LG C8 OLED 4K TV Review: The best TV of 2018

The best TV of 2018 is: LG’s C8 OLED. Here’s why.

LG’s OLED line of TVs for 2018 all have the exact same OLED panel and picture processing. Therefore, the best value is the C8 OLED. It offers all the stunning image quality delivered by LG’s top of the line wallpaper OLED, but at a much more affordable price. The TV is thinner than your smartphone, features a clean, minimalist stand, and also packs in the WebOS smart TV operating system.

Find out why we picked the C8 OLED as TV of the year in our full review.



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muhammad ismail says:

i have Samsung Q9F

adn3512 says:

et dire que j’ai la meme !!!!!

kevin brown says:

Panasonic FZ is a better TV but unavailable in the states , oh dear , never mind … lol

Most Certainly says:

I had this tv, i was playing fortnite I paused the game to go take a piss when I came back it had a permanent logo stuck.

CrooKdLetter J says:

Qleds are better

Zahidul Chowdhury says:

How much of difference between LG C8 and Samsung Q9FN?

Gleison Bancolita says:

I think QLED is much better.

Juan Mundo says:

Hell yes! I agree!

Walter White says:

The motion handling let’s it down. Other than that it’s a great TV though

brightbluesmurf says:

Very happy with my C8 just has a dimming issue on some HDR programming, which l hope is resolved

noah jomes tamayo says:

What’s on the screen @ 1:35?

Rok Le says:

I bought mine at costco 1649.

Satish Kumar says:

Burn can happened anytime…specially after a year or two…Also why no one is talking about OLED life span compared to LED, its just half the life…that is very bad technology.

Samuel Gonzalez says:

Love my 77” C8!

Chris Purolover says:

Jesus Christ. The OLED nut hugging on this channel will never stop, huh?

iam3mondoot says:

Is it 3d also ???

varietyrange32 says:

3:06 yet, alot places (bars, airports & Shopping malls) still loves to use OLED.

CrooKdLetter J says:

Of course people will defend oled because they were scammed and dropped a down payment on a house on it lol

LeBronJay cruz says:

what is the brand of your sound system on d sides? d black colors…

str8 locs says:

Got my c8 like 2 wells ago and im in joying it even tho i like Samsung….but im happy that i got the c8

Daniel E says:

I mainly use my B7 Oled tv to play games. It’s awesome and video games look great on it! LG Oled tvs are the best!

Kevin Judd says:

A8f is better

Alex AG. says:

I own an E7 and I play video games mainly on my tv, I’ve played for over 5 hours and I have never seeing a burn in or any of that, maybe I’m lucky

Kragthor says:

You can get the C8 55 inch right now for $1700. That’s pretty freaking good. No reason to buy Sony Oled at over twice the price.

Sven Veader says:

da sony a9f is da best according 2 Vincent 2 and the 2018 shoutout where it was named “King of all TVs”


Lg is second best Sony is so far ahead in terms of oled quality it’s not even funny… but they’re too fucking expensive… the sony 43in at best buy was damn near $2,5-3,000 lol for that price ill just buy a TCL 55″ 4k HDR for $379

v cam says:

how can this be the best tv when it suffers from burn in, who wants to buy a tv that you cant watch news, sports or play video games on it, if you do then you will end up with burn in and your tv is destroyed.

HelveticaBold1 says:

A9F was #1 in the Value Electronics shoot out. 🙂

djbardia22 says:

This is the best bang for the buck. But the sony A9F is a better OLED with better colors, motion and shadow detail and far better sound. The X1 processor is amazing.
But C8 is a great value.
You will only notice the superiority if these are next to each other.

spyrosaxel says:

I have the E8!The TV is perfect!!I play a lot of games no problems with burn in..Before I Had the E7..

Саша Фурів says:

Panasonic or Sony are a better choice!

nestor shoemaker says:

they said you can’t connect Alexa on this oled but dunno how to do it on my c8

Xtian says:

I got the C7 oled and already have Burn-in.

Girish K says:

Lg world best oled selling brand..One one better then Lg OLED all series..

tigerbaitcom says:

You probably also need to be committed if your OLED TV has CNN burned into it.

Vanir Udjat says:


Michael Ward says:

Next thing you know that quantom channel will be say your bias and I know your not he keeps calling out of ike every other reviewer just because they didnt like the q8fn and q9fn over the lg this year but yet he sat there and bashed samsung for there TVs this year until he got the q8fn hes very biased he does reviews next to a x900f and turns the color all the way down and messes with settings wont show anybody the settings hes using but yet before thebq8fn he got he out sony next to the q6 and q7 and was talking about how much better sony is and how crappy Samsung wss this year first it was all about Sony for him and now it’s all Samsung and yet some people cant see through his bullshit he has a video saying he doesnt want to hear opinions he is right and everyone else is wrong idk how he still had a channel its ridiculous so I guess were not supposed to listen to 99 percent of people that love the lg he hates oled by the way that should ppi ut his credability out the window and hates all vizio products because he had a bad experience with them so now all of there products suck also this is just the type of guy he is I’m sick of him bashing everybody I wish there was something we could do about it the guy only has 6.5k subscribers and I know hes wrong about alot of things because most reviewers and calibrators are pretty close to the numbers they put u in and the specs of the tv but yet hes right and his tests are way different so he has to be right I dont think he knows as much as he thinks and hes one of those thy will never get better because he feels like hes perfect and knows everything I just have to unsubscribe to him I just wanted you to watch his channel because I swear he will do a video on you and everybody else its ridiculous

CrooKdLetter J says:

If you can’t play games for hours on end of binge watch hbo with the logo in the corner of the screen why would I pay thousands for something I have to fucking babysit

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