Best Budget 4K TV from Best Buy!

The 2018 Toshiba 50″ Amazon Fire TV Edition is a budget smart fire TV with Alexa integration. It only costs $350 USD or $599 CAD and that nets you a 4K TV with HDR support. There is no need to buy a separate Fire stick or chromecast as Amazons Fire TV is built in to the TV. You can also merge your cable channels inside of the Fire TV software! Watch for the full review this could be the best budget tv of 2018.

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Matthew Moniz says:

Here it s a 50″ 4K HDR for only $350! What do you guys think? hit me up on discord if you have any questions!

az zahar says:

Its been a while since the last time i saw a good Toshiba tv. Hell, the last time i saw it still CRT

sudharsan g.p. says:

I am from India please help me come to Canada

Nikko G says:

Is this better than the tcl 4 series?

Jet Black says:

So it has a lot of features and ports, but is it, you know, good?

Ryuga Law says:

The Cinematography in this video is top notch, mate.

siddhant sikka says:

Its been a while since you reviewed a wireless headphone or earphone. I would really appreciate if you do one.
Waiting eagerly sir..

Wesley vandeurzen says:

Never got a notification for this vid? Kinda weird always watch your vids.

Chris Willis says:

Shopping in stores is soooo 2012

sarang mahatme says:

*Not like other tech youtuber’s*

M.A utsav says:

Hey what about gaming on this tv. Does it also supports hdr from ps4 pro? Also what about input lag

derek thompson says:

What’s da best smart TV 4k to buy up to £600?

Samvid Parajuli says:

your videos are getting better everytime you upload

Ryuuji Takasu says:

Is this TV better than the 50 USD more expesive TCL 4K Roku TV (2018 Model)?

Derrick Lang says:

Got this exact TV for $280 on Prime day and have no complaints… Use mostly to play games on my xbox one x and stream Netflix content… You can also sideload android apps on it which is a huge plus

Tempo4200 says:

“The color quality is 4k”?

Suzanne Heibati says:

its colorless

Rene Rivera says:

I had bought 4k tv about 18 months ago and it died. I recommend spending on bigger brand names if you want your TV too last long but otherwise I loved the TV while I had it.

arnold kokonya says:

Now we’re talking business. Try checking out TCL TVs and let us know if we can get them on offer too.

Expert Computer Help says:

Excellent. Thx!

Gokul Krishna says:

Would love to see more value for money gadget reviews in the future. This looks like an absolute steal for the price it is asking.

Huthabhukh Rises says:

A different one!!

Elky Clockwise says:

I just reserved this tv at 517 $ tax in at Best Buy in sale ! Thanks for the review !

Plasmamuffins says:

The 50 inch is 299 at Best Buy right now, but I think I’m gunna get the 43 inch since it’s 229

Noreen Holder says:

Great video as usual finally get to c your whole frame and I am loving what I am seeing ………..

J Diamond says:

I can get a 55 inch TCL TV for $329 With Dolby vision

Shaun Lobsinger says:

How was the picture quality? Is the HDR any good on it?

XpertJoey says:

The picture quality on this TV is not that great. For a few bucks less you can get a TCL 49S405 that has built in ROKU and a better quality picture.

Joao Pereyra says:

do you guys check the weather very often in the US? why is it always like a huge feature???!!! O_o

tom11zz884 says:

No Thanks…….
In the case of televisions you should always pick high quality over cheap price

taco guardian says:

I’d let this manly man take me to pound town

JaeMola Plays says:

Not a bad TV for the price. Are there any channels on that TV? If not, then its basically a PC with Alexa. That would mean a PC could do everything this TV can do. By the way, I’m gonna subscribe because you make good content. Keep up the great vids.

Bu5z m4n says:

There isn’t a worse UI out there than Amazon’s, couldn’t think of anything worse than having that control everything.

selwyn gonzales says:

Lost me at Alexa, I will pass

Diogo Figueira says:

Nice video, as always. What about comparing this to your home TV? What am I losing at this price point image quality wise? I never got the need for smart tvs. I would pay extra for a great TV screen without smart capabilities because I would rather use an Apple TV or Android box, which are cheaper to upgrade 3 years in the future.

J Y says:

Tbh just don’t buy a tv that isn’t on sale or below $800 for a 55”

bostonmike617 says:

Atyme #allday

Liquid Snake says:

It must be a 6 bit panel since it’s so cheap. Buy a expensive one from Sony or LG for true 4K experience

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