PSA: Don’t Buy A 4K TV Without This Important Feature

4K TVs have dramatically come down in price recently, and with the holidays approaching, you may be thinking about picking one up. But before you buy, here’s an important PSA for you: Don’t buy a 4K TV without HDR.

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Xbox Master says:

Most tv packages dont support 4k nevermind HDR so I think the reccomendation is quite silly

Marshall B says:

Id hold off til hdmi2.2 tvs come out late 18 or early 19 if you are future proofing

Maxim Orlov says:

Loved the use of Half Life 2 : Lost Coast for the last HDR comparison vid haha

Jens Tori says:

Hey man clueless on this tv buying thing looking to get a upgrade on my ten year old tv everything are so different now with tv’s what do u recommend under $2k price??

Felipe Sanches says:

People, I’m sorry. I’m brazilian, and can someone help me? I want to buy a 4K with my wife, but there are 2 tv’s showed on promotion. It’s a K 43UK6310PSE and a 4K LG 43UK6520PSA. Both TV’s have the same inches and are on the same price, but if you see there are differents code numbers for each of it. Besides, one is “PSE” and another is “PSA”. Someone knows the difference between both? Which is better? I’m sorry for my terrible English, but tks anyway! I hope I can get all the help from you. 😀

Erwin Torres says:

My qled is amazing

d7. wi says:

If 99% of tv channels are 1080p how the hell im gonna use this 4k, ill watch animal planet 4k, like the fuck, what frustrating me is, im trying to find some video mentioning this point but with no success i guess they r just feeding this to the ignorant ones, atleast google always there

Ernesto Colon says:

Samsung is future proof or need tv with Dolby vision?

John Wick's pencil says:

This reminds me of when I bought my Panasonic Vierra. Best plasma tv ever made and still has great 1080p picture even 9 years later. Happy with that investment, still use it in the den sometimes.

SidNightWalker says:

HDR is extremely overrated, I have to say. It is not a catch-all for instantaneous dramatic improvement whatsoever, and since it does indeed have something to do with an aspect that has greatly artistic value, namely color, it absolutely depends on what the content creator actually does with it. If you don’t believe me then you haven’t watched enough HDR content. I’ve watched an assload from many sources at this point myself. 😀
Of course OLED is just good old fashioned bullshit, and I’m surprised I’m not the only one that realizes that, right on.

Rod Schermerhorn says:

What about my 6500 samsung?

james gordon says:

The Nintendo 64 should look nice in 4k

Owen Krauss says:

Is it worth getting a 4k tv if I don’t have a uhd player or ps4 pro? I know 4k TVs scale up content to 4k and I have a lot of ps4 games that are hdr compatible, but I’m unsure if it’ll be worth it…

Maxwell OTERI says:

I have £600 I want a 55 inch 4k tv. Can someone tell me the best to buy and where to buy it. Please advice please

Trey Heywood says:

I spent 500 dollars on a 4k tv last year and I have an Xbox one X and a PS4 pro. But my 4k TV does not support HDR…

thepro08 says:

please tell me 5 games that use hdr… and 5 cable tv that use HDR…. so as you see is just another useless shit to make consumers to pay more now for something that could be used in the future… what about a good tv, with good size for good value, that would be to much isn’t ???

ilovetech1 says:

I just purchased a 50’inch 4k smart TV with HDR and it’s awesome !

Kind Old Raven says:

But there’s HDR, HDR, HDR and HDR. But only HDR and HDR are actually close to the real HDR. <<- this is how it feels for any non-nerd. Literally.

dam1041960 says:

Why? In two to five years you will have to deal with Atsc 3.0 Tv’s or buy a Atsc 3.0 settop box tuner For your tv that you have now (History repeats) Plus unless the “content” is made in “true” 1080p 60 or 4k60p “it’s all upscale bs”. And we are getting the “shaft”. Nothing from 1925 to 1990’s can not be made in true 1080p60 it can only be up’ed scaled and some only to 480I/P…….I am not buying a 4k hdr tv now and Get the shaft Ae: Atsc 3.0. I will keep my 1080I/p tv for now. I will wait untill atsc 3.0 4k comes out and even then i mite not…..Because there is not “Enough” real/true content in 1080p60 and 4kp60. To much hipe…..

