Hisense H9 Plus Review: 65″ 4K ULED TV!

Here is a look at the new Hisense H9 Plus TV! This TV has features such as 4k upscaling, HDR10, and Smart functions as well.
Hisense H9 Plus: http://amzn.to/2GJtD3m
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Hisense H9 Plus: https://www.hisense-usa.com/electronics/tv/65h9d-plus

Thanks to Hisense for sponsoring this video. All opinions are my own.

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xSheepz says:

Tim what phone is your daily diver?

Mr Shaun Warburton says:

This TV is prone to image retention

ralf misq says:

…………………….. how much ?

Guy Davis says:

Nice tv Tim.

out2awnser says:

This is not a review

Agent 48 says:

Wish the bezels were black

Kelvin N says:

wow!!! 1300 USD!!!

M4st3rm1nd says:

hisense is cheap chinese company, tv not very reliable.

Johnny SE says:

ULED? Lol Some of these companies..

Brandon Sexton says:

Where can I get that stand you have in the video?

Coleman Dante says:

Tim thanks for being honest always man I’ve been subscribed to you since 2011 when you were just really starting the qbking77 channel I purchased my first Galaxy S II device and you were the first go to person that taught me how to root my phone successfully and all about custom roms Clockwork mod in excetera. I could never thank you enough man for your honesty and passion about technology you are one of the best YouTube channels and go to Channels for technology-related information.

moxzilla6 says:

When you turn it on does it do the hub thing like tcl? Or does it just turn on normally and stay on the page (ex. HDMI 1, YouTube) and is there a lag when it turns on or is it immediate?

Chupas says:

How upscale 1080p ❓i have this tv

Palace1 says:

I have the 55″ 4K UHD Hisense tv but… wow… this version is… mind boggling! It’s so pretty! Plus my dream atm is to upgrade to a 65″. And being I am a fan of Hisense. I definitely want one of these.

Duane St John says:

What was the army shooting game?

Riph Ariefyanto says:

Looking at various TV reviews, I still don’t understand why any other TV manufacturers do not follow what LG did with their remote. A cursor on the screen really changes the way you navigate. I had an LG TV for my bedroom for 3 years and recently purchased a Sony Android TV because I’m curious about Android TV. But the remote really terrible compared to what LG had years ago. Why, just why? I’m thinking to sell the Sony and get another LG, and the remote is one of the reasons.

Eloy R says:

You forgot to do this review with your shirt off!!

Princee Erick says:

Does this have a tuner?

Noah Peeters says:

excuse colonial percentage ghgafhx odds urban admire use peace day format.

Always VIRAL says:

Calibrate it properly and turn down the sharpness so the edges arnt so ruff

Sky1 says:


Sheila Faulkner says:

My screen went black but has sound, any ideas?

Hoangsa Truongsa says:

It’s edge-lid TV

Deano Essex says:

Is it android? can we install APK files?

marketweis says:

Have you/did you experience any instances of “flashing” on this? Some reviewers are mentioning some areas of quick flashes of light while their content is playing. I think a guy here on YTube has some examples even.

Man H says:

I like this dude

michigan1777 says:

I love my hisense. its a stellar device for a low price. Although yeesh the sharpness you have it on is brutal. It looks like a samsung tv with how digital and fake the picture looks

defender of the good says:

Why everyone act like that mirror mode is new? Samsung been had that.

defender of the good says:

They be sending folks shit for free like crazy

Nygar1 says:

the price of 1299 is to high for this TV you can buy a equivalent sony 900 series 65 for 1499 Samsung for the same price and for 300 more you can buy a 55 oled LG tv. Hisense needs to lower the price between 800 and 999 for people to buy this. Not spending 1299 for a budget TV even if its the flagship model. I would buy the TV if they get it below 1000.

DASamX5453 says:

WOW…The middle of the screen is way brighter than the rest..especially when looking at those apps…that would annoy the heck out of me…

bill stone says:

2018 hisense h9E PLUS is it agood one thank you

Princee Erick says:

Wow this is so nice

Dario Sanchez says:

Over Priced!

Marin Moutusy says:

I brought a hisense tv bt how I get YouTube in this tv.I’m from bangladesh

Kyle Stansfield says:

I am having trouble deciding whether to buy this unit the Hisense H9EPlus ULED 2018 on Bestbuy or the new TCL 65 6 Series 2018….. input?

Cooldude 22 says:

Im wondering if that brand is quality and will last. Such a big tv would be sad to throw it away after 2 years?

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