shortlist which one would your recommend out of the two ?

D Jam says:

whats the differnece between this one and the UE55MU8000?

R1ch4rd says:

Thank you for a great review, subbed

fly bobbie says:

Seems hard to find a review of a UK MU8000. The one with the centre stand.
Well seen one today, but not impressed by the shop sky+ signal, everyones face looks like it was melting wax work. Also considering a MU7000 Premium UHD, so would that be better than a standard MU8000? Seems like there are two models of MU7000 out there.

Jim F says:

Well done and informative!

Eliav Edri says:

So the difference between the ue65mu7000 and the mu8000 is the design? Because they look different, the frame is of a different color, the stand is different, even the back are different the mu8000 on the top is thinner form the bottom. strange, since there are stores that sell both, And at a different price.

Sylvex Dragonskin says:

The flickering is super annoying though :/

RavenKaneUK says:

Is it worth spending the extra on this than the Panasonic EX700?

joe davis says:

Well done good price now 55 inch mu7000 £799 ordered one now

Ashwin Mallya says:

How does this compare to the Sony xe85 ?

chris davies says:

Good video thanks. Getting mine saturday and wondering if anyone has good picture custom settings for this they would like to share please?

Abdulrehmanwarraich Arw says:

please tell me samsung mu7000 menu code

joris yauw says:

We have both the mu8000 and mu7000 in our store:/

MatrixAlphaCWX says:

Things that viewers also want to know is.
how is the grain dealt with on this tv?
Grainy mess is distracting and you cant concentrate when dancing grain is on someones forhead.
And how does it handle 480p?
Not everything got a new release.

Is the blacks on here too black?
Cuz too black means you cant see night scenes.
These are my questions. Lol

D Nahil says:

2017 MU7000 is also available in SEAsia (TH)

Thanks! Great detailed review, as always!

I’m seriously contemplating purchasing MU7000.

I’m also very impressed with Samsung’s QLED lineup BUT all TV price points in TH are 50-100% higher than western prices hence making the MU7000 more palatable.

Neil Jenkins says:

Vincent rules.

Kevzete says:

I’ve been doing research for hours now on what is the best 4k gaming TV for my budget and I think I’m finally sold on this one. This was such an honest, down to earth and informative review unlike so many others which always seem like sponsored ads and feel like they’re mainly directed towards people with a huge budget. Thanks a lot.

Jay Rafferty says:

Just purchased this TV for £699 i hope it’s nice!

- EyeAmDeJesus - says:

This is one of the greatest reviews I’ve ever seen. Thanks man.

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