First Last says:

HDR is definitely worth it. I’ve played some games where I checked the difference between HDR and non HDR, and the difference is pretty much night and day in nearly every case. I can’t imagine playing some of those games without it.

Spartas Edge says:

I’ve got HDR, and it really is a game changer. I tried playing a game with it turned off and it just didn’t look right without all the lovely colour and shadowing effects.

Justin Herrick says:

Thinking of getting a Samsung q7f

Mike Smith says:

My Samsung series 7 TV supports HDR 10 plus and also has a psuedo HDR setting to simulate HDR on standard broadcasts. Both look absolutely crap compared to non HDR content. The picture is darker and colours look washed out and the contrast looks shite, especially when watching The Grand Tour from Amazon Prime. I have to go back to watching it in 1080p just to get a decent picture again. Many people on the web complain about the same thing so at the moment they can stuff HDR until they perfect it and it really does look better than standard broadcasts.

Obsidian Nebula says:

That “HDR” is just 10bit colours.. Don’t loose Your shit over it.
12bit colour videos are on the horizon (HEVC2 or sth like that).

kigasdj2 says:

No brainer 4k is much better than 1080p. And no really no point to buy 1080p than 4k are so cheap now. Problem is OLED. Insane quality of picture and colours but cost insane amount of money. This is there people holds off like me. I have been waiting for around now two years but prices still insanely high, so don’t know if there is a point anymore to wait and just grab good quality LED 4k

Raphael Delima says:

The crappy thing that I found out recently is that oled TVs are prone to burn in problems. And apparently it’s a problem with the tech itself. By the way also found out that most tv manufactures don’t cover burn in problems under the warranty.

Which is sad because I’ve been wanting to get one of those for a long time. They’re so beautiful it’s breathtaking.

Ugh I’m so peeved. I almost was willing to save for one. But I guess not.

Anthony J says:

HDR is a gimmick. Makes the picture darker and oversaturates the colors that’s literally all it does.

Romick Vieira says:

I dont watch TV. very rarely… but one to watchy videos, movies and anime, would be cool. Movies/Anime on a monitor arent very good, in your bed looking at a tv should bettter. But i alrrady have much ahit to buy… being poor is fucked up. I dont even know of im gonna get fired tomorrow… i can barely keep a job

Angel_Of_Bullets BE says:

If i want to use this on our new tv now i think it wont work with a standard ps4 500gb is this true or not?

misterPAINMAKER says:

I don’t like HDR, i don’t like Vivid colors, i like TN panels .

Mr X says:

I can’t afford Oled Tv but anyone should be able to buy 4k tv with Hdr

vicky malik says:

I watched doraemon in hdr…3d

Devon Cook says:

Bruh I got the $400 49’in poloroid it’s non-hdr but has features like full rgb color, 100hz monitor although some hdr overdoes it on TV’s bc it’s just too much color

sweetbrandigirl says:

LOL I lost it when he said “if you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars to future proof” Listen if your concerned about future proofing your next tv purchase then you better be prepared to spend more then a few hundred dollars. The prices of OLEDs have dropped drastically since they started supplying other manufactures like sony with OLED panels, which was LG intention when they agreed to be the OLED panel supplier for many different TV manufacturers. You can get an outstanding B7 or C7 LG OLED in 65″ for around $2000. Grand and you’ll be future proof for a good 8-9 years.

nathaniel rasey says:

wow, these HDR images look amazing………on my non HDR laptop. I can see all these vibrant colors fine on a normal screen. people just seem to turn the contrast setting down till it is almost black and white so HDR looks better by comparison.

sjors91 says:

Buy a monitor one with hdr 4k there mutch faster at loading there lot that easily are 40 inch

J Campezzi says:

4k only if it’s over 55″ or it’s useless. For gamers not worth it get a smaller monitor with better specs. A tv for the true gamer will Not do.

Bruno Alves says:

You forget input lag is way more important than that

Gustav Eurenius says:

TLDW: always buy a 4K TV with HDR and LG makes the best displays

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