NEW Apple TV 4K – Unboxing & Initial Review!

Apple TV 4K (5th gen) – Unboxing & Initial Review!

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Arc Jc says:

Yes, Thank You, I Was Thinking To Get The Apple TV 4K

ZONEofTECH says:

*Apple TV 4K* – Unboxing & My Initial Review!

So what do you guys think of the new Apple TV? Worth it, or not?

Rafique Magsi says:

plz bettery review ifone 8 plus note 8 who better

Tech for Kings says:

I could’ve sworn it’s up to 3rd-party developers (Google in this case) to update their apps. Google hasn’t updated YouTube — on tvOS — in almost a year and a half. But somehow that’s on Apple for Google’s shortcomings? I would expect tech people to know these things.

Manny Perez says:

I think if you have a tv that is 4 years old, Apple TV is definitely worth it.

Orlando says:

it’s awesome. just too pricey.

Kevin Noble says:

Do a comparison to Nvidia

Николай Данев says:

What is the price of this thing

T. W. says:


CipsPics Photography says:

If I didn’t have cable I’d get a fire stick 4K -my tv streams 4K YouTube and I really don’t even use that anyway. Plus that thing is gigantic. If it was 50$ I still wouldn’t buy it. Thanks for sharing tho I never actually seen the interface of it

Chuck Kolb says:

Post watching confirms I will not purchase this product. Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube are reasons enough. Roku meets my needs or simply a smart TV. Connectivity with AirPods is a definite plus.

furonwarrior says:

Should I grab some nuts?

Tommy Long says:

MR. Popcorn when is the google phones coming out ?

Manny Perez says:

Most people don’t have a 4k tv.

jamo19781978 says:

£20 difference between 32 gb and 64 gb!!! Why is there always a £100 difference on mobile phones then?

Rolly Barc says:

Love watching and listening to you, Daniel. Keep up the good job.

limbery says:

Mine gets into a weird mode where the video is all choppy after watching one or two shows and I’ve always got to do a reboot of it.

Barcelona's Hot Crowd says:

Awesome review buddy! I’ve been using ATV for 7 years now and I love it! It’s the only box for me – I buy my film & music from iTunes so it’s perfect plus I use RedBull tv, WSL World Surf League, Vimeo, MUBI, M2M. For me, the price is fine. It’s a top quality product. If it was £75, there’s no way that it could have a A10X chip or quality remote or even the lightning cable which is £20 to buy. It’s beautifully made and being honest, they last & are reliable and hold their resale value down the line incredibly well. The fact that Apple update regularly the files of the films that you buy really does mean that you get the best quality along with getting ‘extras’ included in the film which maybe weren’t here a few years back – two of my purchases from 2012 got ‘extras’ over the weekend! I decided to get rid of discs a few years ago for this multi platform and it’s the best decision that I ever made! Can’t wait for your review on its performance!   Paul

Public Disturbance Now says:

I very much like the calmness in your voice and the way you explain things. Awesome review, thank you.

Ali Hasan says:

Thank god he didn’t ask us to grab some nuts

phreakii says:

I was totally looking forward to buying this. BUT when it don’t support Dolby Atmos or even Youtube 4K then it’s a no. Worthless.

Zlatan-Bolt says:

+ZONEofTECH You have a massive accent, what nationality are you?

Bpru says:

You really have such good information Daniel. I watch you exclusively for Apple. Columbus

Ziaulhaq Idris Suleiman says:

I’m your number fan in Nigeria 🙂

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