Hisense 4K HDR TV! – Best Bang for your Buck?

Here’s my experience with the Hisense 65H9D Plus 65 inch 4K HDR TV.

Hisense: http://app.markerly.com/b/33603/249
Shop Page: http://app.markerly.com/b/33603/250
Best Buy: http://app.markerly.com/b/33603/195

Sponsored by Hisense.

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Emorejets says:

hello I’m planning on using this television with my computer and I wanted to know that ultra motion work with the computer? thanks!

974Ling says:

Is it possible to record TV programs on a HDD, it a smart TV?

Michael Holm says:

Hisense 55inche tvs look better than the nme brands out there I picked mine up at best buy for $323.00 latborday sale

Subrata Das says:

This TV launch in India.

SilentNinja Gaming says:

how do you change the resolution on it because my tv display does not fit the screen because it is to big

james griffin says:

Had this tv for a week now and it sucks. Slow turn on. Drops WiFi signal and has to be restarted…which is slow. The YouTube search is weird….it doesn’t populate the same videos my vizio does. All in all it sucks and I’m taking it back soon. Gona get another vizio prolly

Paul seamons says:

A smart person would keep well away from hisence
No. Back up. Service. Pigs to deal with. CRAP shit box. Tv

Lean Agapito says:

Bro how was the expirience? I mighr buy one soon maybe 40 inches how was your gaming exprience via ps4?

Linda Coffman says:

I just purchased the 50″ for $349. My TCL color died after a huge pop sound, just 2 days after the year warranty. Sound and picture is much better than the TCL and noticed the side bevels are much sturdier and on a whole a better constructed TV
I am pleased with my purchase and with the two year complete replacement warranty from best buy I feel good about this purchase. Also the geek squad recommended this brand over both the TCL and Vizio in same price range. Thanks for the video it definitely helped in my research. Very important to note the sound and speakers on this unit definitely outperform other TVs in this price range.

Tony Cai says:

Alexa doesn’t work

moshikor55 says:


jim wharton says:

good job thanks

Lipstick_Nicki Love says:

What I don’t understand is why Hulu on the tv menu/remote. :/ However, how do we watch everything in 4K as shown in store? Once home we hooked it up as listed but doesn’t look the same as in store with the accurate 4K picture.

kolop1 says:

Are you still around? You’re videos don’t pop up on my list.

Splotched says:

Recently got a H55A6250UK and the picture quality is poor and quite frankly awful compared to my older Sony Bravia.

Paul seamons says:

Utube band these Wankers. Fuck hisence. Uncooth. Liein pricks.

badrun hamdulay says:

Hisense tv are worst

Mark Ramsey says:

The only thing that lets this make down is the lack of third party apps. When you cast using the anystream function it late badly however casting using a mobile YouTube app on the phone to TV is excellent. Why there’s such a difference I don’t know. Hisense need to update the firmware to allow third party apps. Only Nazis deny that.

Diurno MX says:

Hisense is the brand known as “Sharp”

aleks trifunovic says:

they own 95% of toshiba video solutions so all the electronics and panel is made by toshiba in their mexico facility

Diurno MX says:

I am getting the 55H8E, today, 120hz 4K< yeah!

Uncle-Gamer Martinx says:

For the Nvidia Shield TV how HDR work?
I have Hisense H6 series 43 HDR 4K TV & it not showing HDR on…


What is the tv Input Delay? (Like the ms before showing the image)

A. Senior says:

How is the brightness? It looks like I can see a lot of glare with all the natural light in this video. More brightness could combat that. But its always hard to tell the true image of a TV on youtube. you have the camera being used which causes distortion and then the distortion during/after upload, and then possibly more distortion during streaming and output through the viewer’s monitor. Hard to tell what it truly looks like so let me know if you are satisfied with how bright the TV is especially during the day.

Taloot B says:

How come I can’t find 1 person to review the new 65″ hisense . I guess I will have to buy it myself

Paul Booth says:

Just had a 50″tv by hisense and so has my son the picture is amazing I calibrated tge tv got my osteoarthritis on it the black is pitch black brilliant tv the only down fall is setting it up with my av receiver it took me all day from 3 in the morning just to get my ps4 on the tv connected to my receiver but now I’m having problems setting the vr to my ps4pro and my Sony 4k bluray player , it doesn’t have av to plug ear phones that’s not great and using the optical has not made a difference to the sound for 375 it’s the best tv for ya buck can’t fault the picture is give it a 8 out of ten

The Family show of 4 says:

I have a 60 inch got from walmart how so i add amazon prime video

Mogamat Bartiss says:

Do a video on loading youtube and netflix.

Uncle-Gamer Martinx says:

For the Nvidia Shield TV how HDR work? For Hisense H6 series 43 HDR 4K smart TV….

elvis pressedtalot says:

Did you You know. Song’s 32 inch flatscreen tv has an option where it can shut off the picture, while listening to music “sleep” !
i just found that out .. this moment .. Good stuff DIY :p

rohanzo1 says:

if youre buying a 4k tv, i wouldnt cheap out on it. id reccomend buying sony or lg, thier 4k tvs are so fucking good.

BeReal Bud says:

Not one console shown on it..

C B Taylor says:

Still recommend this set over the new TCL R series?

Rich Burmond says:

but like a samsung is now the same price for same size and also 4k hdr, arent we better off getting a samsung?>..

defmud80 says:

TCL tvs last much longer

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