My top 3 Best 4k HDR TVs of 2018

Looking to buy a 4K HDR TV this 2018, In this video I show my top 3 best choices based on quality, price and features and over all great value for your money, the new TCL R6, Sony X900F and Samsung new Q8 and Q9 are my top choices, let me know in the comments what are yours.

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Barry Hemmy says:

Sony X900F or Samsung Q9F

Antione Braxton says:

What’s the Best for $600 and under?Was thinking about the Vizio M Series….

Michael Proctor says:

Forget Samsung tv’s, if you want an OLED set go with Sony or LG instead. Sony is actually using LG panels in their OLED sets.

POTE I says:

Which is better sony900e or Samsung mu8000

Wang Computers says:

Oled is the best but out my price range. Nice video.

Ron Don says:

I’m thinking about buying the Sony 930e in a few weeks

Kit Fong says:

budget tv?

A Streak says:

So..TCL p6 , Sony x900f and Samsung q8/9 is best top three??

Smooth B says:

Thanks this is been very helpful I’m looking to get a TV soon 65 or 75 in probably a Samsung but I am open to Sony

TheSameDufus says:

If anyone buys any of these TV’s they are simply overpaying. Go with the Samsung 6 series. While they do not advertise or show HDR on the sticker in the store, they DO have HDR. And it looks great on the games that support HDR. I got an insane unadvertised deal on a 50″ for just $399. To me, it’s the best looking TV in the store that’s not as expensive as the QLED’s. There’s another TV by Visio called XLED that isn’t so high priced either. But you just can’t beat the Samsung 6 series 50″ for just $399.

Pusak Digital says:

I’m about to get Panasonic TV TH-55EX600K. Good?

Sam Lindsay says:

Is the tcl 6 series being sold in the UK?

Geometry Dash Iuppiter says:

Samdung Q9F or LG C8?

Randy Torres says:

Joelster, I asked TCL when the 65 inch 6 series pricing will announced. It will be announced May 1st

Gerasimos Rico says:

I haven’t watched this, just get an OLED LG, buying other brands only means your a fanboy of that other maker

Realmasterorder says:

Nice video i wish someone could do a review about New 43 inch TV’s because not everyone has the room for the Bigger ones and i can’t seem to find any reviews for the smaller ones around yet

rafael gonzalez says:


Life Goal'z says:

what is a great 4k hdr tv for gaming ??

metalbearuk says:

Not buying another TV until someone brings 3D back. Guess I won’t be buying one for a long time…

jay banger says:

Sony af8

Mike Rose says:

I got the X900F recently and love it!

damien crawley says:

Tcl 6 series or Vizio M65-F0

Which to buy?

arnold oliver says:

Thank you

Nicholas Sanford says:

220 and 480 zones on Samsung and the new 900f is garbage shud have got a 900e when u had the chancd

michigan1777 says:

Im not sure if you know this but sony also uses quantum dot tech. They just don’t advertise it. Their live color setting uses them to boost color

SoloSanchez94 says:

Great video bro. Definitely like the differences between all 3 TVs and there price points.
Where was that Xbox 1 background from ? At 3:10 . Thanks!

ATH3X G says:

All the Qleds support VRR and Freesync this year, with the lowest input lag I’ve ever seen on a consumer tv.

quietguy1948 sanfrd says:

What about Vizio..?

red crimson102 says:

I got the oled b7, the picture is great on it

Adrian Falkirk says:

Nice video,you know what backlights has samsung ks8000? I got it and dark in very good but cant wait for Q8 2018 to buy

josh says:

I want the Q9.

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