I Bought A $500 4K TV. Verdict? – ft. 2-WAY GTX 1080 SLI

For Father’s Day I pulled the trigger on a Hisense 4K TV for the old man. Being somewhat skeptical I decided to test it out myself before handing it over. Here are my findings with 4K streaming/playback and 4K gaming with two GTX 1080s in SLI.

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Hisense 4K 50” TV:
US http://amzn.to/28K8WFM
UK: http://amzn.to/28KOQf9
Canada: http://amzn.to/28J2U5i


Kevin Macleod – http://www.incompetech.com
Audio file(s) provided by http://www.audiomicro.com


Mahesh Gowda says:

still watching on a CRT tv 🙁

Matthew Moy says:

Hey can you do a review of the TCL 4K T.V.?

Onion Rings says:

Woulda liked a reaction

Seila Chhay says:

asian folks i swear man. i bet you they put plastic wrap around the remote

xLOVExGODx says:

Wow, not bad for an off brand name television.

Krzysztof Skolas says:

soap opera effect is so nice stfu

That1GamingDad says:

ive used my lg oled 4k tv and the input lag is not as bad as my other 4k led tv. both have a game mode on them.

Mudpaws Voom says:

i do some gaming on a 55″ vizio 4k and love it + YouTube looks sweeeeet in 4k 😀

Franco Yauri says:

What camera you used to make this?

Avish Chand says:


IndianaJeff5 says:

My 4k TV was 350 and it has a 120hz refresh rate, AND it comes from Vizio and they are pretty good.

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

hahah. My monitor is 1000x better than all of your HDR HDTVs.

Nick Adamire says:

lol. I’m His 1 million viewer.

Fox Unit Delta says:

i got this exact same model TV for my mother but the 40” version because she didn’t want 50” for some reason, i plugged my PC into it to see what 4k gaming was like and honestly i wasn’t impressed with the picture quality at all

spads0808 says:

Yo I have the same one

Julian Lewis says:

TV’s are just not for PC gaming…

fenris6051 says:

last frames look like theres a couple of furry penises behind him

Andrew Brinkman says:

You left ambient occlusion on normal 🙁

Isaiah Matos says:

sure blame it on lag

Nakshatra Roy says:

My PC Gaming FPS Is 30 At 720p!!!!!

ThePedro8161 says:

wow, your parents had the exact same TV and stand mine did, I spent so much time fixing and replacing bulbs on that thing I finally convinced my dad to get a different one.

John Wood says:

What’s the specific model of this TV in the UK? And has the refresh rate been improved after the latest firmware updates?

Guffeltier says:

EU-Amazon linkl anyone?

ShadowKnight says:

M. died. LOL

AMM MMA says:

when rich idiots spend money

frank roffey says:

for gaming you are only going to see 30 fps because of the 30hz refresh rate on 4k tv’s

Diego Rens says:

Bought a 60Hz gsync 4k monitor after finding out my current 24″ 1080ps are also 60Hz. Since these are fine for me, I fail to see a good reason to worry about getting higher Hz

aLoja says:

I love the soap opera effect hence why I want a fancier tv lol

JesusSavedJoshua says:

the black levels stink!!!

Heisen Berg says:

would like to see how your Parents react on this new Tec instead of the rear projection shitty old thing.. 😉

Brian Alvarez says:

So would 2 1080’s in Sli be equivalent to one 1080ti or better?

Ahmad Aljaghassy says:

the input lag is because of the vsync if you turn it on the input lag will disappear

Sewer Devil says:

if your playing at 60 hz then why bother mentioning the fps counter over 100. I don’t understand?

richard howard says:

gaming is fine in this TV I have a ps4 pro on mine don’t use game mode but it in vivid and put the smooth motion in medium for games

Draven says:

I have a Acer Predator X34… and a custom built Centaurus Rogue 3 IXT Gaming Computer Quad 4.5 GHZ 64 GB liquid cooler, Solid State Drive, with Zotac Extreme GTX 1080 Ti (11GB)……. there isn’t anything I can’t play even at 4k with high frame rates.

Edwin Yi says:

LMAO my parents have a Fujitsu projector TV too

Overlord277 says:

I love how people think 4k is awesome lol.
I’ll take a 1080p OLED with HDR any day.

jason mcpherson says:

she’s made of mostly plastic

Juan Urdaneta says:

The music playing on the house of cards intro was a bit disorienting

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