Hisense N6800 Review: 50″ 4K HDR TV for £600!

We review the Hisense N6800, a 50-inch 4K HDR TV priced at only £600.

Our review sample was the Hisense H50N6800.

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Ryan Secker says:

Hey Vincent, great review. Thanks. I’ve just bought this unit. Quick question, do you know if it’s possible to reprogram/reassign the wuaki.tv button to Amazon? Cheers Ryan

Michael Pullen says:

I truly appreciate your vids on TV’S. YOUR the one I go to for information. Your work is really appreciated. Thanks

Adrian Falkirk says:

Hisense got now ULED tv but not for sale in uk yet.maybe next year???

Shahar C says:

Smashed the “LIKE” button, it broke my smartphone screen..

Michael Young says:

Could you do some reviews of the vizio 4k tv’s? Please!?

Raul Saavedra says:

Awesome review! And LOL at 7:55 : “…for watching SDR. That’s Standard Dynamic Range, not Standard Definition… Rubish” :DDD

Dany Rockwell says:

GREAT REVIEW! You are the BEST and the MOST Professional I’ve ever seen for tv reviews Sir! ;DDDDD Take Care N’ Thank You!

John Holmes says:

I just bought the 65 inch version of this and have to say it amazing compared to a 2000 grand oled no contest but for the money on these you won’t be disappointed

RoiPourpre says:

Please , review the Sony X900E . :'(

Paul Jones says:

whats the best 4k tv out at the mo thinking of getting a samsung on black friday but cant make my mind up anyone help?

Master Roshi says:

Great review! thank you very much for the very important imput lag test! I would like to see more budget TV’s reviewed

Vanir Udjat says:

Good job. Could you make a review of the Vizio 2017 Series P?

jaime rodriguez says:

@vmVincent_Teoh Hey did you know if the lg c7p have HDR GAME MODE? I bought it last night but I can’t find HDR GAME MODE just GAME MODE .or game mode is already HDR GAME MODE. please help .thanks and great vid as always

samyr Baby says:

I need that tv but 50 or 55 inch how much they range?

Interstat says:

Love that you’re now doing these video reviews! Re your comment about testing budget IPS, could you please test the Sony KD49XE7002 (all reports say the 49″ is IPS, but the 55″ XE7002 is VA)? The lag is apparently extremely low and it still has Sony’s excellent processing.
I’d be very interested to see how the IPS performs from Sony at that level. I know they do well in a bright room due to the wide viewing angle.

SuperGeekNo1 says:

great review well done. I just subscribed

سيف غومه says:

5unlike. Why????!!!

Dimitrij Glasow says:

Short answer save for lg b7

Greg Egan says:

Wow Hisense misspelled “losing” as “loosing” under Blur Reduction, unbelievable.

ShoZama85 says:

laughed at the iphone bit. keep it up Vincent.great reviews

Ben Cook says:

Can you review a tv in my price range? (£60)

Kevin Muldoon says:

Great review. Very thorough 🙂

Gilgamesh says:

1:26 Spelling mistakes on a TV menu are never a good sign.

Delores McEachern says:

I Love your voice

Michael Young says:

You should review the new TCL p series with Dolby vision

DIPPS 1867 says:

Hi would the Hisense H55N5700 be the same as this tv or better??..thx for your reviews…

sean purcell says:

Hi man any chance you doing a review on tcl x series tv cheers

Rodney Davis says:

Would you please review some of the new 2017 Philips Ambilight models..
Philips 50PUS6162 & Philips 50PUS6262 have just released.

Curious how good these are for HDR 4K gaming while still being affordable.

armuk says:

i have zero interest in buying a HD TV, and have no idea how i got here… but this is a super review. can clearly tell the knowledge and expertise behind it. subbed!

only critique would be at least briefly explain what the technical terms mean/what their relevance is! we lay people don’t understand them and/or appreciate how they are significant.

Duffy Sullivan says:

Great price, but a lot of compromises. I am still hanging out with a Sony CRT. XBR 910 with the Super Fine Pitch tube. Zero motion blur, zero input lag, excellent viewing angles, wide screen, great contrast, deep colors. Down side is only 1080i resolution, and 34 inch screen. I use it only for console gaming and an occasional movie. I have no broadcast TV in my home.

Always VIRAL says:

Please do the n9700 in 70 inch. Its the only one available in the UK. The 75 inch version apparently has 500 dimming zones which is not avaliable in the uk.

Turrican4D says:

I’d rather buy a used 65 inch Panasonic plasma for the same amount of money.

tom11zz884 says:

Nice Television, but with all things, you get what you pay for.
That television can’t compete with the Sony or Panasonic’s of the world

Dini SCH.OUTEN says:

HO TV TEST Hisense N6 800 review 50°4k HDR Woow, mooi de kleuren de scherpte van hét beeldscherm! Succes ermee! Categorie Music! Licentie Standaard! YouTube—Licentie!

Alírio Gomes says:

Hi,can you help me and of these two tv’s what’s your choice,and why? The Hisense 50N6800 or the TCL 49C7006? Thank´s.

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