Mi TV 4 Pro 55″ Android 4K TV Review – The Good & Bad

Mi 55″ Android 4K TV review which is the new model that runs over android TV with google chromecast and voice features I show you the picture quality, sound it’s new remote and what I like about and it’s cons in this review.

Mi TV 4 Pro 55″ is sold online via flipkart https://goo.gl/arJuam


Manik Roy says:

Nice video bro

Bhushan More says:

Pls compare Mi 4pro 55″ with iffalcon

Gautam Kapoor says:

Can you please compare between Marq and MI 55 inch official android tv. Thanks.

Alpha Dog says:

Which one is better this one or sony 50 inch 1080 tv? I got one for 70k? Is this one better than that?

Pratik m says:

What is ideal size of living room for this tv?

Stunning Sharath says:

Sir. Please compare with LG 55UK6360PTK VS onida 58UIC

Raveendra Hegde says:

please review the Nvidia shield TV.. will it be launched in India?

ramesh kanoj says:

Can you please do review of shinco LED television

Deepak Walia says:

Which was the best tv for mi tv 4 pro md shinco 55 inch

Bonton Niraie Mathews says:

Good review …
Is it better than TCL ANDROID TV ??
DOES it. Support HDMI ARC ??

vamsi krishna says:

Sir DTH or cable TV ,only HD channels available so why buy a 4k TV (authentic TV not consuming internet content).????

Sajid Vankalwala says:

Ranjit please review Shinco 49 inch 4K HDR TV available on Amazon.

Chaitanya Atre says:

Would you recommend marq TV that you review a week ago or this xiomi TV which one would you recommend??

puspen mondal says:

Can I download & play jio tv app from play store?

uppu shravan kumar says:

Hi Ranjith, can you please suggest which one I should buy iffalcan 65 or this tv

emmarbee says:

Which tools have you used to measure the picture quality of this TV and the other brand TVs (Sony, LG) mentioned in this video? And what are the factors considered in rating the picture quality?

Bolt In the Heart says:

Hello sir …why don’t u make videos on more televisions like Sony Lg n samsung .?

Sabari Girish H says:

Thanks for uploading a good video by explaining pros and cons. One quick ques, I hope you might have already checked, you have mentioned couple of times regarding there is no direct mute button on remote, just quick thought whether it can be done thru google assistant by saying “mute” ? Hope you might tried this and also I am not aware what are all things can be done thru google assistant. Just checking…..

harry harry says:

Does it support PS3

Hiteshere says:

With 50k tv and still if i have to use ext hardware for using netflix or prime what is the point of having a smart tv than.

prudwesh reddy says:

Compare Samsung ,lg and Sony with this TV at the same price or double

Ajay Kumar says:

Too expensive i’ve think considering the competition

Dilwinder Singh says:

ranjit u have not mentioned about the time it takes to power off and power on . very annoying ..

Franklin Gan says:

i have this tv and i would say that this is high end product from Xiaomi. I don’t like Xiaomi phones but this Mi TV is much better than samsung or sony according to quality and price.

Gowtham Raj says:

Hi comaparitively which is good to buy mi vs iffalcon vs vu vs marq

Yash Shah says:

Please compare it with Onida 4k HDR 50 inch from flipkart please !!

Jayasurya R says:

how’s 4k upscaling on this television. if i use a hd set top box. how’l be it’s picture quality

Bhramar Jain says:

Can you please suggest a good soundbar or 5.1 speaker in budget to tag along the tv


How to files cut copy paste through hard-disk to pendrive.. pls solve the routed problem..

Franklin Gan says:

i am not favoring but those who are posting negative comments against this product i would like to suggest them that first look this tv in reality. you can’t imagine the quality on youtube reviews. play 4K or 1080p video on this tv, you will not dissapoint.

Sumanta Sikdar says:

worst tv ever its a waste of money

Sachin Jain says:

LG TV UK 6360pte Review

Ashwin Kumar says:

You have playstore here, can we install Netflix and use then ?

Candice Johnson says:

Best tv right now 🙂

Kingshuk Sarkar says:

Will the Amazon Prime and Netflix get supported after any software updates?

Sumanta Sikdar says:

marq by flipkart is better

SIR TANMOY Datta says:

Your English channel better than Technical Guruji,he is just doing unboxing but you are the true reviewer.

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