Best TVs of 2017 (36 TVs tested) –

​A quick guide to the best TV of 2017 based on our reviews and testing. We’ve tested 36 TVs in 2017. Full measurements and recommendations at:

Best Budget 4k: TCL S/P:
Best Mid-Range LED: Sony X900E:
Best High-End: LG C7 OLED:

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Budget – (0:33)
Mid-range – (1:18)
Mid-range 2 (Best for viewing angle) – (1:58)
Big TVs (75″ & +) – (2:13)
High-end – (2:23 )
Conclusion – (2:50)


Buck Schneider says:

no Vizio P series? I’m surprised

Edward Brady says:


Steve Grech says:

Disagree with him. Hisense is a better budget level tv than TCL.

Vampiszon says:

Thanks for help, I just got my Sony 55xe900 and I am happy. Went from Sony 50″ 815b. The only thing bothering me is not being able to set better motionflow in some movies. Its like 23,98 fps has been hardcoded into the movie… Aybody has the same?

TheVanillatech says:

This guys accent is fucking hilarious! XD I don’t even need a TV but I kept watching cos I couldn’t stop laughing!

vinoth rajasekaran says:

No mention about the Samsung tvs, in any budget range? Not even qled?

TheBear 13 says:

The TCL P-Series is a very good set to better with the input lag then save the Vizio m-series but the Vizio m-series does get brighter better for HDR and Dolby Vision content

TheBear 13 says:

As for u guysl love your guy site love the Insight you guys give you guys do great work appreciate it keep up the good work over there

Rusk Reeder says:

Extremely well-presented. Very tight scripting. Good job. Also impressed by the production values.

ruben alejandro uvalle says:

Amazing videos, thanks for the help,i bought a samsung tv the 2016 ks9000 as it was cheaper than the ks8000 . Im recommending you site to anyone i know that wants to buy a new tv

Zenzuu says:

Would’ve been better if they had a female presenting instead.

MaverickTHEHulK says:

Can these 2017 tvs support hdmi 2.1 with a firmware update?

rymdskrotet says:

I got the european (swedish?) LG 55SJ800V, but there was a LOT of bleeding, clouding and – worse of all – the dimming function was the most unuseful function on this side-lit TV.

Im not sure what to get instead, in the same price range? Is OLED a good choice – even for gaming? Thinking about this instead..

Any other suggestions? =)

BrechtXT says:

Cedric the type of nigga to have a TV in every room

Roberto Martha Estrada says:

QLED is the best

Chad Kamischke says:

These guys are fucken idiots.

gamerz skillz says:

Glad I bought the b7

Modelos venezuela l says:

So the Best Buy Tv is the LG B7 get it at

nickxcore74 says:

Notice how none of Samsung’s Q series TV’s were recommended?……..That’s because QLED is just a term for a bit brighter than last years models, but with worse dimming. Plus they’re also way overpriced compared to last years models. Samsung have just created the term QLED, which is a joke, because last years models were QLED as well. I also watched a Samsung video showing one of their QLED TV’s going up against an OLED, and it was embarrassing, they totally made the OLED picture look really bad to trick you into thinking QLED offers the better picture quality, when we all know OLED is superior.

Bill Friesen says:

First time seeing this channel. It has potential BUT explain all the acronyms as you go. More info to firm some opinion before having to waste a lot of time digging thru a web site used to track us. Finally get someone who doesn’t butcher the English language.

Gayan Fernando says:

Can you tel me Samsung MU6100 is good for gaming ?

Vagrant Pistol says:

Imagine retention is really bad on LG OLEDs from what I have read. Steer away.


Wh didnt he say anything about oled tv burn in issues-lol-dont buy oled tv

Hazardous_831 says:

I bought the 900e 55 and I’m stoked. I have it connected with a UBP-X800 player and it makes the tv way freaking better. Also put some led strip lights on the back of the tv for better contrast. I gotta say. Holy shit it looks the tits. Sony all the way.

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