LG 43″ Ultra HD 4K TV Review 43UJ750V

My Review of the LG 43″ Ultra HD 4K TV.
Model number 43UJ750V


Derma EgyptforAll says:

when you explain something , you have to show us what is the button you press on the remote control to make something.. but we only see some lists and functions on the screen and we don’t know how we can do it on the remote … unfortunately the Catalogue does not explain any of this .

XxZioTheoxX says:

lg uh750v or samsung Ue49mu6500?

Alexis Ledezma says:

Display 8 bits? o 10 bits??

Rob Hewitt says:

What’s input lag and response time of this tv? Someone help please

Nriku8 says:

Thanks for the review! How is the sound of this TV?

hussein hmh says:

are the content pre installed 4k

TheLondonForever00 says:

Message to the video maker: USE Miracast Screen Sharing App to cast your devices – it’s a great app. Simple and quick.

mirkoMILIcic1 says:

What is native panel speed? Is 60 or 100hz? And do you know what is static contrast of that tv?

Slynell1 says:

What is the input lag for this tv?

Christoph Belmans says:

Anyone any experience with the LG 49UJ701V ?

yogibear2k10 says:

I don’t know if he works for LG or are getting paid by them but please people, DO NOT BUY THIS TV! I did on this recommendation and it is horrible! Even in HD the picture is blury, the edges are jagged and the overall quality of the picture looks like an old 720p. The horrible “mouse” thing is very difficult and stupid to use, and having no headphone socket is unexcusable (I know it has bluetooth support, but not everyone knows how to use bluetooth or has bluetooth headphones.) The picture shown here are the DEMO pictures you get from the tv when you first switch it on so of course they are going to be optimised for the display. Also, the display is like a mirror and shows every scrap of light and shadow in the picture, so its like looking at a tv while looking at yourself in a mirror! That’s my main bug bear with this TV. I didn’t bother with anything else, I just boxed it up and sent it back to PC World. So, if you are considering buying this TV please don’t! There are far far better tv’s out there for the same money. £499? It’s not worht £199!

Kartik Prabhu says:

How is the picture clarity of this TV? Can you please play 4K or full HD videos if possible?

TheLondonForever00 says:

And to be honest, the LG43UJ750V is over priced. I bought the 43UH60 today and glad I did. I paid £399 with a 6 year guarantee. You paid £746 for a magic remote and a different stand. I viewed both tvs together and there one no difference. I just bought a backlit led Bluetooth keyboard/remote for £12.49 – it does a better job than the magic remote. My TV cast straight away without Miracast but I use that for my bedroom TV. I mean no disrespects meant, thank you for the review. It helped me make my decision bud. Thank you.

Iran 84 says:

i find the panel and display information not on lg website! can u tell me if the display is matte or glossy/specular/reflect? & if 10 Bit (8 Bit + FRC) or is it native 10bit?
i want use it for my pc. and have u test the input lag? thx

Dan Gara says:

Hi, only contains magic remote?

Aleksandar Vukasinov says:

Is this tv good for gaming ? (Ps4 pro)

Huw Clements says:

Can you enable comments on Dyson cinetic big ball please on YouTube.

Stuart Sloane says:

I’ve just ordered the slightly bigger version the LG 49UJ750V through AO.com. So fingers crossed that all goes okay. Your review is what did it! Thank you.

Miodrag Babic says:

I bought this Tv today and it just keeps on switching itself to a 4k trial video i think and it really anoys me.
Can you pls answer me as soon i can bec I am freaking out.

yogibear2k10 says:

What is it like as a computer monitor as that is going to be my main purpose for it.

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