Hisense H8C Review: Best Budget 55″ 4K HDR TV for $550!?

Is the Hisense 55H8C is one of the best cheap 4K TVs you can buy? It’s a SMART UHD TV with HDR and great colour accuracy! Also, good response time for casual gamers. Watch for the full review!

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ImJacobL15 says:

Cool! Great review. Sorry for not being active to your channel. I’ll try to send my backpack tomorrow. 🙂

Michael Mendez says:

8 bit or 10 bit tv ?

Evil209er says:

Got this tv at bestbuy for $499 with tax money and it’s great so far

Jeffrey williams says:

how is the hdr for 4k movies whats its peak brightness

DASamX5453 says:

Would rather have a TV with a Digital Tuner instead of crappy Analog…only thing that would stop me right now…

The Halfrican says:

Let a brotha hold it

Юрий Давыдов says:

Very cheap and not trusted brand

Emma Smets says:

behavioral wing due writing justice announcement nearly notice expensive ignore.

Ziich says:

that Marco Polo plug ftw!!

Nathen Wallis says:

I just bought a Sharp Lc-43n6100u. do you think the Hisense h8 is a better TV?, I have 90days to take the Sharp back if I decide I don’t like it. One thing I don’t like about the Sharp, is I cannot download Hulu, so I still have to use my gaming console to stream Hulu, which I’m guessing Hulu could be downloaded to the Hisense

Mickxal says:

I like LG but that RGBW fucks my jugement. I think I’m going with this one

Hector Freytes says:

what an awesome review. simple and to the point. great job sir

Mykal Fury says:

Good, concise review.
I’d like to share that this summer Hisense aka Sharp TV
will be selling
65 inch 4K ULED TV’s that meet Dolby Vision specs etc
all for $799.
This TV will bite a chunk out of LG’s OLED market.
It’s said the Hisense ULED is 3X brighter & last 2 times as long
as the OLED TV’s.
Just a heads up.
~ peace

REDXJeenKs30000 idk says:

“Also, good response time for casual gamers.” What is a casual gamer, and why would a “casual gamer” waste money on 4k when “casual gamers” tend to play indie games as validated from many sources like PcMaster Race

Dub V says:

Awesome review. I’m looking at purchasing this exact TV . The thermal test during Bruno mars “uptown funk” was defiantly a first, very well detailed. Thanks for sharing.

Joolz1982 says:

Cheers for this always interested to see how it stacks against other 4K TVs

Travis Onkst says:

Is it worth getting the samsung Ks8000 over this tv because im mainly gonna be using it for Hdr. But for 500 dollars that its running for at Best Buy this is a hard offer to pass up. Just curious as to how big of a difference in Hdr the picture quality would be. If the extra 500 bucks for the samsung would be worth it or not. Im insanely on the fence about this.

Lord of the Jungle says:

Speakers are in the back so sound bounces but not had for a budget TV for most people

Shawn Lee says:

is this h8c hisense better than LG uh7700 4k tv

Bryant Smith says:


Adam S. says:

Great video, Matt! Before going with the Sony x800D, I looked into getting this tv. Unfortunately, it’s not readily available in Canada so I went with the Sony instead. Still have a Panny plasma from 2012 that looks great too.

Sergi Chao says:

How about the durability of this brand. Will it be just last very short period of operational time before it has to go back for repair or warranty?

theone2be33 says:

HISENSE MAKES GREAT TVs!!! Dont be afraid to purchase one! should see the speakers that are in these things! Great sound! Great Picture! Never a issue! unless you a lemon

brad swanson says:

pretty sweet TV. great review. how do you get the white circle things around the inputs??

Troy Anderson says:

what’s the difference between 8h and the 8hc? also the h7 and the h8/h8c??

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