Best TV of 2016? LG 65″ 4K OLED + HDR: Unboxing & Review

In-depth unboxing and review of the LG B6 OLED 4K UltraHD TV with HDR. – Beginning Sunday, November 20 through Cyber Monday, November 28, the 55-inch LG B6 OLED TV will be on sale for $1,799.99, and the 65-inch model will be on sale for just $2,799.99. The “Best. Price. Ever” for an LG OLED 4K TV.

Pricing & Availability Here:

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LokiDaFerret says:

Wait… how can ur opinion be unbiased if sponsored by LG. We call this an infomercial

The SnowyGoose says:

I just bought this tv but the curved and there where 2 3d glasses included

Melvin Koyuncu says:

This 2016 lg model is way better than samsung’s 2017 qled cause you pay less and get better quality so don’t buy samsung’s qled because is the exact same as 2016’s samsung ks5000 tv but they changed the name to fool us.

Thijs van Abs says:

Hey man. One question, in the video you show you that you can add channels to “my channels” and also content from Netflix and such to “my content” but how do you do this? I only see LG Content there and my channels.

Daniel Vivas says:

so cool tv and great video

Filip Andersson says:

is this TV still worth buying?

pokemonbrooks boss says:

Review ssiptv lg app

John Kolb Jr says:

What about sports? How does sports look on this tv? Does this tv upgrade signal? like 1080p to 4k quality?

Bob Anderson says:

How do you expect to demo this product correctly with all the lights turned on in this room?

NecroHunter93 says:

Is it already obsolete? Well time to spend another $5,000.

Jason Smith says:

can the tv be wall mounted?

dt744190 says:

ABL cant be turned OFF. So energy saving isnt ABL!

Khoi Nguyen says:

damn, that tv is a fuck ton better and a little cheaper than the tv my dad bought 7 years ago lol

pokemonbrooks boss says:

please review ssiptv it is free app for SMART tv

samuel says:

Is literally no one gonna talk about he says it isn’t 3D but it has a 3D button on the remote?

Rocky Beret says:

It’s so ironical that a $8000 OLED TV costs about $38,000 in India! I would have attached a screenshot if YouTube allowed that.

BoredThatsWhy says:

Is there a way to get rid of the pink?

Assass Gaming says:

and here’s my stupid question of the day: is it good for gaming xD

olaola says:

It has very bad colors. It seems blue the level of white and purple the level of black. Large screens, so many quantity of pixels, but leaving much to be desired.


Oh My God This Tv is Totally Over Killing It in every Freakin Aspect with sooo many Customizations ,Options and Soo Deep Colors !! Iam in Love <3

Sorbik says:

is there an instructional guide somewhere that can go over step by step how to get ip tv and how to set it up for this TV? I plan on getting the C7 65 inch in a couple of months.

Effy Nussbaum says:

how big is it actually because i have a 48 inch tv thats only 43 inches

StreamTech says:

Are Kodi Available IN THE LG STORE ??

Paul Demagio says:

Lg sent me a tv watch me be unbias…

m p says:

i could hardly believe watching those 4 little screws attaching the tv to the base!?

aT x Conqueror says:

Say that I can afford to save for this TV – it’d take me maybe a month – I’m incredibly inpatient. Would I be better to save or just go ahead and get a £1,200 4k tv? Is the Oled worth it?

Blah Blah says:

You need to stop reviewing expensive stuff, do reviews of $4 glasses and then you are talking to me and other college students

Xross SweatPantz says:

is the 55 inch just as good quality?

Uzair Irfan says:

When you are out can’t afford this TV, nor intend to buy one, but you watch the video just for the sake of watching Mike review stuff. :p

shahrdad est says:

wow great review i love all your vids thank you so much i was going to buy that tv

Michael Ford says:

So looking forward to buying the 55 inch B6 in a couple months. Even watching this on my iPhone, the TV picture looked incredible and I’m sure my iPhone doesn’t do it justice lol

Uma Sri Kanukollu says:


gamerdude612 says:

everyone in the comments saying that they can’t afford this caliber of a tv. there is something called financing people that exists. if you have decent enough credit, you can pay it off monthly…..

Fudge Fantasy aka Fredbone says:

damn.. RIP box

PangaeanConquest says:

But does it Kodi and Exodus tho?

1socalshocker says:

Great review. Im now a Subscriber!

Bhalodiya Niraj says:

What is price of this product?

xtaylorxboyx says:

Seeing you use cable makes me miss cable and want to subscribe again to have all these options when I don’t feel like watching shows online.. or Netflix.

Bake Rodriguez says:

Best gaming pc + Best 4k tv = ❤

Pip Hacker says:

is screen monitoring feature available in this tv ?

Jose Palacios says:

I want it now

ROB says:

The LGC6 is a lot better. 3D, better response time, input lag isn’t a problem, better picture overall. I have the 65C6 and it’s the best TV I’ve ever owned hands down.

Mr Eighty - Premium version 3.1 says:

Saw one of these at best buy and felt like a cave man I didn’t know they had shit like this out

Kyrie Eleison Jubane Estrada says:

My wallet : No
My brain : Yes
My life : Shit

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