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OLED? You’ve got the potential of burn in. QLED? It’s expensive and only Samsung makes it. But which one is better?

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Nb says:

MICROLED for upgradability, modular and no burn ins

Chrisfragger1 says:

As a person who uses a TV for a monitor, I prefer Q-Led, as it is nearly impossible to burn an image into the screen on a Q-Led, where an O-Led has NO such protections.

I’ve had this 50″ 4k Q-Led for nearly 6 months now, and it’s still free of any Burn Ins and that is *GREAT!*

Barredecharge says:

Qled : Gamers Fan and Movie on Sunny Living Room [My choice]
Oled : Movie Fan [ A Room dedicated to Movie, Theatre ambiance Smooth light, the best choice ]
LED // LCD for Normal people
CRT for Arcade Lovers and Retrogamers

rangaTHEwizard says:

lmfao we kept put plasma for 13 years we just upgraded this year with a uhd lcd

GodMode says:

Playing 8 hours a day is a lot. But it is defenitely not extreme.

commanderortega says:

The new OLED (I have the C8) has two settings: One feature where it “dims” a logo or constant image to prevent burn in and another one where it “resets” the screen, takes an hour to do and you gotta do it every some months, so don’t worry about burn in there are many things LG did in order to prevent that

Denis Kharin says:

I have OLED E8, and I cannot confirm this. I mean TV colors brightness is awesome regardless of lighting in the room. I think the author is a little confused, you don’t really need that much of the brightness of you have such a rich colors. I have a window right next to my TV, I got 0 problems with that.

mewyattt says:

Which Panasonic did he say his favorite was? I couldn’t understand

Ural Damasis says:

QLED only has good blacks when the screen itself is entirely black, or large portions of it are black. For normal viewing, you will constantly notice that it has terrible “darks”. That is, shadows and darker details will always have this milky gray glow that is notorious on the cheapest LCD panels.

QLED and OLED are entirely different leagues and are in no way competing for the same market. QLED is the high-end of the low-end TV market, nothing more.

Hide on Rift says:

I feel sorry for those previous OLED owners who had the burn in issue. You shared your unfortunate experiences and tried to help other people to make the rational decision, and yet you got abused by these OLED fan boys. All they can ever say is “fuck you, it’s your own issue, mine never has this problem!”

Jack Warren says:

all this talk about “TRUE BLACKS” its starting to annoy me. LED can display true blacks idiots. if you get a samsung galaxy s5 put a black picture on the phone and look at it in the dark. if you turn off the phone and turn it back on you should not see any difference that is if you dont have any kind of password on such as swipe or fingerprint.

da9mi5an says:

Oled vs Qled ? fuck this… waiting for microled…


none of them, just buy whatever to wait for micro LED tv’s

Ural Damasis says:

OLED is for people who love dark rooms and a brilliant, next-gen viewing experience. QLED is for people who love brightness.

I’ve been using my OLED regularly for over 2 years now, 2-3 hours per day on average, so probably 1500-2000 hours total, and I have no signs of burn-in. I have a very dark room, and set the brightness and contrast levels on the TV accordingly. If you want to sear your retinas like a steak with 2000 brilliant nits, then OLED isn’t your cup of tea anyway.

SAW9 says:

MICROLED is going to be the BEST OF BOTH Worlds!!! By far!!

Ghost 94 says:

Micro led take that

MrGE2014SE says:

Nice video.

Anarkist2k8 says:

Great video and explanations. Thanks guys.

Dᴀʀᴛʜ Hᴇɪʟᴇʀ says:

QLED is obviously superior in every way to that literal dogshit. Enjoy shitty screen burns, OLEDfags.

Dashiz Nitz says:

The samsung excuse to not manufacture oleds…. Yeah right

Fook Seng Loke says:

QLED is fake OLED. The Q is chosen to look like an O.

fxp says:

So good video but I totally disagree on the OLED needing black or very dark rooms. I saw the OLED TVs today at BestBuy with bright lights on and they simply blew away their competition. IMO OLED >>> QLED >> LED > LCD TVs. OLED is just remarkably and ridiculously better than all other TVs I saw. Sadly they cost like nearly 2x to 3x that of other TVs. As e.g. I could buy a pretty good looking Samsung 65″ SmartTV 4k with HDR for about $700 while the Samsung 65″ QLED TV was about $1100 and the LG/Sony OLED 65″ TVs were from $2500 to even $3300!
OLED TVs really have ridiculously deep blacks and the colors pop and it feels ridiculously good to look at – almost like you’re looking out a window to something actually there.

IMO OLED TVs don’t need black/dark rooms and look amazing. Only thing I’m not too sure of is this – at home with Verizon Fios at 1080p, how diff does it look compared to QLED or regular LCD/LED TVs. Is it truly worth the 3x or more cost today? Perhaps not.

Atsui Sora Bal-Boa says:

Very good Video! Thx

Chris W says:

If you have to call yourself Trusted, you aren’t.

red 19 says:

Most movies are only mastered in 2k. 4k is kinda stupid right now tbh. For me its all about frame rates(200hz) and blacker blacks, higher contrasts. All q led does is boost brightness to a ridiculous point so that blacks seem blacker.

Simon no last name says:

oled is better. after using lcd, qled and oled.
oled is bloody amazing. You can set the black level up a little to eliminate light pollution.
oled use sooooooo much less power

kisselleen paulino says:

We just bought sony oled a8 placing our 10 year old sony that never had an issue. hope this oled will last long too

Aking Beverly says:

So what’s normal usage

Robert Kelly says:

OLED for Movies and TV shows and QLED LED for gaming .

Colin Booth says:

OLED. Next…..

Koto Bukiya says:

i want a review of the sony af9

pit fermi says:

qled is obviously better

Urban Img Studio says:

Thanks for this video! It was really well explained. The only thing stopping me from going OLED is my hardcore gaming, and I’m not sure if I’m willing to accommodate moving my xbox every now and then just to watch a movie or having to take extra steps to ensure no burn in happens. The fact that they don’t even offer Burn in protection for the first year truly makes me not want to attempt it. It’s so hard to decide as I love movies & gaming.


Both or trash for watching movies WAY TO TINY !!! What you need is a 72 inch x 128 inch 18 gain curved projection screen , and a Sony laser projector .

Sophie Kim says:

I wanted to buy OLED but now i’m going with QLED

Krane says:

Terrible. LCD is a traditional global back-lit display where some light still illuminates the black areas making them gray. OLED is individually lit regions so the blacks can be completely off. Samsung is currently the best of the old technology.

Jason Voorhees says:

Who the hell watches TV in the light anyways

Erick Rodriguez says:

What Do you recommend for console gaming and movies ?

Zdenek Zimmermann says:

MicroLED is the big boy for next years

KFC says:

Oled burn in it ridiculous. My s8 has terrible burn in and I’ve never had the screen on for more the 3 or 4 hours at a time. That only once or twice as well

Aiden Brister says:

QLED is not good for gaming, it burns the image on the screen after a long enough period. OLED is able to resist that.

Fook Seng Loke says:

Curved screens seem to have less problems with reflection.

Zyx says:

Lol who even in their sane mind watches a movie in open sunlight, or with lights on.. If you love getting a dark scene ruined by either subtitles or just general backlight, QLED. If you want it as intended/real OLED

Jason Voorhees says:

I have smart TVs since they came out and never had a image burnt into the screen and I repeat NEVER NEVER

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