Nvidia Shield 4K TV Review – Best There Is Right Now

Nvidia Shield
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Julian Pardenilla says:

How much did you pick it up for?

Paul Imisi says:

No one ships a HDMI cable with a gaming console or TV box especially for that price. You have an Apple TV and I know you didn’t get a HDMI cable with that, and I’m sure you didn’t complain about it as well. The shield is a far more powerful device that even the best “top end” smartphone yet far cheaper, yet you want additional accessories in the box?

I’ve had the shield for a long while and it works flawlessly

Randy Mullins says:

I agree….shield is great….remote burns through batteries too fast

Kevin Chenard says:

Pro tip: Go to developer options and find the “keep remote awake during video playback option” to help out with the remote going to sleep. I have Energizer lithium batteries in the remote. They are a little over 50% after 2 months use.

Jack Ridge says:

Mine keeps going to home. Stops everything it streams every 15 minutes or so. The updates ruined it. The remote control keeps dying too.

Tech Area says:

Im gonna get me one of these

Chris says:

It’s weird, the 1st generation on the Shield remote was rechargeable, I don’t get why they decided to change it.

The Nvidia Shield makes for a great Plex Media Server too.

J K says:

Another Oliur Video, yes!

tubeslats says:

Unless you plan to game on the system, save yourself $100 and get a MiBox S

Desmond Fearon says:

Can get an android tv box for less than half the price.

Gábor Kákonyi says:

Can you please make a video on how you colorgrade your videos?

Theo Fennel says:

What’s the difference between the gaming version and the TV version. I game a lot on my android phone and also watxh a lot of movies using Morphy TV.

Daniel E. Gaviria says:

Turn captions at 4:32, this Nvidia can be used for everything lol.
Nice vid man.

Jon Wessel says:

Completely agree with everything Oliur. I just ordered a 3rd party remote. Hope it’s better than the crap included one.

Maurice Simmons says:

Black Fridays deals offer less than original spec items. My remote recharges and doesn’t sleep. I love it! Good video.

Warky says:

Nice review dude thanks!

Pat Seguin says:

I have the Shield and the Apple TV. I love everything about the Shield except the remote. It’s the one thing that keeps me from using the device on a regular basis. It seems to go to “sleep” constantly and it takes multiple presses of buttons to get it working again. Extremely irritating when you’re looking for content or trying to fast forward or rewind a show you’re watching.

The FrogSter says:

Wow! Your videos are extremely high quality and I really enjoy watching them! Good luck and keep going.

Pranam Kadle says:

What do you use for lighting bro? For all arolls? Brolls?

Hermanni Savolainen says:

Awesome! MKBHD quality.

cicada says:

How does it play 4k 10-bit HEVC over plex?

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