LG OLED TV C8 55″ 4K TV (2018 Model) Amazing Picture Quality

LG OLED TV 55″ C8 this is thew new 55″ #LGOLEDTV a 4K HDR TV it also supports Dolby Vision / HDR 10 / HDR Pro and even Dolby Atmos for audio as it’s a OLED TV the picture quality, contrast and blacks are amazing it comes with the new Alpha 9 processor and ThinQ AI with voice recognition and I give you my overview after testing it for a few days.

Feel for yourself the true cinema experience of LG OLED TV, the latest 4K TV
Find out more https://bit.ly/2A0crqU


Nidhi Atre says:

Hey ranjit .. i think this one is a9 processor and b8oled is a7 processor could u tell me what difference would be there due to different processor??

Abhijeet Dalvi says:

U gave all information… But. You ignored how would… A normal or Hd channel it should… Looks. Like you intentionally skipped.

arvind soorada says:

@geekyranjit Why have you not talked about the Burn in issue ?

sanjay neelam says:

No use until tv manufacturers promises to give us burn in free screen from oleds.
Bdw without 12 bit panel dolby vision still a gimmicky.
Would love to see hdmi 2.1 soon.

zozerely58 says:

ta 4 your demo i’v got one now :-))))

Chaitanya Vuddanti says:

What is its model number?

zozerely58 says:

well SKY, BT, YouTube, AMAZON, all have shed loads of 4k, the tv does up scale……. and the dolby atmos is good but a bit weak for me so i i got the matching sound bar LG and it is fantastic and before you say there is not much around in dolby atmos it does its own UPSCALE version and it is good even with older films, as far as the 3D that you commented about as be obsolete , i bet you think IMAX DOES NOT DO 3D or 4DX as well. “WRONG” THERE ARE LOADS OF 3D and 4DX films out now for people like me who love it, AND 3D IS STILL AVAILABLE FOR HOME USE even now. 4K CONTENT IS GROWING BY THE DAY hope that helps people out their. ps the batteries have last 2 months all ready just tested them, because of your comment still have full power.

Rahul says:

I feel sad that Indians have to pay Rs 2.5 lakhs for a mere 55″ TV whereas other parts of the world its 1/3 sell price to the public !

Raj Bhawel says:


saiteja rallabandi says:

Make a vedio comparing few top led tvs

Amitabha Hazra says:

Hi Ranjit, Can u plz tell me about the speaker of this TV… is this TV have a builtin speaker or a soundbar ?

Sayan Kar says:

its very expensive not for me

Gamecation says:

Can you connect hardisk and play MKV files on this ?

Jayprakash Patel says:

Ranjit bhai kya aap lg c8 pta 55 inch tv ka hindi me review karona aur muje details me bhi janna hai

Subrata Kumar Das says:

Wch 1 is better ? OLED or MicroLED ?

Ruturajsinh Jadeja says:

What is this TV price??

Pankaj Darji says:

Sir please kindly request to review lg uk6360 tv model

S.L.S says:

I have a Panny Plasma 50″ 3D tv. Until LG gives us a 3D option they won’t get my money, Period !

Gaurav Manchanda says:

Sir blaupunkt tv par video banao jo 18 sep ko launch ho rahe hai flipkart par

irfan ali says:

Why did you not mention the price

antriksh narang says:

These OLED Tv’s have a huge “burn in” problem, which LG chooses to ignore. LG will not fix your tv with burn-in or replace it. for them, it’s a non-issue.
If you watch any content with static images, the tv is highly likely to burn in. Especially content with bright banners like the CNN red banner or your HUD from games on XBOX or Playstation.
Sports channels will be a big issue. If you watch test cricket, please do not use this tv.
These TV’s are also plagued by another issue which is “dead pixels”, please read up about it before buying an OLED tv.
There is a sound sync issue which crops up in various separate input sources where the sound lags quite discernably behind the image.
Oled TVs’ have infinite contrast meaning Blacks are true Blacks, but they also have limited colour volume, meaning they can’t get very bright and are most suited for darker environments. A brightly lit room with many windows or where direct sunlight is coming on the tv will make it difficult to watch.
This tv is for people who watch very judiciously and not the average user who likes to flit between gaming to streaming to watching cable.
Also, most of the benefits of the tv depend upon u providing it with the requisite source content i.e. 4K, HDR, DOLBY VISION. If u do not have this access to this content this tv is but a waste of money cause upscaling is not very good. Your r better off buying an HD tv then.

Somen Ghosh says:

Please sir check LG TV within 15000

guru raja says:

Are they any drawbacks?

Rakesh Naik says:

Plz share the price also

srujan chary says:

Can any one let me know how many channels are providing their content in 4k resolution?

Jaymin Baraiya says:


shubham kakade says:

Sir Samsung Qled vs Lg’s Nano cell display which is better as both uses similar technologies??

Aarnav Reddy says:

Ranjit bhai good videos but why ur not greeting demo by Sony company I mean Sony OLED tvs

Rohan says:

nice ad

Ayan Sarkar says:

Can I change youtube video quality??? e.g 360p to 1080p or 240p to 4k???

Vedraj r.m says:

C8 vs B8?

Bhupender Rohilla says:


yo yo rudra android techniques says:

Super boss

Akash Tawade says:

nothing technical explained, just look at the colors, LG must be regretting for sending this tv to you.

zozerely58 says:


Ashish Gupta says:

Could you please tell us the picture quality of standard channels that we use to see on airtel dth connection.

M T P R says:

Sir iss main burn in nahi hota aur hota hai tho kyu hota hai

Abin Benny says:

Can I install Hotstar if I buy it ?


LG 43(4k) TV kayasa hain……

Mir Rushan Ali says:

how is the YouTube is working by Wi-Fi or net wire

A. Jain says:

Oled monitor is taking way too long to launch n also mob, also tv oled prices should be under 4oK by now

Praveer Nayak says:

Can you tell me which LG TV is a better choice 43lk6120PTA or 43lk5760pta??

sridhara reddy Dwarampudi says:

Sir , looking for 65 ” . LG C8 I am getting for 2.3 and Sony X90F Ultra HD for 2.05 . Telugu channels looks slightly better on Sony when compared to LG OLED . However because liking OLED tech. because of latest one and ur awesome review on it . Somewhere online I see Burn in Problem for OLED Tv’s . Please do advise which one should I go for ? Ur help is really appreciated .


Bought this

Jajati Bhitria says:

Lg has the best display in television section and Samsung has in mobile

Prabhu Kiran says:

Hi Ranjit, I have purchased this tv on yesterday. Can make a demo for full installation video. And how to turn on & off . Does Inverter or UPS Connection required? For power cut problem! Most of the installation people will confuse us at this very moment. And insurance & warranty claim details also!

Sudheer Das says:

How do u compare to a Sony Android tv? Which u prefer to buy

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