Hisense h6 4k tv don’t listen to bad reviews

Hisense h6 4k HDR 55 inch TV video response and review of the tv


Miborunet YT says:

Compre una tv Hisense de 65″ y fue una experiencia muy mala. Los colores deslavados y sin brillo. Y no se diga su definición 4k no la vas a notar, su calidad puede verse incluso menor a la 1080p. Sólo dure un día con ese televisor es una pena que me haya tocado un televisor de mala calidad. Público aquí porque gracias a este video compré Hisense sólo regreso para contar mi experiencia con está marca. Gracias!!!

Felicia K says:

Thank You for this Video!❤

Ron Harris says:

I get it…you bought this TV, some guy on YouTube doesn’t think its very good, and you took it as a personal attack on your life choices. Sound about right? Someone disagree’s with you, I know its a shock, but everything will be o.k.

Bluelady4848 says:

It’s funny because I had just watched his video before this one, and the FIRST thing I thought was the guy sounded kinda drunk. He kept trying to say the model of it and couldn’t. The second thing I thought was when he said Youtube videos kept crashing and stuff, was that it was probably his wifi that was messing up, or he needed to adjust some settings or something. I try to weigh both sides of a product I’m interested in, and if something is getting a whole lot of bad reviews I look at something else. But that guy was the ONLY one who said this is a bad TV. Even the comments under his video were people saying that they were very happy with theirs! It IS also possible to get a lemon once in awhile too. Doesn’t mean they’re ALL bad! Thanks for your opinions on this TV. I’m thinking about getting this brand.

ChengGaos says:

does it have game mode?

Rusty yB says:

Play MP4 or MKV?

Rhoods Kevin says:

O yeah, don’t listen to bad reviews. Great smart tv 4 years warranty. I am enjoying mine for almost 2 years

pepe says:

This tv is trash. I don’t know what you had before but this tv is terrible. Colors washed out. And input lag on gaming.

heartpursuer says:

You’ll hear the repeated electronic “snapping” sound in that guy’s video — the same problem with mine. I got a replacement from Best Buy — same problem. I’ll be getting a replacement directly from Hisense; time will tell if the defect is present in that one, as well.

Tvman videos says:

This tv is on sale $219 at Walmart

BING08AHH says:

I also just bought this tv 55 inch yea when u first buy it the quality is bad I’m not gone lie fixture is that it’s a smart tv it’s just like your smart phone downloading the latest software to have the phone running better that’s it I downloaded the latest update by going to settings it optimize my resolution at the end the tv restarted boom now my tv is just like those 800 or higher high end resolution like Visio n such this guy is right hopefully u guys understand where I’m coming from it’s just like your smart phone little update you have yourself a great tv on budget.

Anthony J says:

Hisense is a good TV it’s made by sharp so you’re basically getting a Sharp Aquos TV with a different name stamped on it as they use the same parts and they’re usually a little cheaper like at bestbuy the 60″ hisense H6D is $449 while the Sharp 60″ P6070U is $499 and I looked up the specifications on both TV’s on CNET and almost everything is the same on both. Amazing deal either way for a 60″ 4k HDR10 120 hz smart tv. I would compare Sharp and Hisense to Vizio, the only thing missing is Vizio TV’s use full array local dimming, but I have a hisense and a vizio and the picture quality is pretty similar. Blacks and dark areas of the picture are better on the vizio due to the local dimming tho.

ChengGaos says:

Hi bro I wonder if 43h6d that i saw in a walmart is the same model you´re talking about? thanks

Willie McDaries says:

I think he had a few too many to drink when he tried his tv out, mine works flawlessly, even with a 1080p signal, it has a beautiful picture, and sounds great for such small speakers, when playing the 4k uhd bluray through it, picture is lifelike

I’ve only had mine a few days, time will tell as to how well it lasts, I went in Wal-Mart with the intention of getting the TCL based on the Amazon reviews, but Wal-Mart had this tv sitting next to the TCL i was looking at, the Hisense had a better picture quality to my eyes than the TCL

MakeHerScream says:

I just got this tv and watch that video u show. I think there’s nothing wrong with the TV I have great picture and play ps4 on it and don’t make the game lag if the game lag is your internet or the server you’re in. The only thing is i wish I could do it is put Kodi on it

AuburnTigers4Life23 says:

How’s the gaming on it? Input lag?

Temo says:

First! Also, get a bigger TV stand. It’s going to fall.

ruley73 says:

How is much does the color/picture quality degrade when viewing off center? Walmart has the 65 inch version on clearance for $500 which is very tempting, but they don’t have it on display.

alf cabalo says:

Please, could you tell me which is the operative system of the tv?. Could you tell me How it works? Thanks

Robert Clark says:

I bought one today for 253.00 at Walmart. Not bad. Very simple. But I’m getting a chromecast for it ..thanks man.

Annie Kelmon says:

Thank you tv man, I just bought one and seen his video first, so thank you so much, trying to setup my firestick, any suggestions?

Albert Fabroa says:

I agree. Hisense has the best quality for the buck

val clifton sanchez says:

Stupid tv ever.

Rohan says:

Hey everyone. So I bought, I’m a TV noob and this will be my first 4K TV. Can anyone tell me what all should I check for so I can know if it has defects or anything ? Thanks in advance.

Chris D says:

I know my 65 Hisence 4k has the best piture i ever seen in a home, even beats my 60″ samsung for piture quality 100%, i was worried when i got mine that it wasnt a good brand but OMFG was i wrong.Mine was alot $1299 at walmart but Canada Ontario is expensive and has high taxes but this Tv was worth every cent its mind blowing amazing.

Lincoln hawk says:

I tried lg garbage very dem . I tried sony garbage internet falls out streaming . I tried insignia garbage . Finally I bought this t.v. and thank the lord I did. Best tv I ever bought zero problems with internet connection and best picture / resolution/ color tv ever . Feels like u are in the tv truly amazing tv . I recommend this brand who wants amazing tv. Just bought this tv for 400 on sale from 500. Telling u this brand and tv will blow u away. Not to mention the sound is amazing. China number 1 selling brand too. I got ultra Hd 4k worth every single penny . Mark my word u will be amazed .

Rohan says:

Hey I read comment on Walmart that it doesn’t work well or something with Xbox one X. I’m looking to buy it for that. So have you tried using with Xbox one X or know anything about it ?

David2035 says:

I really thinking about getting this TV I really really need a 4K TV and especially for gaming.

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