LG 75″ 4K TV Unboxing and Review | P.S. She Broke the Sony 🍑

The LG 75″ TV is the TV of the year! With a stunning picture, slick user interface, great sound, what more could you want? In this video we unpack it together, show you how it handles different content (YouTube/240p/Live Sports) and give you the verdict.

LG 75UJ657T: http://vtudio.com/a/?e=lg+75+tv

Sony TV Review: https://youtu.be/epIHBJdC5Fg

+ Stunning Picture Quality
+ Stunning Design
+ Fast User Interface
+ Good Sound
+ Built like a tank
+ You can share your Android phone’s screen to the TV with Smart Share
+ Cheaper than a Sony/Samsung TV!

– WebOS App Store is Slow and is not as good as Android TV
– TV Guide could be faster



NiM – Avalon
The Green Orbs – Splashing Around
Ahrix – Raising
Othis McDonald – Ever Felt pt.2

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Dave Budness says:

I just got LG 75SJ8570 75′ looks damn good. First time LG owner.

Lance Lust says:

Having any trouble with the corners in dark scenes? I don’t own this model, but wondering if 75″s is too big and moving to the left gives a strange clouding effect to the top right corner of the picture. Same with the vice-versa.

Kid powerlifter says:

Guess I’m too late to subscribe
Damnit !

Rudy Romo says:

Thanks for the video! Considering buying one of these “puppies”!

Boxset says:

I was armed with my Credit card and just saw that the Sony cracked… Glad I spotted this video before making my final choice 75 to 80 “. I hear the screen wobbles ? My oh my!

Jay Ibakumarra says:

I’m looking at getting this TV. It’s looking like a yes right now.

BTW fun video. And your wife is gorgeous.

Anisat86 Wwe says:

I nad tv sony plus

Kids Arcade Room says:

Cool video

Calvin Steward Jr says:

Ok have said something about Samsung TV is slow so what Samsung models are u referring to because I have the Samsung Q9fn 65inch its really fast programming . I’m Sorry if u going to say something about Samsung please say what model that u are referring too. When u say Samsung TVs u mean all models and that’s not true at all . I agree about Sony TVs android’s OS is slow .even on Sony Oled TVs Android’s OS is slow .

Maroa J. says:

Bruv, Sony manufactures the greatest TVs in the market. I’ve used LG and Samsung before and I can attest from a neutral standpoint that Sony is the real deal.

joe smith says:

IF that was  my  gf  I  wouldn’t  be  watching  tv!

Mpamphs Kangourosaurous says:

I always was Philips and Samsung TV owner but omg LG oled tv is mindblowing.

ebram hanna says:

U guys like cairo?

Jif 99 says:

How and when did this LG win tv of the year, lol. Rubbish There LCD’s are junk.

Tony Soprano says:

fck tv lol :hehe )

Mike Palto says:

C est pas une vrai 4K (voir le site 4k .com) Dalle très cheap 50Hertz, TV de tres premier prix. Autant acheter une tv jetable…ou jetter de l argent c est pareil.

k k says:

Had Sony 50″ for past 5 years. Suddenly the TV kapur. Repair to change LED board costing 3500. Crazy. Changed to LG 55
Great TV. Clear clear. sound acoustic. worth the buy

Nick Taylor says:

Hey mate,
Looking at getting this TV is the picture quality good ??

ebram hanna says:


muhammad ismail says:


Mat Black says:

Uh oh we’ve just bought the Sony – hope we haven’t made a mistake

janirfu lab says:

I love you guys

xavier truman says:

Vizio p series 75 inch is so much better, picture quality to die for

Luca Poulsen says:

Sony TV broke and you buy LG? TV ?

Calvin Steward Jr says:

I just don’t understand did u get insurance on Sony TV they. Could have replaced the screen if have some kind of insurance on tv.
It will cost nothing if had insurance.

Henry Daya says:

i love lg 4k tv ,,web os 3.5 is great ,,,lucky you dude .you had 75 inch

TMProjection says:

was there actually 2 intros in this video? lol

Дикий Боксер says:


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