In this video I put togehter all the TVs I have reviewed this year, startting with the TCL R6-Series, Sony X900F, Vizio P-Series, Samsung NU8000 and Samsung Q6FN, also included Monitors like the LG 27UK650 and BenQ EX3203R, these are great choices for 4K HDR content like Movies and video games, console playing on the Xbox one X and PS4 PRO and PC as well, enjoy.

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Henry Daya says:

Lg sk 8500 is great tv

rwl6935 says:

To me the colors and hue on the Vizio aren’t that great.

azzo wazza says:

I have same tv ks8500.i think I should wait.

kingboy says:

Bought that LG 27UK850-w monitor yesterday and I’m loving it’s fits my bedroom set up perfectly.Great ips colour reproduction on consoles with some expected ips glow at the corners and if anyone’s still on the fence cause of only 450nits like I was ,wait no more this puppy gets soo bright on HDR that I often turn to reduce brightness when gaming in the dark

Antonio Brown says:

Love your Channel good work

sittikbozz15 says:

Monitor or the nu800?

Izzy Menera says:

I bought a Q6FN yesterday but I got the 49” inch since that’s fits nicely with my set up but I’m noticing it’s missing features from the 55” inch versions. Should I switch to the Nu8000 but in 55 inch?

Joelster G4K says:

If you are looking for a budget friendly TV check out this 4k buying guide I made.

jb G says:

Hi Joel, what monitor would you recommend , would be good for gaming, but also affordable, not looking forward to pay past the 200 $ range for the monitors.

Steve Nugent says:

Love my nu8000, may only be midrange but I was blown away by the picture compared to my old TV. Gaming is fantastic on it.

Skeletor Five says:

Are you gonna do more prices for black Friday? I’ll be waiting. Really wanna see how different colors are on Q7.

EOST Kevin says:

Hey jolster would you reccomened the TCL 5 series for 300 dollars?

Mattia Calzolai says:

But the BenQ EX3203R is not 4K, the resolution of this monitor is 2560×1440

metalgta says:

In Italy I paid 55NU8000 599€ instead of Q6FN55 that cost 799€, I think I did a good affair.

Nacho says:

Whats a budget soundbar I could get for a small room specifically? TV wise im not too sure which one I want to get either between the q6 or x900f especially since I’m getting a ps4 pro soon.


I was looking at a few TVs recently, with the intention of buying one of them for gaming. I was initially looking at the Samsung 7400, which is a budget range TV, but then focused in on the Samsung NU8000 and Samsung Q6FN. The 49′ Q6FN was more expensive than the 55′ Samsung NU8000, and I like the 120hz variable refresh rate of the 55′ Samsung NU8000. Plus it was more in line with what I was willing to spend, so I decided to buy the NU8000, which will be used primarily for gaming on PS4 Pro and XBox One X. It will be delivered shortly.

Thanks for the reviews on the TV, Joelster. I found your video to be informative and immensely helpful when deciding to purchase my NU8000. Thanks again!


Joelster, what is the response time on the NU8000 without game motion plus, and what does it increase to with game motion plus activated? I’m loving the smoothness of the game motion plus on the 120hz panel. Those 30fps games feel so much better.

Juman LG says:

Soy de México
Conviene comprar una LG B7 por sobre la Sony o la LG Q6fn
Las 3 están casi al mismo precio.
Pero la NU8000 esta mucho máss barata. Con esa haría el trabajo o vale la pena gastar más por la B7 o cualquiera de las otras 2?
También tenía otra duda la Hisense H9E Plus entraría en la calidad de imagen de una mid-range?

Ω says:

Q8fn or x930e?

Hasan Dib says:

The best you are

Thank u sooo much

ReSultZ says:

Edge Lit LED should not be on the list unless its the Sony 930 E…

Gungan says:

I would never buy an edge lit qled. I ordered an x900f because it was the best i could afford in 65″

J D says:

65″ nu8000 is $999 right now compared to 65″ Q6fn at $1297. Is the upgrade worth $300?

I have crippling depression says:

Love my Sony 900f.

lionel messi says:

I will buy NU 8000 /65 INCH Next weekend

Faber says:

I had really bad motion blur on a samsung NU7100 and Q6F. is the NU8000 the same?

ryan wong says:

Hi joelstek wot do u think of the lgsk9000? Would u recommend it?

wally esquire says:

I had the NU8000 and now own the Q7FN.I also own the Sony 900F.Honestly there is no major difference between NU8000 and Q7FN but a $450 difference.The Sony 900F is easily the superior TV without a question.If I were to pick just between samsungs I would get the NU8000 for only $749 and save the $450 and put it towards something else instead a qf6 or qf7. Be very careful about these new samsung tvs tho. Alot of them have a clicking/ticking sound that comes out of nowhere and in some cases don’t ever go away. It is why I had to return my samsung tvs. After those issues I bought the Sony 900F and I am very happy especially for only $1199.Dolby Vision is simply amazing and the upscaling and processing is really that awesome. Graphics wise the Sony 900F blows my QF7N away. It is not even close with the amount of detail and color.Its night and day and although the samsung is a little better input lag wise I still prefer the Sony to game on no doubt. Its always going to come down to preference and which color picture style you prefer tho.

christian enrique villacrez villar says:

Amigo estoy apenado me rompió la pantalla de mi KS.. llame a servicio técnico de samsumg y le dije que el error era mio y que quería cambiar el repuesto del panel.. pero me dijeron 850 dólares y la verdad por ese precio prefiero esperar las ofertas navideñas de tv.. estoy pensando en la Q6 fn o el nu8000 para usarlo con mi ps4 pro.. cual me recomiendas.. la verdad estoy apenado por mi KS.. me costó mucho comprarlo y encontrarlo.. ! Saludos desde Perú

Skeletor Five says:

Any advice for game room? Normal chairs or furniture vs gamer chairs? Other items to make a great gamer room/man cave? All advice and tips appreciated

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